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My Poetry Corner (OOC)

Just a section where I'm displaying some random poems I wrote.

NOTES: Any feedback or comments would be appreciated, and if you like it, feel free to upvote in the top right hand corner.

ALSO NOTE: I usually don't use structure like meter, and if you're really picky about that, I apologize in advance.

WARNING: It could get a bit ugly, since this is my main way of spilling my emotions, including all the nasty stuff like anger and hatred.

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Opportunities Down the Drain - Living In a Land of Broken - What If? - Ode To Wafers - That Boy Who Was Always There (That Girl Who Was Never There) - A Piece Of Me - For My Sugarplum - When Europeans Say - Peace Is Achievable - The Elements - Ode To Mother - What Africa Needs - For All the Money Spent On War - Some Things You Can't Have - A Short - Screw the Rules - On Crushes - Fade Away - On Crushes 2 - Audrey - Frustrations - Lemons and Watermelons - The News - Autumn - Autumn 2 - Poème Française - Türkçe Şiir - Greener Fields - Sans Toi - The Boot - Dead Heart - Regarding the Leverage Of Love - Death Wish - My Poetry Sucks - Sorry - A Poor Attempt At Being In a Homosexual's Shoes - Masterpiece - Winter Is Around the Corner - Backwards - Sense - Alright - Men In the Jungle - Men In the Jungle 2 - I Love Weekends - Hopelessness - Imaginary Girlfriend - Colours of Sadness - Aura - Her - Clair de Lune - The Truth - Someone - Just Messing With Your Mind - Take My Hand - Love > Materialism - Pink - Acrostic - Anollasia - Anollasia (Alternative) - Gender Neutral Poem - Serenity - F**k People - Karanlık - Some People - Psychedelic - Dead Princess - Punk (Anti-American Version) - Tell Me Baby - Winter - I Can't Feel Love - Ugh - Freedom - I'm Not Here - How To Fall Apart - I'm Not Frustrated - Intangible Souvenir - Quest For Love - Opposite Day - I Don't Know - Petra - Inspiration - Valentine's Day - Symbolism - Libya - Celery - The Dress - Symbolism II - Faux Happiness - Stone - Angel From Hell (Devil From Heaven) - Abandoned Passion - Abandoned Passion II - Fool's Paradise - World War III - Window - All You Need Is Sex - WAME EBMM (WAME EBMM) - WAME EBMM (WAME EBMM) 2 - Grammar Police - September Rain - Born To Work - Wtf - Life Is Out To Get Me - Hayley's Comet - Good Night - Girl Next Door - Sometimes - People - I Hate You - Clique - Clique 2 - Hall of Cost - Swapping Languages - L'amour est étrange - Uzun Süredir Yazmak İstediğim Bir Şey - For a Prick - Exit Poem (For a Site) - Putin (Poo-tin) - Summer (Poet Laureate Entry) - Jasmine Tea - Stupid People - Cool

Opportunities Down the Drain

Across my heart,
Lays a burning home.

That was part,
Of my thoughts uncombed.

Tangled and twisted,
Confused and dazzled.

I missed it.
My last chance to end the frazzle.

Living In a Land of Broken

Waking up to the sound of shattering hearts,
Getting to see your windows broken,
It's not an easy thought,
To have your mind soaked in love,

It's hard living in a land of broken dreams.

Listening to the melancholy air,
It's as if death consumed it,
Only to leave land bare,
All that's left is a despair pit,

It's hard living in a land of broken scenes.

The birds sing a song of lies,
The trees shiver without light,
Everyone can only despise,
The beast who couldn't give in without a fight,

It's hard living in a land of broken screams.

Tears pour into what was once a lake,
The bitter water replaces the dry soil,
And then you awake,
See the world uncoiled.

It's hard living in a world of reality.

What If?

What if there was no war?
All violence had ceased?

What if there was no more?
Bodies of the deceased?

What if there was no gore?
Blood was seen as okay?

What if there were no sore?
Pain was thought of as no way?

What if there was no bore?
Fun was thought of as boring?

What if there was no roar?
Lions would be silent?

What if there was no store?
There would be no money reliant?

What if there was no core?
The earth was always cold on the inside?

What if there was no shore?
Water had died?

What if there was no floor?
You'd have no floor to mend?

What if there was no more?
This poem was to end?

Ode To Wafers

So deliciously good,
Irresistibly tasty,
Everyone should eat,
A wafer, hasty.

So much crunch,
With a soft chocolate filling,
I have a hunch,
To try it, everyone will be willing!

That Boy Who Was Always There (That Girl Who Was Never There)

You should have given him a chance,
You could've had the best love you would ever possess,
When he asked you out to go to the dance,
You should've said yes.

You should have been less harsh on that boy,
You should not have wasted his time,
You should not have treated him like a toy,
You should not have been sour as a lime.

You should not have messed with his emotions,
You don't know how much he loved you,
You should not have caused all that commotion,
He thought his wish would come true.

But it never did.
That boy still has you on his mind,
Come back to him before he cries,
To him, you are the only kind.
Come back before he dies.

That boy wants to be with you,
That boy needs to love you.
That boy was me.

A Piece Of Me

The sun comes up,
Up over my head.
The clouds move apart,
But you're not by my side.

My hands form a cup,
I called you and said,
''You're part of my heart!''
Even though my heart had died.

I had jumped,
Too far, over the river of red.
I went off the charts,
Then we collide.

For My Sugarplum

Your beeline honey silken hair,
Is flying in the blue sky, sparkling.
And your skin so fair...

I crave your words...
As they gently float in the restless breeze,
Your name is the most beautiful I ever heard!
All I need is you to be pleased.

I cannot say exactly how much I love you.
I don't need money,
I just need you.

I crave your affection...
As my head slowly falls on the pillow,
Thinking of you in a sleepy situation.
I dream I go under a willow...

I can imagine ourselves having fun,
Under a willow, you hear?
With the warmth of a happy sun.

I crave your warmth...
As the cold sometimes breaks in my home.
The hearth is all cold,
But you and I are still warm...

You cannot see,
The state of my heart...
All you can do is rescue me!

My sugarplum,
Please give me your love.
I will not be like some,
I will be your very own little dove...

(Dedicated to The Queendom of Slovenya)

When Europeans Say

When Europeans say,
Muslims are backward,
Could it not be,
That it's the Europeans who are backward?

When Europeans say,
No mosques in Europe,
Do you think Muslims,
Want churches in Islam?

When Europeans say,
Muslims are terrorists,
Do they not realize,
That Europe is not any better?

When Europeans say,
Europe is for Europeans,
Do they not realize,
We're in a global society?

When Europeans say,
Muslims are alien,
Sometimes good things,
Come from our differences.

(This is not meant to offend or defend anyone, but rather to show Europe can be quite snobby)

Peace Is Achievable

No more blood,
No more fights,
No more warriors,

No more guns,
No more fright,
No more warmongers,

No more war,
No more hate,
No more soldiers,

If everyone thinks the same,
Peace is achievable.
If everyone does something,
Peace is achievable.

The Elements

The rain washes my pillow,
My pillow of shame.
The sun dries up my willow,
My willow of stains.

The wind blows away my home,
My home of disaster.
The snow buries my bone,
My bone of catastrophe.

The clouds cover my world,
My world of nothingness.
The fog passes through my words,
My words of happiness.

The water swallows my arm,
My arm of reason.
The tides ride up my soul,
My soul of treason.

The first time was fine,
The second was bad,
The elements are getting worse and worse.
It's as if it was all a curse.

Ode To Mother

I woke up to find you gone,
Down to the bits of your soul.
I always tried to stay strong,
But that day my heart had an immense hole.

I found you.
You were sleeping.
I didn't know if this was true,
But everyone started weeping.

I touched your hand,
Stiff and cold it was.
In all this land,
There was nobody else who I had so much trust.

You left for a different world,
Took the bus to the skies.
Left behind teeth like pearls,
And closed eyes.

But I know I will be with you again,
I know God will allow.
And with all my love I send,
A goodbye, for now.

(Dedicated to my mother, may she rest in peace)

What Africa Needs

We don't need toys, nor food.
We don't need water, nor soccer balls.

We need schools,
We need education.

We don't need guns, nor power.
We don't need war, nor violence.

We need schools,
We need education.

Learn how to read,
Learn how to write.
Learn how to feed,
Learn how to light.

Light the future of Africa.

Learn how to farm,
Learn how to clean water.
Learn how to alarm,
The people the weather gets hotter.

We need schools,
We need education.
Then we can learn how to survive on our own,
Learn how to harvest all the seeds we have sown.

(Thanks to my French teacher for the idea)

For All the Money Spent On War

What I will say is not a lot,
I just want you to give this a thought.

For all the money spent on war,
We could've stopped global warming.

For all the money spent on war,
We could've sent a warning.

For all the money spent on war,
We could've cured diseases.

For all the money spent on war,
We could've rejuvenated the old man who wheezes.

For all the money spent on war,
We could've brought smiles to a child's face.

For all the money spent on war,
We could've tried to save the human race.

For all the money spent on war,
We could've had charity drives.

For all the money spent on war,
We could've saved lives.


Some Things You Can't Have

Oh, the things you can't possess,
Only because you don't have the money.

Oh, the places you aren't granted access,
Only because you don't have the status.

Oh, the beauties you can't kiss,
Only because you don't have the looks.

Oh, the beauty you can't have,
Only because you have the personality.

A Short

Old Mrs. Jenkins was in a fit today,
Ever since her son left yesterday.
Her husband didn't care,
He was glad he didn't have that bear in the house.

Screw the Rules

Screw the rules!

I don't need music theory to be a musician!
I don't need meter to be a poet!
I don't need formulas to be a mathematician!
I have belief in myself and I know it!

On Crushes

I know you but I don't know you,
I see your smooth legs,
But I don't know what to do.
If only I could get off these pegs...

I want to look into your eyes,
But I'm afraid I will fall in love,
It's a feeling I have despised,
One which I have had enough.

You are nice and all but I'm afraid,
It looks like you are already starting to love someone...
And it's not me, my cheeks so red,
It looks like I will never have won...

I'll just have to keep waiting,
But when will waiting end?
I'll just have to keep fading,
Because you, I can never befriend...

Fade Away

I see a light,
But I can't reach it...
I don't want to fight,
But I can teach it...

The scars you left,
They went away.
But the inner scars you left,
Those have stayed.

People keep leaving,
When all I do is think.
And people keep achieving,
When all I do is sink.

Fade away...

On Crushes 2

It's been a long hot summer and I was left alone,
Now I'm back in school and the first thing I see is you.
My heart became hard as a bone,
But I began feeling something which I knew was not new.

We had a bond when we found out our names were spelt different than the norm,
It seems we have good chemistry,
Since our bond took on a new form, called friendship.
And I'll use my skills and artistry to attract.

We'll create a positive charge,
And we'll never forget to say hydrogen iodide (HI) to each other.
Our love will grow large,
And we will never leave one another.

But for now,
Let's stay friends.


I have just seen the most beautiful woman to grace the earth,
Her heart as warm as a hearth.
You can find her having breakfast at Tiffany's,
Where she'll be waiting for you, make-up all pretty.

Her eyes tell wonderful tales,
And she is more elegant than the Princess of Wales.
And no matter what she has on,
Her beauty will always pass on.

But if you think her face is pretty,
You should know, she is also really witty.
But most of all, she has a heart of gold,
Something most Hollywood stars have sold.

Born in Belgium's own capital,
She doesn't belong to one country, she is continental.
Lived in a war-torn nation,
Starving was her occupation.

Starved by the stupid Nazis,
Anorexia, she has, said the paparazzi.
But all of this is not true,
And despite everything, she never felt blue.

Starring in films without any hue,
She never took the limelight, she just took her cue.
And we all know she was an introvert,
And not even a fly she won't hurt.

You may see her having a Roman holiday,
Or you may see her playing as Gigi, in the play.
Whatever she did, wasn't for money,
How I adore this woman named Audrey.

(Dedicated to Audrey Hepburn)


Why do you tell me I must work?
Why do you tell me I should hurry?
Society just makes me berserk,
Why must it taste spicy like curry?

Why do you tell me I'm doing it wrong?
Why do you tell me I need help?
Maybe I'm not strong,
But I'm not just kelp, left on a lonely beach.
Don't suck out my imagination like a leach.

Lemons and Watermelons

Sour like my life.

Juicy like my words.

The News

The news is on TV tonight,
Why do I care?
The news is on TV tonight,
Why should I stare?

The news is on TV tonight,
Telling us lies.
The news is on TV tonight,
Nothing on it is a surprise.

Why won't I watch the news tonight?
Because it's only there to make me sad.
Why is it there to make me sad?
Because of all the death and useless politics and war and fight and terrorists and hatred that makes feel bad.

The news is on TV tonight,
But I don't believe anything said.
The news is on TV tonight,
But I'll watch a comedy instead.


It's autumn,
The leaves have blushed red,
We're getting closer to the bottom,
Of the calendar, she said.

It's autumn,
And now the leaves are falling,
To the bottom,
And will soon be calling, she said.

It's autumn,
Paving way for winter,
Let's get down to the bottom,
Of this splinter, called autumn.

She said.

Autumn 2

The wind rustles the orange leaves,
Ripping through the coloured trees,
Cooling down the weather,
Passing through my clothes.

The sun sets early,
And we know surely,
It will only darker,
Before the snow will drop.

Poème Française

Ah, ma chéri!
Je ne peux pas vivre sans l'amour,
Et ah, mon amie!
Je sentis plus que l'amitié,
Et ah, au pâtisserie!
Je vais voler ton coeur,
Et ah, à Paris!
Je vais t'embrasser!

Embrasser tes lèvres douces,
Sentir le magie de le moment,
Et aimer une fille suave comme mousse,
Au chocolat.


Ah, my dear!
I cannot live without love,
And ah, my friend!
I feel more than friendship,
And ah, at the patisserie!
I will steal your heart,
And ah, in Paris!
I will kiss you!

Kiss your soft lips,
Feel the magic of the moment,
And love a girl sweet like chocolate mousse.)

Türkçe Şiir

Yüreğimde bir kız var,
Tıpkı çiçek gibi.
Yüreğimde bir aşk var,
Tıpkı ateş gibi.

Gözümde yaşlar var,
Çünkü aşkım cevapsız.
Gözümde taşlar var,
Çünkü aşkım sevapsız.


There is a girl in my heart,
Just like a flower.
There is a love in my heart,
Just like a fire.

There are tears in my eye,
Because my love is answerless.
There are rocks in my eye,
Because my love is without good deed.)

Greener Fields

No drop of love inside me...
No chunk of kindness around me...
All I see is a world of black,
A world where love just lacks,
It gets me...

It gets me in a pitfall of misery...
But even if you look at me...
You won't see it.
Because it is covered in a pit,
Where it lays there...

Lays there in silence,
Slowly building up inside...
Escaping its way through my mouth,
In words of anger and loathing,
Loathing life...

It's just too hard,
It's just too hard for me...
It's just too boring,
Black and black till the eye can see...
It's just too monotone,
And for this I can't condone myself,
But I just want to pass on to greener fields,
Where the land yields love and felicity,
Which I can't find in this city...

I want to go...

Sans Toi

Comme une bougie sans feu,
Comme une arbre sans feuille,
Comme un électeur sans choix,
Je suis perdu sans toi.

Comme une maison sans plafond,
Comme une chanson sans son,
Comme une journée sans soleil,
Sans toi, je suis confusé.


Like a candle without flame,
Like a tree without leaves,
Like a voter without choice,
I am lost without you.

Like a house without a roof,
Like a song without sound,
Like a day without sun,
Without you, I am confused.)

The Boot

Wherever I go, I don't feel like I belong.
People act friendly, but when I'm gone,
They forget me,
And soon again I'll have to start talking.

I get fifteen seconds of fame,
It's always been the same.
I feel invisible,
But I'm not invincible.

It won't be long,
Until I get the boot.
I'm not too strong,
I'm just a piece of fruit.

Dead Heart

I'm falling apart,
Like the love we once had.
The only thing left is my torn heart,
And even that's dead.

Regarding the Leverage Of Love

I am proximate to your heart,
But my love I cannot promulgate.
I can endeavor ameliorating my proficiencies,
But that will not facilitate.

I am cognizant this is an expeditious inception,
But I want to commence our love,
Even though my ways may be erroneous,
I will treat you as a commensurate, no matter what.

And it's not deleterious to implement love,
It's only advantageous.
I want to disseminate you everything I have inside,
Subsequently, it will be optimized.

Because you look wonderful in my eyes.

Death Wish

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I wish I was dead,
I am telling the truth.

My Poetry Sucks

My poetry sucks,
My poetry is bad,
My poetry is muck,
My poetry is sad,
My poetry is disgusting,
My poetry is horrible,
My poetry is rusting,
My poetry is terrible,
My poetry is horrid,
My poetry is sh*t,
My poetry is boring,
My poetry sucks and I suck.



For my words above.
It just slipped out.

On with the show!
We have lots more to go!

A Poor Attempt At Being In a Homosexual's Shoes

I just met a boy,
A boy like me.
He has a toy,
Which most boys don't want to see.
Unlike me.

They told me it can't be love,
They told it's wrong.
Well I just had enough,
So I told them I was soft.

They told me I'm mad,
They told me I'm sick.
But I'm still a lad,
No matter who I lick.


And the sun sets on our tired souls,
Resting on a sloping hill.
Who will fill all those holes,
The ones which cannot be filled?

We have been through many hardships,
But this is the worst.
Ending our friendship,
Because of our thirst.

I say this as the moon shines on us,
And illuminates your face.
I say a final goodbye before riding on the bus,
The bus that will take me out of this place.

But I don't want to go,
Though I do want to leave.
Though I don't want to sow,
But I do want to reap.

Winter Is Around the Corner

Winter is around the corner,
Waiting for fall to leave.
Winter is around the corner,
Coming faster than you conceive.

Winter is around the corner,
Impatient and cold hearted.
Winter is around the corner,
It may have even started.


I am falling backwards forever,
Going forward never.
.reven drawrof gnioG
,reverof sdrawkcab gnillaf ma I


Taste the sadness in my eyes,
Smell the sorrow in my heart,
Touch the depression in my face,
Hear the voices in my head,
See the coldness in my soul.


Don't worry...
Eveything will be alright...
Don't hurry...
Give it all your might,
For tomorrow is a brand new day.

No more sorrow,
Everything will be alright...
Everything will be all bright.

Don't stress it...
Everything will be alright...
Don't press it...
The panic button doesn't shed light.

You'll see,
Everything will be alright...
As long as I'm me,
There will be no fright.

It's alright...
It's alright...

Men In the Jungle

I woke up to the sound of footsteps nearby,
I looked up to see soldiers tear by,
Ripping through our village, tearing it like cloth,
Massacring our people, whose spirits flew away like moths.

Who are you, and why are you here?
Do you want us to shed our tears?
Do you even speak Vietnamese?
Why won't you let us sleep with ease?

We're just simple people, living simple lives,
Please don't kill us because of your political minds,
You've come all the way from the other side of the world,
Just to show your monstrosity unfurl?

Who are you, and why are you here?
Do you want us to shed our tears?
We have never lived this hardship in our years,
Please, just tell us, why won't you come in peace?

(Fictionally, based on a Vietnamese's point of view during the Vietnam War)

Men In the Jungle 2

I marched on to a village of huts,
Stoically hiding the pain of my cuts,
I don't want to send innocents to Death,
But an order's an order, to fight it, I won't waste breath.

There's something wrong with what I'm doing,
My own cud, I'm chewing and chewing,
But I don't know if I should quit the Forces,
Maybe return to school, take some more courses.

But this is everything I got,
I need to feed my family, pay for all I bought,
But then again, I can lose my life,
And then again, what's the point of promoting strife?

(Fictionally, based on the point of view of an American soldier contemplating during the Vietnam War)

I Love Weekends

Monday is not Funday,
Tuesday is a Bluesday,
Wednesday is a Stenchday,
Thursday is the Worstday,
Friday is a Cryday,
But I love weekends.


I don't know what to do,
I don't know where to go,
Flush my life down the loo?
Spend days of weeps and moans?

Life throws lemons at me,
But they hurt.
There is fog around me,
And I can only see the dirt.

But black and white is all I see,
Grey is there, but no more red,
Sometimes blue, but no more green.
I lost all hope and I lost my creed.

Humanity is a hopeless scheme,
Nobody loves you, it's all just a hoax,
There's more to the eye than it seems,
They just manipulate you through coax.

I've lost my way and no signs,
No one to ask directions, no path,
I can't seem to walk a straight line,
I can't do the math, I can't get out.

I can't get out and I can't speak out,
I can't speak out and I can't keep out,
I can't keep out and I can't see out,
I can't see out and I can't pass out.

Imaginary Girlfriend

The way you touch me,
Your hand as light as air,
It always gets me going,
Touching your silky hair.

I don't know how you do it,
But you're always there,
Soothing me always,
With your heart melting stare.

And I know you will always care,
Even on your bad days,
You will always love me,

But you seem to be shy,
In front of others, you hide,
Once they're gone, you're back again,
And I don't know why.

But once somebody speaks, I snap out of it,
Lying in my bed, cold and naked,
I realize you were never there,

Colours of Sadness

My eyes are red,
My soul is blue,
My heart is black,
And my brain is white.


She is wonderful.
She is soft breeze through my heart,
And this is just a good part, of,

She is a sunny day,
Always a smile on her face,
More radiant than the sun,
She always likes to have fun,
She is Aura.

She is a shelter,
Keeps me warm and safe from hurt,
Warm and cozy as a hearth,
Nothing in this world is worth,

She is a goddess,
Always smile and never hiss,
She gets on with her business,
And a heart of gold she has,
Will never end up in Alcatraz,
She is Aura.

She is a newly blooming flower,
Very timid and never glowers,
But she is opening up for,
Her peers and family to see her core,
She is Aura.

She is a whole new world,
Though she just looks like a girl,
A world of happiness awaits,
But you will just have to wait, to see,

(A complete figment of my imagination)


Her blossoms never end,
They just get redder each time.
Her bosom is never dead,
It just crosses the line.

Her perfume is reminiscent,
Reminiscent of the good old days.
Her hairdo has the scent,
Of Parisian cafés.

Her eyes tell me,
Tell me to stay.
Her mouth tells me,
Tells me to go away.

Her fields of affection are blue,
Stained by the blueberries she picked.
Her forest of mystery is not new,
The brain just tricked the heart.

Clair de Lune

I have no heart at all.
Just a gaping hole,
In my heart.

This cannot be what happened but,
Needless to say,
My love is gone like the October rain.

But at last, I,
Am free now.
I can't wait till,
New loves come.

But I have no heart at all.
Just a gaping hole,
In my heart,
It's true.

But my frustration,
It builds up inside me.
And my temptations,
It cringes inside me.
But I know I am free!


Ah, I'm free...
Free at last!
I feel so happy!
I'm now lost...

In the abyss of freedom,
In the abyss of certainty,
In the moonlight,
I await,
A dazzling magic.

And it comes,
And it comes like never before.
I feel enchanted,
Oh, I have a heart again,
Bye bye, gaping hole!

In the moonlight,
I'm enchanted.
Hair of silk,
And milky skin,
And pearl eyes,
Just a touch away.



(Read while listening to this:

The Truth

Wherever I go there is no love in sight,
Jerks on the left,
Assholes on the right,
What happened to love?

Wherever I go there is only hate and disrespect,
No kindness in sight,
It makes me feel like a speck,
What happened to kindness and respect?

It makes me feel like love never existed,
Like kindness is an illusion,
And respect is a hallucination.
The truth is revealed bit by bit.

All the kindness in my childhood was just a foggy dream,
Love is just part of acid trips,
Respect is just cream,
That is not on my lips.

All the kind people in history were fiction,
All the evil ones real,
Excuse my faulty diction,
But I don't wanna live anymore.


She says she's French,
When she's really from Quebec,
The fire was quenched,
When she looked at me like I was a wreck.

She plays hockey,
Like it's the only thing she knows,
I don't want to jockey,
So I left you alone.

And when you look at me,
It feels like you freeze my soul,
And when you talk with me,
You talk with an annoyed tone.

I know you think I'm a real freak,
But I can treat you the way you deserve,
Only if you don't act so bleak,
Maybe I can love you, or else I'll just swerve.

Just Messing With Your Mind

My name is Emily,
But I'm not a girl,
I have a family,
But they're not from our world.

I hate Mondays,
But it's my favourite one,
I found the end of the maze,
But it's still not done.

I'm just messing with your mind,
I'm just messing with your mind,
Even I just got confused,
My creativity is too profuse.

Take My Hand

I see you weeping,
Crying buckets of bitter tears,
I don't want to see you sleeping,
For years and years.

You want to kill yourself,
And you call it freedom,
Please just let me help,
The room is not so dim.

Take my hand,
For I'll take you to a land,
Where happiness is the ruler,
And sorrow lives no sooner.

Everyone is glad,
Nobody fights,
There is no bad,
You can sleep safe tonight.

Take my hand,
For I'll take you to a land,
Where there is no disease,
You can be at ease.

Nobody is mad,
Everybody flies kites,
There is no sad,
You can take flight tonight.

All you have to do is just take my hand.

Love > Materialism

Will you take me, honey?
Take me to the dance floor?
Will you love me, honey?
Love me till your heart is sore?

I'm poor and my clothes are worn out,
I don't have money to buy you things,
But I have the time to take you out,
I have the soul to sing you songs.

I have the courage to love you till,
The world is over and we are still,
Embracing each other.

I don't have the courage to cheat on you,
I don't have the courage to lie to you,
And now I will ask,

Will you love me, honey?
Love me till your heart is sore?

At least I have a heart,
Unlike the jerks you fall for.


The day I met you
The sky was pink
It's as if the aurora
Had come to my door

You forgot your pink scarf behind
I would say it was a gift
But you didn't tell me it was
So I searched all over to return

Under every stone
Inside every dark forest
I searched for you
But you left no trace

Then one day I found
Pink lace lying on the ground
Thinking it was yours
I followed where it lead

I heard your scream afar
So I fastened my pace
You were lying injured
I made my way to you

You told me you weren't well
I knew what to do
Just a tender kiss
And returning your pink scarf

You suddenly rose up
And ran, ran away
I chased after you
Then you surprised me from behind

I believe in pink you said
And I agreed completely
I guess a certain Audrey
Had been right all along


Crappy form of poetry


Light and
Incandescent bulb

Anollasia (Alternative)

Of a
As a

Gender Neutral Love Poem

I love the way you smile at me
I love the way you look
I love the way you talk to me
I love the way you took

Your hair is just great
Always shiny and clean
Your strength is to create
Oh the lands we've been

I love you, human



Listen around you
What do you hear?

Listen to the tweets
Of baby robins being fed
Listen to the weeks
Going by already

Listen to the swans
Floating on water without waves
Listen to the forest at dawn
As the animal kingdom's record plays

F**k People

F**k people
You know why?
They tear your heart like a torn maple
They make you cry like you just got raped
They push you around like cattle
They expect you to win battles
They treat you like you're their bitch
They treat you like you're a witch
When you tell the truth they call you a snitch
They forget about you once they're filthy rich
They talk bad about you when you're gone
They call you a retard when you do something wrong
They brag about how their dick is long
They brag about what's a better song
They're so savage it makes King Kong look civilized
They like to mess with other people's lives
Their minds are only beehives
They say for happiness they strive
But only by making others miserable
Only by making themselves disirable
Only by giving others the boot
Only by keeping all the loot
Only by opening lawsuits
Only by pulling the trigger to shoot
F**k people
You know why?
If you don't know you're a f**king idiot you sh*t


Kalbim kap kara
Tıpkı senin saçın gibi
Tek istediğin para
Tıpkı benim istediğim gibi

Karanlık bir odada
Bekliyorum seni
Ama gelmiyorsun bu aralar
Unutmuşsun beni

Odam kap kara
Tıpkı ıssız bir gece gibi
Gözünde maskara
Tıpkı kalbim gibi

Karanlık bir sokakta
Bekliyorum seni
Ama gelmiyorsun bu aralar
Nasılda kırdın kalbimi


My heart is pitch black
Just like your hair
All you want is money
Just like I want

In a dark room
I wait for you
But you don't come these times
You forgot about me

My room is pitch black
Just like a stranded night
Mascara in your eye
Just like my heart

On a dark street
I wait for you
But you don't come these times
How you broke my heart)

Some People

Some people are funny
Some people are rude
Some people are cunning
Some people love food

Some people are mean
Some people are nice
Some people are seen
As people who are mice

Some people are crazy
Some people just sound
Some people are boring
And some people aren't 'round

Some people are stupid
Some people are smart
Some people are cupid
And some have no heart


Look at that window
What do you see
I don't know man
I think it's just me

Why are my eyes
Blazing with red
The walrus has spoken
It's already said

Falling into a
Green waterfall
Exiting through the
Emergency door

Slipping and sliding
Through Elvis's mind
Am I protruding
Or is it a lie

Stars fall and then
The moon says a word
I could not focus
I spin and then turn

Taking a look at
Kaleidoscope cakes
Sinking and thinking
Of Frosted Flake lakes

My head hurts now man
I can't even stop
Just look at the voices
Who tell me to chop

Trees lined up with
A thousand new hues
I must go down
To lonely shoes

If I am in heaven
Why is there no cloud
Dead and vivacious
I'm thinking aloud

Dead Princess

Here lies the sweet princess
Who was here with us yesterday
And I say with true sadness
She did not live to see another day

The audience cried, the audience wept
The audience remembered the love she kept

And so we are here today
To bury this princess's body
For she is gone now, she is far away
There is no need to keep her to decay

And then a magical noise came
As the mighty door flew open
A thousand lights with no name
Flew and flew past as quick as it came

The princess came back, her body a spirit
''I am still here now, I'll enchant you with magic''
And if you ever miss me, just remember
If you hear this music, you'll hear my voice, hear it

(Inspired by this:

Punk (Anti-American Version)

Aight, listen to me
I got something to say
Agh can't you see
There's no other way

You don't know what happens
When you let them sit in a white house
You don't know what happens
When a mum loses her son

Her son who couldn't talk
Her son who couldn't walk
Her son who couldn't think
Because of freedom loving murderers

Freakin' communists
They are nowhere free
Let's feed them freedom
Freedom three meals a day

Agh yeah
No man
Lives life
In a can
Like in Afghanistan

F*cking mucking freedom terrorists
Plucking all those innocent
F*cking plucking hypocrites
Mucking what was once decent

Oi! Tell me now what you think
Of this sh*tty hellhole called Earth
It was the pinkos I tell you
Say the free intolerant America

America f*ck yeah
We bully other countries
And then take the peace they had
War is our hobby
And we only give a sh*t about ourselves

Tell Me Baby

Tell me baby
Do you love me?
Tell me baby
Do you want to hug me?

Tell me baby
Am I alright?
Am I just an asshole
Who likes to fight?

Tell me baby
Are you hungry?
'Cause I got the best food in town
You're going to hide that big frown

Tell me baby
Are you asleep?
Tell m-

Oh wait
I just had a revelation
I just found out
Babies can't talk


Invisible grass
New snow
Trucks cleaning roads
Road (yeah right).

I Can't Feel Love

Ever since I've been given the red stamp
I've been getting enormous cramps
Ever since I've heard 'no'
I've been at an all-time low

I can't feel love at all
Because I can't crouch to crawl
I can't see why I can't
These days all I do is rant

Ever since I've been given the dismissal
I've been getting a case of dismal
Ever since I've heard the word
I've been only unheard

I can't feel love at all
Because I can't get hold of the ball
I can't see why I can't
These days all I do is pant

Ever since I've been given the ejection
I've been getting injections
Ever since I've heard it
I've been completely bit

Ever since last January
I've spent a lonely 14 February
Ever since that unforgettable day
I've only given up love anyway


You said you wanted freedom
Liberty was your favourite word
You said down with the kingdom
The king was just a turd

You said you should be free
Free to say what you want
You said it's your creed
Or else your troubles will haunt

15 now, hormones everywhere
''Punk'' you're now labelled
Your body is here but your mind is nowhere
You don't know what nation you'll build

65 now, medicine everywhere
''Grandpa'' you're now labelled
Recreation for you is rare
And all the people you killed

You trampled over others for liberty
Now you're an oldie, being fed medication
What to do? You're only talking bitterly
You don't know what to do, being used to restriction

I'm Not Here

I wake up with a feeling I can't explain
My head just hurts all I feel is pain
Outside I wish it was pouring rain
Why I would wish that I can't explain

My life is boring and I just complain
Sometimes it just drives me insane
I want to switch to another lane
But it's all in my stupid brain

My body's here and so is my mind
But my soul must be left behind
My ears buzzing like a beehive
I'm so glad to be ''alive''

I'm acting like I've never done before
Never saying things from the core
Acting like an attention whore
All the important things I ignore

I'm so sad, I feel so alone
I have this feeling down to the bone
I only feel safe in my home
Please leave a message after the tone

How To Fall Apart

I'm sitting on a fence
I'm borderline
I don't make sense
But I just might

I'm sitting on a red hot cinder
Like Einstein
I'm courting a nice girl
Relativity's fine

I'm sitting on a hill
I'm pondering
Of all the stupid things
I'm wondering

I'm sitting on a dog
I'm wondering

Why am I so cruel
I'm just so gruel

I'm Not Frustrated

I'm not happy
I'm not sad
I'm not sappy
This is just the thing I had

I'm not smart
I'm not smart
I'm not smart
I'm not smart

I'm not nice
I'm not rice
I'm not lice
I'm just dice

I'm not skilled
I'm not creative
I'm not filled
With things that are innovative

I'm not loved
I'm not liked
I'm not enough
For someone with eyes

I'm not gold
I'm not dirt
I'm just told
That I'm hurt

I'm not the norm
I'm not me
I'm not yours
I'm just stinky

I'm not worthy
I'm not a poet
I'm a phony
And I know it

And above all


Intangible Souvenir

All I ever wanted
Was a one second kiss
The moment to last for decades
Feeling only bliss

Quest For Love

You know I don't want sex
I don't want slim fitting jeans
Or making out on decks

I'm looking for someone else
Someone who understands
Someone who won't trap me with belts

But it's so hard these days
When love means sex
But I have other ways

Opposite Day

I want to die
I want to feel pain
I want to be high
I want to be insane

I want to be hated
I want to kill myself
I don't want to be dated
I don't want health

I completely hate me
Nobody loves me
I don't want to be seen
I don't want to be

I want to die
I want nobody
I want to be sad
I want to die

I Don't Know

When you told me your name
I couldn't keep tame
I have no shame
After what stayed same

Your lovely words slip
Out of your mouth
They meet in my lip
And I get lost

But this sinking feeling
It's just never healing
I'm only freewheeling
But soon my skin will be peeling

And I have a hunch
You will hate me a bunch
I'm in a scrunch
My heart is crunched


In fear
Of love
And pursuits

I try to pass time
By giving you small talk
But I know you shall be mine
And I know I may make you gawk

For it's only normal
To be surprised at what I have to say
And there's no need to be formal
When I'll take you over anyone, any day

Like fire, you burn my heart
The sting leaves me in awe in the very inside
And I don't know why I'm so in love with you
Because could've I looked away from you any regular day


I can't find you
No matter where I go
Are you under my bed?
Or in banks of snow?

I see you for a moment
But when I reach you
You disappear and
I wouldn't have if I'd known it

So tell me then
Where are you?
Are you in the closet?
Or in the chicken pen?

Valentine's Day

Entertaining the
Illustrate my
Self also it's

And it makes me

Symbolism I

Today I'm drowning my sorrows
Hoping to have better tomorrows
But only God knows
How I've had all-time lows

Today I'm cutting down the tree
It's final, you can't stop me
I will be free, I tell you
Free of all seas

It will soon be water under a bridge
No more heart of a fridge
I'll leave you with a smidge
But I can't tell you which


It was a hot September day
When playing tennis
The button says sorry
In the air there was a wisp

It was another hot September day
When approaching me
Me who was on a stone
The button remembered me

It was a cold September day
When sitting down
I eyed the changing button
And the button did not frown

It was a cold October day
When being true
I watched the button
And then button would soon

It was a cold November day
When doing work
I looked at the button
And wanted the perks

It was a cold December day
When talking
I forgot about the button
I kept on walking

It was a freezing January day
When making choices
I was making my own
And the button couldn't figure out whose voice is

It is an arctic February day
When smiling at me
The button talked to me
Now I still can't see


Is all she eats
Crunch, crunch!
She goes

Is it to keep her physique?
Or is she addicted?
Maybe she just loves
The good old crunch of celery

Either way
Her middle name must be Venus
Or maybe it's Aphrodite
Or maybe it's Celery

The Dress

Some say it's ''gold''
With a combination of ''white''

Some say it's ''black''
And ''blue'', who's right?

Do you want to hear
What I really think?

I think it's ''I don't''
And ''give a damn''

Symbolism II

I used to be a maiden
Now I'm just the pieces
Of a bitter man
Who is very laden

I'm made of stone
But not complete
Not as much
As I used to be

I burnt myself
When I saw her the other day
The sun was shining
So I made hay

They said I was ''in love''
But, oh, it was more
I was holding a tender rose
With its own spiky thorns

But I lost it
Somewhere in the cacophony
Of the bittersweet symphony
Now only a photograph is left

Faux Happiness

Don't look at me like
I'm happy go lucky
Deep inside there is
A parasite that bugs me

It causes me to see things
Dark, even with the sun
It makes me shut up
Even when I want to talk

Everything bothers me and
Nothing satisfies
I try and when I do
Failure is the end result

I don't remember what
Love feels like at all
When was I last
Truly happy?

I lost my joy after I lost
My childhood, and I lost
The battle between emotions
Infinite sadness reigns supreme


The day you rejected me
A heart of stone
I wrote your name on it
Now it's written in stone

Maybe that's why
I'm still thinking about you
The memories so good
It hurts

Angel From Hell (Devil From Heaven)

You stole my heart
Turned it into stone
Are you Medusa?
Or are you more?

Heavenly aura
With a hellish nature
Are you a devil from heaven?
Or an angel from hell?

Abandoned Passion

The desserts of Jordan
I cherished in
The sweet eyes
Of an ass braying at me

The deserts of Jordan
I perished in
The hot sun
Burning my soul

Abandoned Passion II

She swept through the deserts
Crossed the Jordan River
Crossed her own rivers
Then she soon diverged

To the feet of Isaiah
To the feet of the playa
In a moment which was gay and
In a moment I had to pay and

She swept through the tables
Only part of a fable
Short-circuited cables
She was my Mabel

But the story took a twist
I was left in the mist
Feeling like a cyst
I was off the list

Fool's Paradise

I took a visit to the dumps
To throw out a heart of lumps
I saw a Cheshire cat
While I was in a funk

I cried my eyes out
And held them in my hands
I saw myself then
I was not myself

World War III

War breaks out
It shows its snout
Its chants are loud
Its promises are vowed

Come join the fight
Everything is alright
With all our might
We will stand a height

Why are we fighting?
We are we at war?
Is this what
We are fighting for?

But the enemy lurks deep
They strike you at sleep
Into your brain they seep
Soon, they make you weep

Who is this monster?
What is their name?
Only the fellow
Named ''Cancer'', but we will win this game!


Beyond the box I see
Skies azure
Children on the curb
The street a stir

Beyond the box I hear
Laugher abound
Voices aloud
Talks profound

Beyond the box I smell
Fresh air of spring
Manure ageing
Flowers blooming

Beyond the box I taste
A pint of happiness
A sprinkle of joyfulness
A dash of sappiness

Inside the box I feel
Like a dark, rainy day
Like a cold, snowy May
Like I'm about to decay

All You Need Is Sex

Sex, sex, sex
Sex, sex, sex
Sex, sex, sex

There's nothing you can buy that can't be bought
Nothing you can f*ck that can't be f*cked
Nothing you can taste but you can learn how to play the game
It's sleazy

Nothing you can shave that can't be shaved
No one you can make that can't be made
Nothing you can blow but you can learn how to be you in time
It's sleazy

All you need is sex
All you need is sex
All you need is sex, sex
Sex is all you need

Sex, sex, sex
Sex, sex, sex
Sex, sex, sex

All you need is sex
All you need is sex
All you need is sex, sex
Sex is all you need

Nothing you can sow that isn't sown
Nothing you can see that isn't porn
Nowhere you can pee that isn't where you're meant to pee
It's sleazy

All you need is sex
All you need is sex
All you need is sex, sex
Sex is all you need

(Thanks (and sorry) Beatles [All You Need Is Love]! Reference to ''Quest For Love'', one of the previous poems. Not meant to be taken seriously.)


Why did you have to break my heart?
All I wanted was a fresh start
My soul is drifting apart
Everyday with disappointment

Every little thing you do
Be it talk or tie your shoe
Makes me fall in love with you
Makes me fall in hate with you

Why did you have to break my heart?
All I wanted was my missing part
My heart is being hit with a dart
Everyday with severe pain

Every little thing you do
Be it walk or eat your food
Makes me fall and trip and slip
Makes me fall in love with you


When I said hey
All you did was look away
My heart broke that day
Exaggerating, I am not

Every time I saw you
Bright smiles were on you
My brain can't stop thinking about you
My heart can't stop beating for you

When I said hey
All the joy was flushed away
My, what an excuse to get away
Exuberant, you were not

Every time I saw you, it
Brightened my world, too
My rain is probably a clue
My tart role is probably the mistake, too

Grammar Police

Grammar police
Arrest this man, he talks incorrectly
He converses like a Frenchman
He's like malfunctioning spellcheck

Grammar police
Arrest this girl, her spelling's cuckoo
She spells ''their'' as ''there'' and ''they're'' as ''their'' and
''There'' as ''they're''

This is what you'll get (*their)
This is what you'll get (*they're)
This is what you'll get (*there)
When you write it wrong

''Grammar police
I'm trying all me best
Its not enough
English grammar's so hard and nonsensical, it blow my brains''

This is what you'll get (*my)
This is what you'll get (*it's)
This is what you'll get (*blows)
When you write it wrong

Pull up a dictionary
Fix your grammar
Fix your spelling

Pull up a thesaurus
Richen your vocab
Richen your vocab

For you cannot speak it
Not on my watch
Not on my watch

You cannot speak English
Not in my house
Not on my watch

(To the tune of this:

September Rain

When I look into my life
I can see enough of pain
A day that was just brand new
But was never the same again

But it was a warm September
And there was no chance of rain
I just want you to remember
It's not my fault I caused you pain

I've spent my years
Walking all alone
In the cold
September rain

Though I may have been born
On the date in which you mourn
It doesn't mean
I'm the one to blame

You make me feel shame

If I could go back in time
I would go back and rewind
The tape and burn away
A different person you would find

That soul's not mine

No relation to the matter
I'm not the one to blame
Use your logic and your noggin
To figure out September rain

I didn't commit a crime
No, folks, no
I didn't commit a crime
But being born

No, I'm not a piece of slime
No, folks, no
Don't you know I'm not a piece of grime
Not my fault

That day a plane crashed in the tower, hard
Blissful, I was celebrating my own birthday
Then I was soon the older fart
Just a victim of time itself

But for the umpteenth time
I'm alone
And for the umpteenth time
I am prone

I'm not a piece of slime
No, folks, no
I'm not a piece of grime
I'm not a scum

But when you looked outside
You would see the rising flames
And when you looked inside
You would see me start to play

Outside I could smell wisps
Of the days that were to stay
And soon thereafter followed
The cold September rain

(Based on this tune [up to 6:49]:

Born To Work

Ever since I was born
I was destined to work
Wake up early in the morn
Try to gain some perks

Go to school
Learn some stuff
Learn work rules
School's enough

Time to work

Work all day
Work all night
No more play
Only fright

You can stop
When you retire
But then you flop
Too old to do anything

Then you die


Bubble gum Paris
Chauvinist terrace
Little old Clarence
Wheel of Ferris

Sublime peanuts
Aching tree nuts
Pinching sea nuts
Inching key nuts

Life Is Out To Get Me

Life is out to get me
It's waiting at my door
Waiting with a saw
Life is out to get me

Life is out to get me
It's waiting for the day
The day it'll overcome me
Life is out to get me

Hayley's Comet

Look up at the sky
Look up at the worlds
Look up at the worlds beyond us

Look at the heavens
Look up at the celestial
Look up at the celestial beauty

It's Hayley's comet
Small enough to fit in my pocket
Such a beautiful tail
It's Hayley's comet

Make a wish now
For moments like this
Only come once
Once in a lifetime

I wish upon the comet
And now I'm being honest
My only wish is
To be with you

Close Your Eyes and Die

Close your eyes
And feel the tears streaming down your face
Close your eyes
And feel that when you die, they will find someone to replace you

Close your eyes
And feel the blood dripping from your eye
Close your eyes
And feel the lost tooth by your hand

Close your eyes
And feel that nobody will miss you when you die
Close your eyes
And feel that you're only living a lie

Close your eyes
And whisper your darkest desires
Close your eyes
And don't call 911 when your house is on fire

Good Night

Good night
There are a million lights
All waiting to be turned off
All except one

One will have sleepless nights
Thinking of ways to die
His happiness having a blight
And all one thinks is ''why?''

One will live on
Forgetting last night
Remembering the good times
One can't think of any

And so the process repeats
And another one joins
And when true joy they meet
They will leave this behind

But where is true joy?
Oh, I don't know
I'm too tired
I know you are too, of this life

Just go to sleep
Don't worry
When you wake up
You will have fresh sheets

Girl Next Door

I saw her once or twice
She looked like a tomboy
She might be someone real nice
But I'm as shy as mice


Sometimes I just want to hurt myself
When I never get what I want
When I fail at everything
When I can do everything but help

Sometimes I just want to kill myself
When I hurt people
When I fall in love with someone
Someone I could never be with


People are selfish
You gotta rob them
People are greedy
You gotta stop giving them

People are cruel
You gotta ruin them
People are evil
You gotta stop them

People are insane
You gotta lock them up
People are lazy
You gotta give them 10 million laps

People are stupid
You gotta feed them propaganda
People are stupider than stupid
You gotta kill them

I Hate You

I hate you
Yes, I'm talking to you
I hate you because you don't listen
Even when I'm shouting

I hate you
Yes, you heard it
I hate you because you really don't care?
You don't care about me, do you?

I hate you
Yes, I hate you
I hate you because I'm always the one who has to be defeated
Everyday, repeated

I hate you
Yes, you bastard
I hate you because you constantly torment me
In a bright prison of darkness

I hate you
Yes, I do
I hate you because you shut me down
And pull my plug

I hate you
I'm not lying
I hate you because you won't tell me what I'm doing here
Who I am, or why I'm here

I hate you
Yes, yes, yes
I hate you because you're the only thing I can hold onto
I love you


She's in a clique
And I feel bleak
She's in a clique
With an Arab and Korean

She's in a clique
And I feel pretty weak
She's in a clique
She would never let me join

She's in a clique
And I feel so meek
She wouldn't let me join
But then again, I never knocked at her door

Clique 2

She's in a clique
And I feel bleak
She's in a clique
With a European and Korean

She's in a clique
And I feel pretty weak
She's in a clique
She would never let me join
She's in a clique
And I feel so meek
She wouldn't let me join
But then again, I never knocked at her door

Hall of Cost

A little girl is in the hall
Looking for her mommy
Looking her daddy
She doesn't know what will happen to her body

A weeping woman is in the hall
Looking for her daughter
Looking for her husband
But why even bother?

A weary man is in the hall
Looking for her wife
Looking for her daughter
Is this what you call life?

A man told her to pay the price
The little girl had no money
That was not what they wanted
He took her and threw her, little mercy if any

A man told her to pay the price
The weeping woman paid him
He took it with haste
And then beat her, watching under his brim

A man told him to pay the price
The weary man paid him
He took it with greed
And then killed him

The little girl was alone
Left to die
Die from loneliness
Her question was ''why?''

The weeping woman was alone
Left to die
Die from sadness
Her question was ''why?''

The weary man was in heaven
Away from his horrors
Eventually with his family
Away from Nazi terror

As they are in hell
Burning for inanity
For such actions
That are worse than monstrosity

Sadly, history repeats itself
But we can't let this happen again
They were after everyone
They'll be after you and then

You'll be sorry

Swapping Languages

C'est la vie
Et c'est ne pas en rose

The passion flowing through my veins
One day, you will feel what I feel

I can be
Whatever I chose

Mais c'est ne pas si facile
D'aimer une fille comme toi


That's life
And it's not in pink


But it's not that easy
Loving a girl like you)

L'amour est étrange

Je ne t'aime pas
Parce que tu me déteste
Dans l'abîme de ta coeur
Tu me déteste vraiment

Je t'ai envoyé les fleurs
Tu m'as dit ''merci''
Et merci seulement
Seulement merci

J'était un ange pour toi
Tu était un ange pour moi
Je sais que tu n'es pas un diable
Comment je t'aime encore


I don't love you
Because you hate me
In the abyss of your heart
You really hate me

I sent you flowers
And told me ''thanks''
And thanks only
Only thanks

I was an angel for you
You were an angel for me
I know you're not a devil
How I still love you)

Uzun Süredir Yazmak İstediğim Bir Şey

Şehir çok kirli
Havada çok pis
Şehirde çok pislik
Sapık ve manyak var

Şehir çok gürültülü
Klaksonlar hep çalar.
Şehirde yok saygı
Sevgi nerede?

Beni köye geri götür
Temiz hava
Yoktur çöp
Millet hep mutluda

Beni köye geri götür
Başörtülü sevgilimi görmek istiyorum
Köy tarzında, egzotik kız
Hiç görmediğim bir sihri var


The city is very filthy
The air is very dirty too
Lots of scum in the city
Perverts and maniacs

The city is very noisy
Car horns always beep
There is no respect in the city
Where is the love?

Take me back to the village
Fresh air
No garbage
The folks are always happy too

Take me back to the village
I want to see my headscarved sweetheart
In a village style, exotic girl
She has a magic I've never seen before)

For a Prick

I don't know who you are
Or where you are
But I think you're a dog
No, a monster living in a bog

You say you're intolerant of intolerance
Well, it's you that's intolerant

A disgrace to humanity
You hide your face
You might just be mentally sick

You mask yourself
Behind a shower
Of hate and ignorance
Stupid prick

Exit Poem (For a Site)

On the hill
We drown
In tears

On the hill
We're scared

If you're sad
For your problems
Never go away

Oh no
An explosion

It's raining
Yelling rain

Keep raining
Run for cover

What you want
Assail whoever
Whoever you want

We flipped ashore
We flipped up shore

The glamour
A spark went down
Walls and

Is there,
Fear the world

And a resolution

The rope
That you chose
That you chose

The rope
That you chose
That you chose

That, you chose
That, you chose

(Based on this tune:

Putin (Poo-tin)

Stand in the place where you live
How we go
Now why don't you do so?

Stand in the place where you work
How we go
Now why don't you do so?

I see you like to fuse
Whether we like it or not
Bury your troubles
To hell with your dong

Your sweet
Sweet Russia
Will be underground
Your head will be
Chopped up and ground

So stand in the place where you live
How we go
Now why don't you do so?

Stand in the place where you work
How we go
Now why don't you do so?

Your sweet
Sweet Russia
Will be underground
Your head will be
Chopped up and ground

If suspicion is free
It's not in your country
Listen to me now
To you, death is calling

Stand in the place where you live
How we go
Now why don't you do so?

If suspicion is free
It's not in your country
Listen to me now
To you, death is calling

Your sweet
Sweet Russia
Will be underground
Your head will be
Chopped up and ground

So stand
In the place you live
Why don't you do so?

So stand
In the place where you work
Why don't you do so?

Stand in the place where you live
How we go
Why don't you do so?

(Based on this tune:

Summer (Poet Laureate Entry)

The sun is out
The clouds are gone
The kids will shout
And won't have time to yawn

Bye bye spring
We'll see you next year again
But summer is king
And more valuable than the yen

Jasmine Tea

Ever since I laid my eyes on you
I wanted you to be mine
Ever since you called me on
I wanted you to be mine

I always wanted your
Jasmine tea in my mouth
I always wanted your sweetly scented
Love in my mouth

But I realized
Many already drank you
And now I'm
Stuck with thirst too

Stupid People

Stupid people
Sticking their noses
Everywhere they can
Without a pint of knowledge

Ignorance is bliss
But it can hurt others
Maybe even kill others

Stupid people
Be smart!
But Einstein was right

Stupidity is infinite


You're so cool
You don't need anyone
To make you happy
You're already smiling

I'm such a fool
For falling for you

You don't need to talk to me
Not even common courtesy
Because courtesy isn't common
It's not for cool people

Superficial Wishes

You're so perfect
I wish I was too
I'm just a defect
Nobody can I woo

I wish I was fair
I can treat people so poorly
I wish I was fair
I don't like my skin

I'm not Indian
I'm not Arab
I wish I was French
I want to hit myself with a wrench

More Superficial Wishes

Make me magnificent
Make me wonderful
The way I treat myself
It's so awful

I wish I was you
Having fun
I'm just sitting here
Making people want to run, away

I wish I could be perfect
I wish I was loved
I wish I was cared about
I wish I could wish

Genuine Wishes

I wish people were nicer
The Internet not an excuse
To be a jerk

I wish there was no war
No suffering
Over a wealthy man's desires

I wish I could love
I wish I could be loved
I wish love was real

I wish I could bring loved ones back
I wish I could make everyone happy
I wish I could be worthwhile


We could sit under the willow tree
Oh, how wonderful that would be!
We could lick the salt licks that you stole
From the neighbour's garden right next door!

I could give you a dozen red roses
Of which they are redder than Rudolph's own nose
We could be so happy and merry and free!
Oh, how wonderful that would be!

The warming sun, peering through the leaves
Oh, how wonderful that would be!
I'm in love with you, can't you see?
Oh, how wonderful that would be!

Just wait for the finale, it's worth it I'm sure!
Your magical presence does really allure
We'll wrap it up with a 3 minute kiss
Love is in the air, I can smell its wisps!

(For The Administrative Commonwealth of Rosaceae)

Fisher Girl

I was in a dark point
When I saw something refreshing
Fishing down at the dock
With her yoga shorts

Guys came up
Trying to teach her
She stood up
For herself and nobody else


I saw you once
I saw you twice
I saw you thrice
Girl, you are real nice

Time to roll the dice and let's see
Will the odds be in my favour
But I'm afraid of the risk
And hate is not my favourite flavour

I saw you then
I saw you now
You haven't changed
You still make me go, ''wow!''

A fashionista
You always dress to kill
You nearly gave me a heart attack
I had to take the love pill


I used to know you
Probably not now
You must've changed
I wish I could know how

I miss you
I miss your handles
It could've been love
But I made it friendship

That's ok
I know someone once loved me
I know I once loved someone
I know we were once happy

Then came the fork

The Immigrant

''I'm coming
Coming soon to a theatre near you
I'll change your rules
And make you mine

It's not war
It's not poverty
I just love to mess with you''

I am coming
I'm coming to prove you wrong
We're not terrorists after all

See You On the Other Side

This is end
I'm afraid to say
There will be more
Just click the link

(My Poetry Corner II)