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What Is Antria?

    Antria is a semi-nomadic stratocratic nation which is presently located along the Sagittarious-Carina Arm in the southern reaches of the Delta Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. Due to it's semi-nomadic nature, and a tendency to take in xenos and refugees [after proper vetting of course], the total population of Antria remains relatively unknown, though most estimates typically range somewhere in the low tens of billions; the majority of which are humans of one form or another. Antria technically holds no territory; at least not in the traditional sense. Rather, the Antrian's stake a temporary territorial claim on whichever system[s] their nomadic fleets currently reside in for the duration of their time there, before moving on and repeating the process anew somewhere else.

Antria; From The Outside Looking In:

    Despite their nomadic nature, Antria is not a widely known nation; and this is largely on purpose. Throughout it's fairly short history, Antria has attempted to maintain a relatively high level of anonymity during it's slow, meandering travels throughout the Milky Way Galaxy; considering such to be an important factor in the continuing safety of their people, as well as, to put it simply, a good way to avoid their more dangerous neighbors throughout their travels. Despite this, Antria has gained something of a reputation as a safe harbor among the downtrodden, and the dregs of the galaxy which has made it a reasonably popular potential home for the displaced victims of the horrors of the galaxy; especially in the Gamma and Delta Quadrants and their abundance of Eldritch Horrors and warmongering tyrant nations... Antria has also gained a fairly good reputation among various traders, merchants, and the like as a popular port-of-call offering fair and safe trade though their preference for bartering over dealing with hard currency is considered to be a bit unusual among some people.

    Militarily, little is known about the Antrians by outsiders, though it is known that they have a particular hatred for pirates, slavers, and the things that go bump in the night...

The Antrian Diaspora:

    While Antria is a majority human nation [68.3% human, 19.7% xenos, 12.0% AI], they do have a history of opening their borders to xenos species as well, and as such, a number of separate races have come to call Antria home. Most, though not all of these races are at least basically humanoid; with some very nearly human appearing races making up a reasonably significant percentage of the Antrian population... Others naturally have their own identifying traits such as tails, extra limbs, fur, scales, and so on; the full list being quite extensive, and still growing every day with the addition of new refugees being accepted by the Antrian government.

    Also, it isn't just organics that make up the population of Antria as a large number of AI also call Antria their home, and can earn full citizenship, apply for military service, and can earn the right to run for political office as well as long as they meet the necessary requirements.

A Short History of Antria:

    Antria was founded in the twisted bowels of what could loosely be described as a Space Hulk in the year 2301 by a rag-tag group of disparate human refugees from the Gamma and Delta Quadrants of the Milky Way Galaxy... First conceived of as something of a safe harbor for refugees fleeing from slavers, pirate attacks, war, and the predations of eldritch abominations and daemonic horrors, Antria; though it was not called as such until several years later grew with a surprising rapidity in a very short amount of time as rumors of this supposed safe harbor began to spread. Soon, it wasn't just human refugees that fled there, but xenos, and even AI as well, and the Space Hulk that served as their temporary home was eventually given a new name: Salvation.

    The first few years were not easy ones however, and bouts of xenophobia, religious and cultural tensions, and old hatreds and rivalries festered just beneath the surface... These issues would come to a boiling point early in the year 2306 when several traitors would lead a small fleet of pirates and slavers to launch an attack upon Salvation itself. Though the attack was eventually defeated, the damage and death toll had been heavy, and it brought home to the future Antrians that things needed to change if they were to survive and prosper.

    And so, change they did...

The Antrian Government:

    Antria operates under a slightly modified version of a Stratocracy... Combining the better aspects of a Military Dictatorship with the best elements of a Meritocracy. Government and high level judicial positions are elected by the citizenry, but only those who have served Antria; either militarily or socially, earn the right to vote, and only those who have served militarily have the right to actually run for political office. Also, the highest government positions are available only to active military personnel of a significantly high rank, though rare exceptions have been made for "heroes" in the past.

    Under this system, each habitat or colony vessel has it's own elected governor with a body of elected advisers working under them that handle local affairs. These governors also work as an advisory body to the Antrian High Marshall; the elected leader of Antria. Terms of office last for four standard years, and a maximum of two terms is allowed; consecutive or otherwise. This helps prevent at least some of the negative effects of having career politicians; such as rampant graft and corruption, and allows active military personnel to get back to their main duties in the military after serving the Antrian people in the realm of politics.

Antrian Law:

    "Justice delayed is justice denied."
    A common Antrian proverb.

    "Ignorance of the law excuses no man from practicing it."
    A common Antrian proverb.

    The legal system in Antria is fairly simple and "to the point" as Antria, for the most part, lacks the infrastructure to maintain a large prison system [and the equally large convict population that would come with it]. As such, Antrian law leans heavily towards corporal punishment; up to, and including the death penalty, disenfranchisement [AKA the revocation of certain rights and privileges], community service, and fines... This is not to say that prisons, and prison terms do not exist in Antria: as they do. Rather, it is that the Antrian government would rather not waste the resources and funding for a large prison system when those resources and funds could be put to a much better use somewhere else and on more important things.

    The death penalty in Antria is, despite the Antrian's penchant for utilizing corporal punishment(s), rarely actually enacted; at least in the usual fashion. Rather, Antria more commonly utilizes what they refer to as the "Death of Personality" over actual physical executions. This method essentially "rewrites" the criminal's entire personally; everything that makes them who and what they are, and replaces it with an entirely new personally with a built-in desire to serve their society. In this way, the once criminal can give back to the society that they have wronged through the actions of their previous life.

    Antrian Courts and Related:
    High Court:
    Hears: both criminal and civil cases.
    Primarily hears cases through an appeals process; has limited original jurisdiction in certain cases.

    Appeals Court:
    Hears: both criminal and civil cases.
    Hears cases exclusively through an appeals process; has no original jurisdiction in cases.

    Low Court:
    Hears: both criminal and civil cases.
    Has original jurisdiction of the majority of cases; does not have appellate jurisdiction.

    Magistrate Judges:
    Hears: minor and preliminary criminal and civil cases, issues search and arrest warrants, restraining orders, and is authorized to perform common law marriages.
    Has original jurisdiction in certain cases; does not have appellate jurisdiction.

    The Antrian Central Police Service [ACPS]
    The ACPS is the primary law enforcement agency in Antria, and as such is geared to handle a wide assortment of situations; from the most petty crimes to acts of full blown terrorism, and everything in between. Carrying out their tasks is not easy work, and the ACPS operates a number of specialized departments to assist then in enforcing the law, and protecting the Antrian people from the elements of society that would do them harm.

    Among the many different departments operated by the ACPS are the following:

    Internal Affairs: The ACPS operates an Internal Affairs Department to not only ensure that laws are being enforced in an appropriate, non discriminatory, and unbiased manner, but also to investigate claims against law enforcement officers; this includes claims made by other government agencies or officials, other law enforcement officers, and also the common citizenry. The Department of Internal Affairs is responsible for, for all intents and purposes, policing the police...

    Special Investigation Departments: There are a number of special investigatory departments that exist within the ACPS; each of which is intended to fulfill a specialized role or function. Some of these departments are there to fulfill fairly routine investigations and so called "simpler" matters of law enforcement such as enforcing traffic laws or investigating routine crimes such as theft, assault, and murder. However, there are also a number of other more specialized departments; with equally specialized equipment, skills, and training for handling matters such as cyber crime, forensics, under water and void based search and rescue, explosive device disposal, special weapons and tactics [SWAT], and counter insurgency/terrorism.

    Special Victims Units: Special Victims Units exist primarily to investigate hate crimes; such as those that are racially or religiously motivated, and also crimes of a sexual nature such as rape and pedophilia where particular care needs to be exercised. Special Victims Units commonly work closely with many of the other more specialized investigation departments in the process of solving their cases.

    The Antrian Border and Trade Service [ABTS]
    The ABTS is responsible for Antria's civilian border control and customs enforcement. ABTS agents are a pretty common sight out on the fringes of any Antrian controlled territory, and also on Antria's many trade hubs where they are tasked with screening incoming foreign nationals for criminals and other potential threats, screening foreign merchant ships, cargo, and goods for contraband and other dangerous items or paraphernalia, and are also the first line of defense against foreign intelligence agents and other such assets looking to get into Antria proper.

    The Antrian Postal Inspection Service [APIS]
    The APIS is the law enforcement arm of Antria's mail service, and is tasked with enforcing laws concerning the appropriate use of this service, of investigating crimes that are committed through the mail service, as well as crimes committed against employees of the mail service. APIS agents commonly work closely with other law enforcement agencies within Antria, and they typically operate six basic types of teams:

    1. Fraud
    2. External Crime and Violent Crime
    3. Prohibited Mailing Investigations
    4. Revenue Investigations
    5. International Investigations and General Security
    6. Joint Task Force Investigations

Antrian Foreign Policy:

    The Antrian government usually prefers to adopt more of a wait and see approach when it comes to dealing with foreign nations [especially ones of a significant size, age, and power]; taking time to compile, at a minimum, some basic information before initiating official contact, and exchanging greetings and diplomatic personnel. It is a common belief in Antria that knowledge is power, and knowledge on foreign powers is powerful indeed. Despite this, and despite rigorous debate as well, Antria does not maintain an official embassy for housing foreign diplomats at this time; preferring instead to send their own trained diplomatic personnel and staff out to function as official points of contact and discourse between Antria and the other powers scattered throughout the Milky Way.

Colonization and Expansion In Antria:

    Antria doesn't carry out colonization efforts like other nations throughout the Milky Way Galaxy... Instead, they prefer to expand via increasing the number of habitats, orbitals, and asteroid-based colonies that make up the composition of their migrant fleets; utilizing the resources they come across in their travels to do so as needed. As such, some of the first things they look for upon arriving at a new system are the resources needed to carry out maintenance and expansion of their fleets. The more abundant such resources are, the longer they are likely to stay before moving on; especially if their patrols find few to no major threats in the local area. Caution and pragmatism however, are always at the forefront of such operations, and as such a risk assessment is always carried out before departing for, and arriving at a new location, and depending on the results, follow-up actions, and the length of their stay in the region can vary wildly, but are often kept as fluid as possible so as to be easily adjustable depending on the circumstances at the time.

Religion In Antria:

    Freedom of religion has been codified in Antrian law since it's founding, and as such many diverse human and xenos religions are represented and practiced in Antria. However, freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion, and as such, Athiesm and Agnosticism also flourish within Antria, and care has been taken to keep religion separate from the Antrian education system, law, politics and the government in general in an effort to not promote any one religion more than the next, and so as not to force religious practices or beliefs onto Antrian youths throughout their early, developmental years.

    Religious strife; largely due to the sheer variety of beliefs [many of which are diametrically opposed to each other in one way or another] is occasionally an issue in Antria despite the steps taken to prevent it, though this is far less common now than it was in the past, and religious discrimination or persecution is not only heavily frowned upon, but is also illegal, and carries a number of harsh penalties as well; for what good they seem to do when such violence does actually break out.

Antrian Society and Culture:

    "Waste not, want not."
    A common Antrian proverb.

    "We live in a diverse society - in fact, a diverse world - and we must learn to live in peace and with respect for each other."
    Quote attributed to: [UNKNOWN SOURCE]

    "An ideal society should be mobile, should be full of channels for conveying a change taking place in one part to other parts. In an ideal society, there should be many interests consciously communicated and shared."
    Quote attributed to: [UNKNOWN SOURCE]

    Despite their differences of race, religion, societal norms, and creed, Antrians do share several societal aspects that help bridge the gap between their disparate species... Primarily, this can be boiled down to an overarching culture of paranoia, caution, pragmatism, and a willingness to put aside their differences for a greater common cause; mainly their own continued survival in a galaxy that very much seems to hate them and want them dead.

    Aside from this, Antria is a culturally diverse and rich nation that could easily be described as one of the melting pots of the galaxy. Home to a bewildering array of music, entertainment, sports, food and drink, religion and religious customs, and more, Antria can be a place that is hard to describe; both by and to visitors. One thing that can be said however, is that if it exists in the galaxy, you can probably find it somewhere in Antria... for good or for ill...

The Languages of Antria:

    Language in Antria is as diverse as it's population... Running a gamut of human and xenos languages to binary. Commonly however, English and Galactic Standard are considered to be the official languages of Antria. As such, all Antrians are expected to be able to learn and utilize these two languages on a day-to-day basis, and any visitors to Antria can expect to be able to converse with the locals as long as they too speak either or both of these languages.

    A special variant of sign language is also utilized in Antria, though it's civilian use is virtually nonexistent as it is mainly utilized by Antrian military forces; usually when there is reason to believe that their encrypted communications may have been hacked, and squad leaders/members need to communicate to each other without the risk of an enemy intercepting or overhearing their communications.