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Entertainment In Antria

Popular Sports In Antria:

    Wrestling [not the fake stuff]
    Mixed Martial Arts
    Sword Fighting [fencing, kendo, etc...]
    Ice Hockey
    Football [American football]
    Power Armor Racing
    Hoverboard Racing
    Snubfighter Racing


    While a supporting component of many other types of entertainment and most kinds of live performance, music itself is largely considered to be the most popular form of entertainment within Antria; something that is exemplified by the many ampitheaters and stadiums within Antria that have been specifically engineered for their acoustic properties and an eye for spectacular live performances.

    There are a large number of genres of music that are popular with the Antrian people including, but not entirely limited too: classical, R&B, soul, pop, rock, electronic, drum and bass, dubstep, and so on, and it is not at all uncommon in Antria to find people listening to their favorite music with their own personal music playing devices while doing other tasks such as working, exercising at the gym, or while taking a long trip.

    One of the more interesting developments of the music scene within Antria is the advent of the Vocaloid. Originally developed as a type of computer software for use by up-and-coming music producers who couldn't afford to hire an actual singer for their work, Vocaloid has evolved and come a long way in its fairly short existence; with several of the more popular Vocaloids consistently topping a number of the music charts along side their living, breathing competition. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular songstress' within Antria today is Sakenia AI; a fifth generation AI Vocaloid that performs bi-monthly live concerts, and currently has over a dozen chart topping hit songs that are available in a multitude of languages.


    Dance within Antria can largely be broken down into three very broad categories:

    Historical dance is either rigidly structured; such as the various forms of ballroom dancing and ballet, or representative of history, culture, and cultural values; such as one of the dozens of styles of folk dancing. Many of the more rigid types of dance are considered by most to be relegated largely to the "snobbish" upper class such as the super wealthy for the most part, although cultural dances are still somewhat popular with the masses when combined with other forms of entertainment such as at fairs, parades, and other live types of performance.

    Modern dance within Antria is largely popular with the youth. These kinds of dances are usually a lot more sexually provocative and far less structured than historical styles of dance and are commonly combined with the more energetic modern musical styles. These types of dances are most commonly seen at night clubs, raves, and parties, and are constantly changing; with new dances and dance moves gaining or losing in popularity seemingly every other week.

    Erotic dancing is still something of a niche within Antria, [though its been gaining in "mainstream" popularity over the last few years]. Straddling a line between professional work and entertainment, this kind of dance has historically been relegated to "red light districts" where professional dancers; most frequently, though not always female, perform deliberately erotic and provocative dances such as stripteases and lap dances in something of a "public" setting; typically for an audience of paying customers. Naturally, this is an adults only form of entertainment...

Cinema And Film:

    Films are a major form of entertainment in Antria, although not all films have entertainment as their primary purpose: documentary films, for example, primarily aim to create a record of events, or to inform the viewer of historically significant matters, although the two purposes often work together nonetheless. From the oldest 2D films that are older than Antria itself, to the newest holographic blockbusters made with the most cutting edge technologies, there's pretty much guaranteed to be something for everyone no matter what their age, tastes, or interests.


    During their lifetime, the average Antrian will play a large number of games. Early in their lives, simpler, though more physically demanding games such as hide and seek, tag, kickball, dodgeball, and soccer; all of which are games that are traditionally popular with a wide range of Antrian youth are likely to be played. These types of games straddle a line between play and sport and are still promoted in an age of technology due to their tendency to promote good physical health while also teaching concepts such as teamwork, and improving skills such as good hand-eye coordination.

    For the more cerebral Antrians, tabletop gaming such as RPG's like "The Dark Tower" and "Nightrun," miniature based wargaming; involving painted resin and/or plastic models and detailed tables with a variety of types of terrain; and college textbook sized rulebooks, khas [a Chess analogue], and similar are also popular throughout Antria as well although they are still largely considered to be niche games as they've never been as mainstream as other types of gaming.

    Electronic gaming; more commonly known as video games, are perhaps the most popular form of gaming entertainment within Antria today... This format of gaming has become so popular as a matter of fact, that many of the most talented gamer's even manage to make something of a career out of it; playing live for audiences in tournaments with prizes ranging into the hundreds of thousands of Credits for the winners. Some of these games; and the platforms they are played upon, still use older forms of technology such as a console and controller hooked up to a high definition flat screen, while the newest platforms use the latest in virtual or augmented reality and holographic technologies instead.

    Among older Antrians, the most popular kinds of games are board games such as "The World At War [a Risk analogue]," and a variety of different card based games...


    Even when the primary purpose of the writing is to inform or instruct others, reading is well known for its capacity to distract people from their everyday worries and woes, and as such, has long been a favorite form of entertainment for many an Antrian. As such, today, literature within Antria consists of many diverse genres, a large number of which are designed, in whole or in part, purely for their entertainment value. The popularity of storytelling and literature in Antria is exemplified by the fact that many such stories do, and have inspired a retelling in another medium, such as music, film, or even in games.

Live Performances:

    Street Performances
    Festivals [nonreligious and religious alike]


    Parades in Antria are generally held for a range of purposes; often more than one purpose at a time for that matter. Whether the mood is sombre or festive, being public events that are designed to attract attention and activities that necessarily divert normal traffic, parades have a clear entertainment value to their audiences and are often a spectacle where little expense is spared. Cavalcades and the modern variant, the motorcade, are just two examples of public processions that are common within Antria. Whatever their mood or primary purpose, parades attract and entertain those who watch them pass by. Parades generally impress and delight, often by including unusual, colorful costumes. Sometimes they also commemorate or celebrate a particular event from history; such as the annual founding day parade in Salvation. Sometimes, parades in Antria can have a more serious purpose, such as when the context is a military show of force, where the intention is to intimidate. Even if a parade uses new technologies, and is some distance away, it is likely to have a strong appeal to draw the attention of onlookers and invariably, entertain them.