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Executive Council

Current Ruling Parties: PSF-SU

Seats: 203/400 (169 34)
Government Type: Majority Coalition
Name: Second Iglesias government / Iglesias II

Background: The current government, formed after the June 2020 legislative election, is a coalition between the People's Self-determination Front and the Syndicalist Union. In order to create this agreement between the two parties, several concessions had to be made. The PSF had to support measures that would introduce labour union representatives into the distributive co-operatives that would be included in the newly engineered economic model. The PSF was also forced to promise to support measures that would encourage the growth of heavy industry, though only to the extent that it didn't deal significant damage to the environment. The government also promised to fight to expand pensions and lower the pension age to 55. In return, the SU promised to support the Constitutional Reform Act, which will give the power to call elections to the citizens, as well as supporting the economic reforms that the PSF wants to pass.

There has also been a reorganisation in government on the 16th of July 2020, in which the following changes to nomenclature and staffing were made:

Executive Council Bodies renamed to Departments, Ministers renamed to Secretaries, Juan Carlos fired as Minister for Internal Affairs, Cayo Lara hired as Secretary for Internal Affairs and Immigration, Teresa Rodríguez takes over as Secretary for Self-governance from Cayo Lara, Alberto Rodríguez replaces Carles Mulet Garcia as Secretary for Defence, Ministry of Economic Planning renamed to Department of Economic Strategy, Ministry of Customs and Excise renamed to Department of International Development, Minister for Social Affairs, Marta Rovira, and Minister for Veterans Affairs, have switched positions, Ministry of Social Affairs renamed to Department of Labour and Social Affairs, Lucia Muñoz Dalda fired as Minister for Education, Aina Vidal hired as Secretary for Education, Ministry of Housing renamed to Department of Housing and Infrastructure, Ministry of Agriculture renamed to Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Minister for Trade and Economic Co-operation, Vincenc Vidal, and Minister for Environment, Sira Rego, have switched positions, Ministry of Culture merged into Ministry of Youth and Sports, renamed Department of Culture, Youth and Sports, Roser Moliner fired as Minister for Transport, Carles Mulet hired as Secretary for Transport

Executive Chairman: Pablo Iglesias

Departments of the Executive Council:

Dept. Name

Sec. Name



Irene Montero

28th May 2020

Foreign Relations

Florent Marcellesi

28th May 2020

Internal Affairs and Immigration

Cayo Lara

16th July 2020


Teresa Rodríguez

28th May 2020

Economic Strategy

Alberto Garzón

16th July 2020

International Development

Txema Guijarro

16th July 2020

Labour and Social Affairs

Héctor Illueca

16th July 2020


Aina Vidal

28th May 2020


Vincenc Vidal

28th May 2020

Housing and Infrastructure

Ada Colau

16th July 2020


Alberto Rodríguez

28th May 2020

Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Eva García

16th July 2020


Inés Sabanés

28th May 2020


Sara Vila

28th May 2020


Carles Mulet

28th May 2020

Trade and Economic Co-operation

Sira Rego

28th May 2020


Enrique Santiago

28th May 2020

Veterans Affairs

Marta Rovira

28th May 2020

Human Rights

Miquel Iceta

28th May 2020

Culture, Youth, and Sports

Eduardo Rubiño

16th July 2020


Willy Pleite

28th May 2020

Religious Affairs

Aina Vidal

28th May 2020

Family and Gender Equality

María Márquez

28th May 2020


Javier Sánchez

28th May 2020


Gloria Serrano

28th May 2020