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Politics, Because People Care About That

Basic Ideology:
I'm an anarchist. I believe in the abolition of the state and the corporate market economy in favor of decentralized, democratic communes and union-led industry.

In the interests of long-term survival in the modern Western world, I usually align myself with run-of-the-mill liberal and progressive types, because nobody pays attention to anarchists unless it's police crackdowns or defamatory news broadcasts.

Political Compass:
Economic left/right: -9.63
Social libertarian/authoritarian: -8.26


Linkmy political sextant

European Political Ideologies:
Taken from Linkthis site.
Anarcho-communism: 100%
Ecologist/Green: 78%
Classical socialist: 76%
Communist: 72%
Social democrat: 71%
Social liberal: 63%
Anarcho-capitalist: 38%
Third Way: 32%
Market liberal: 17%
Libertarian conservative: 12%
Christian democrat: 2%
Fascist: 0%

Pro: democratically-planned economies; workers' autonomy; direct action; left unity; trade schools; universal suffrage; multiculturalism; equal treatment of ethnic minorities; LGBTQ+ rights; freedom of religion, assembly, speech, expression, etc.; gun ownership; renewable energy; soft euroskepticism; prison abolition, prisoner rehabilitation; CNT-FAI; anarcho-ditch-diggerism.

Anti: the state and the corporation (big shocker there); fascism and Nazism; wage slavery; hereditary power; police brutality; interventionism; nationalism; fundamentalism; academic elitism; willful ignorance of history; Musk and Bezos; sensibility.