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Major Antrian Corporations

Major Antrian Corporations:

    Rammington Arms
    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [RAMA]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 547.31 2.96

    Rammington Arms got it's start as a running joke between three retired drunken soldiers in a dive bar on Salvation back in the year 2307... After several months; and dozens more drunken meetings which continued the gag, the same retirees decided to meet up while sober, and shortly thereafter, legitimately started what would quickly become one of the largest manufacturers of arms and munitions in Antria. Today, Rammington is the primary supplier of arms and munitions for both the Antrian Navy, and the Antrian Army, while also holding the majority share [71%] of commercial and civilian arms sales in Antria as well... Rammington has done this by steadily building up a reputation for producing a high quality, reliable product at a fair and reasonable price; something that the majority of their competition has not yet been able to fully emulate.

    Steele Ltd.
    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [STEL]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 485.07 1.35

    Not too long ago, Steele Ltd. was a small start-up company with some very big ideas; chief among those ideas was to eliminate Antria's reliance [at the time] on foreign ships and strike craft. Their first major military contract got things rolling when they were selected to provide several different dropship designs for use by the Antrian Navy. The success of their dropship designs put Steele Ltd. on the proverbial map, and lucrative contracts began pouring in; so much so that it's been something of a struggle for them to meet the demand... Buying out several of their smaller competitors however, has gone a long way towards filling this deficit...

    In the present day, Steele Ltd. provides not just dropships for the Antrian Navy, but also a number of different strike craft designs, and unmanned drones. They also provide a number of armored ground vehicles, and power armor types for the Antrian Army as well.

    Inov8ive Solutions Inc.
    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [DYNS]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 469.28 1.25

    Commonly working with the Antrian elite [read as the filthy rich], as well as other Antrian corporations, Inov8ive Solutions provides a diverse array of specialized security options; both physical and electronic. From hired guards for the rich and famous, to event security for even the largest civilian venues, to cyber security for corporate networks and acts of corporate espionage, Inov8ive Solutions has been the leading provider of these services almost since it's founding back in the year 2313 by a small, eclectic group of AI that sought refuge in Antria from some of the more anti AI powers in the region...

    Apex Technologies
    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [APEX]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 451.30 1.66

    Apex Technologies has spent the last several years growing their profits off of deals they've made with and through a large number of other Antrian corporations. As the chief provider of a variety of technological components, mechanical components, computer systems, and control systems for the vehicles and products produced by other corporations, Apex Technologies has been able to continually grow their success by developing a symbiotic relationship with literally dozens of other corporations. Through these diverse connections, Apex Technologies has managed to become a major player; and a popular name, in both the civilian and military markets within Antria.

    Stormworks Media
    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [STRM]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 327.68 2.56

    Stormworks Media has been the dominant and driving force behind several of the most popular fields of entertainment in Antria for roughly the last decade or so. While they have focused chiefly on producing movies, animation, video games [and developing new video game platforms], virtual reality systems, and music over the last few years, they still maintain a strong presence in several other more... niche fields as well; such as social media services which have been growing in popularity; particularly with younger Antrians over the last few years.

    Several scandals involving attempts at social engineering, information manipulation and censorship, and continued rumors of political meddling have plagued Stormworks Media in recent times however, which has led to a number of Antrians demanding stricter government oversight in regards to the company... With a number of the more vocal watch groups going so far as to demand that the corporation be broken up into several smaller companies in an effort to curb their influence.

    Hammer Industries
    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [HAMI]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 419.85 1.83

    Hammer Industries has been building and maintaining Antria since before it officially existed as a nation; having constructed, or assisted in the construction of many of the early asteroid habitats and mobile facilities that would one day come to form the very heart of Antria; including Salvation, the proverbial heart of Antria itself...

    In the present day, Hammer Industries continues to play a major role in maintaining and expanding on Antria's holdings while working closely with several other Antrian corporations to streamline and improve Antrian infrastructure in the process. Fleets of harvester craft operated by Hammer relentlessly ply the void in an endless hunt for resources while mobile construction platforms work ceaselessly at both maintaining and producing the habitats that make up the Antrian nation.

    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [IMTN]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 319.06 1.09

    inMotion began as a small start-up company back in the year 2312 that aimed to provide small electric vehicles for use in getting around the many large habitats that were beginning to make up the Antrian nation. While originally only having limited success in the early years of their existence [they nearly went out of business several times in their first year alone], a few lucky breaks in the form of several small, but relatively lucrative contracts kept them afloat long enough to expand and diversify their offerings; a move which ultimately saved the company from bankruptcy.

    Today, inMotion produces a large variety of civilian vehicles... from bicycles and hoverboards to motorcycles, over a dozen different models of electric powered cars and trucks, and even a small, but growing line of mass transit vehicles such as buses and high speed maglev trains. inMotion is also responsible for the production of an extremely lucrative array of commercial vehicles for use in several important industries; chiefly in construction, mining, and agriculture, and it is these commercial offerings which have, beyond a doubt, made inMotion the major company that it is today...

    Vizion CyberMedWorks
    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [VIZC]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 409.52 1.72

    Vizion CMW [CyberMedWorks] was founded in the latter half of the year 2308... Originally working out of an old run down hospital ship in an effort to provide the growing stream of refugees and asylum seekers that were steadily pouring into Antria access to an array of different medical tests and procedures; the machinery and equipment needed to perform these being quite rare in Antria at the time. As their ship continued to wear down however, it became clear that something needed to be done, but it wouldn't be until several years later, and a collaborative effort with Apex Technologies that Vizion CMW would get the solution they needed; leasing out several of Apex's production lines and switching them over to the production of a number of different types of medical equipment.

    Today, Vizion CMW has their own production facilities from which they provide Antrian hospitals and hospital ships; both civilian and military with the majority of their durable medical supplies. They have become so successful as a matter of fact, that they have recently begun an aggressive expansion into the research and production of cybernetics and biomechanics as well; largely in conjunction with several military programs though the details on these programs are few and of dubious origin...

    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [ACCN]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 345.81 2.53

    Accenco is one of the oldest corporations in Antria [though considering how young Antria actually is...], and their virtual monopoly on agricultural supplies, tools, and machinery, along with their burgeoning influence in hydroponics, aquaculture, and other related fields has allowed them to essentially kill [or more often simply buy out] all but the most stubborn of their competition; usually while it's still in it's infancy... Everything is not all sunshine and daisies with Accenco however, and aside from the government keeping a very close eye on their extremely mercenary, and often questionable, business activities, their is also a fairly well documented and public history concerning a number of "experiments" with certain of their products that have had some rather "unfortunate" results... Results that have led to a number of lawsuits [several of which are currently still ongoing today].

    Publicly Traded: Yes
    Symbol On The Antrian Stock Exchange: [DRFT]
    Price Per Share [In Credits]: 289.61 1.24

    Drifters first gained popularity in Antria for their relatively novel take on a number of classic human foods; namely sandwiches, french fries, and salads... Which they commonly served with alcohol... Copious amounts of alcohol... The popularity of Drifters among the human population of Antria; and even with several of the more human like xenos races as well, has made Drifters into one of the most successful and popular "bar and grill" style establishments in Antria today. Reasonable prices, fast, quality service, and even the general style and layout of their establishments has only helped in this, and rumors abound of a potential expansion of the chain outside of Antria as well though these same rumors have been around since at least the year 2318, and it has yet to happen...