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The Antrian Military Dress Uniform

The Antrian Military Dress Uniform:

    Military Dress Uniform:
    Head Gear: None included.

    Dress Coat: The Antrian dress coat is a deep brownish-red garb that appears as a cross between a US Civil War era great coat and a poncho, and is designed to be worn loosely. A series of large, simple gold buttons are used to fasten this garment closed, or to adjust it to better fit certain xenos forms. Material wise, the dress coat is crafted from a heavy ballistic cloth that combines some protection from attack, while being heavy enough to function as a counter to adverse weather such as cold, heavy rain, and snow.

    Shirt: A deep red linen dress "shirt" is the next part of the Antrian dress uniform. This is a fairly simple garment by design, and different xenos forms have different dress "shirts" depending on several body factors. The dress "shirt" is closed with a series of simple gold buttons, comes with a set of gold cuff links designed to look like badges of rank [a raise in rank comes with a new set of cuff links as such], and gold rank insignia at the collar or the equivalent thereof. Badges, medals, etc. are commonly worn at the left breast of this garment.

    Belt: A simple brownish-red leather belt is included in the Antrian dress uniform. This belt comes with the option to allow the soldier to carry a ceremonial pistol, and a ceremonial sword; both of which are included, and come with a matching holster and scabbard [which match the belt in appearance]. While these ceremonial weapons are meant primarily to be decorative, it should be noted that they ARE fully functional weapons. The belt is held closed with a simple rounded rectangular clasp/buckle.

    Trousers: Antrian dress trousers [or the equivalent] are a deep red, and are made in a similar vein to the dress coat; this includes the protective capabilities, and the adverse weather resistance as well. This is a fairly loose garment that is fashionably cut with several deep pockets, and is fastened closed with a set of simple gold buttons. The trousers [or xenos equivalent], are typically tucked into the included footwear.

    Footwear: Antrian military dress includes a set of calf high brownish-red leather riding boots [or the xenos uquivalent] replete with several rounded rectangular golden buckles to adjust their fit. This footwear is surprisingly comfortable, is designed to provide excellent traction, and is extremely weather resistant as well. Socks [or the equivalent] are also included, and work in conjunction with the rest of the uniform footwear in form and function.