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Overview of Amos-Nuraka (WIP?)

Federal Republic of Amos-Nuraka

Flag of Amos-Nuraka


Capital: Amneros
Largest City: Amneros
Population: 73 million

Motto: Audire ad Astra
Anthem: Currently Under Discussion

Demonym: Amos-Nurakan
Exonym: Amos-Nuraka
Endonym: A'amos Nuraca (archaic)
Note: The endonym is very old
and many don't use it anymore as the exonym
has become more common.

Languages: Enti (Majority)
Writing System: Demason, Virtix
Ethnic Groups: Amos-Nurakan (Majority)
Nuk Nomads (Minority)
Kandossi (Minority)

Religions: Atheism (Majority),
Qasim (Minority) Amdis (Minority)

Dating: BGT (Before General Time)
GT (General Time)
National Kardashev Scale: 0.88
HDI: 0.98

Quick Read

Amos-Nuraka is a decently sized technologically progressive nation, located on the continent of Arexus, bordering Ashur to the west, N'Sinton to the south, Malisea to the east, and Nemki to the southeast. It has a population of 73 million which is located densely within the Amneros Peninsula, and the coasts east and west of it. Amos-Nuraka currently runs a space program, and is one of the major interplanetary powers in the solar system. It has 12 operational space stations, and 2 colonies. According to this index, Amos-Nuraka is a 7, 0, 6 nation with Post-Modern Tech. Amos-Nuraka doesn't have a primate city, with the capital, Amneros, only having 3 million more people than the second-largest city. It also has 10 major cities, and 12 provinces. Amos-Nuraka is also a federal republic, having been the result of the union with Kandoss and Tendin-Alambazz.

Geography and Demographics

Amos-Nuraka has a mostly mediterranean/tropical climate in the heavily populated regions, with a desert climate in the south. It is divided into 3 Geographical subregions, those being the Amneros Peninsula, the Coasts, and the Greater Enke Region. As for demographics, Amos-Nuraka is a psuedo-ethnostate, with various subgroups of the main ethnicities being most prominent. The various separate ethnic groups, however, are spread far and wide. The Nuk Nomads mainly live in the highlands around the Trans-Alambazz Mountains while the Kandossi live in isolated cities in caverns around the tall Kandoss cliffsides. A few sub-groups of Amos-Nurakans exist with mainly small skin tone and facial differences. The Amneros Amon-Nurakan's have a taller average height and are lighter, while Coast and Enke Amos-Nurakans are more dark-skinned and shorter.


The first human migrations into Arexus began around 100,000 years with some of the first humans arriving from Diresun. The first major settlements in Arexus appeared around 5,000 years ago, and the first major city-states in Amos-Nuraka existed around 3,000 years ago. This city-state period of limited political power stayed until around 2486 BGT, when the first major empire, the Nabiin began on the Miran beaches. Another period of small empires rising and falling existed until ~2000 BGT. After this, a series of larger leagues of city-states started asserting influence over the region until one rose above the others in 900 BGT. This was the First Amosite Empire, the latest addition to a large number of early mega-empires around that period.

After the rise, fall, and collapse of the First Amosite Empire, there was another city-state period where the remnants of the empire would fight it out. This lasted until the year 0. The Enti Nurak, an early medieval theocratic state, rose up in the region, taking control of all of modern-day Amos-Nuraka and parts of Ashur and Malisea. The Enti Nurak lasted from 0 to 189, being relatively short-lived compared to some of the other major empires. After 189 GT, the Nurakan state rose up and reached its peak around 380, becoming a regional power. After 380 the Second Amosite Empire rose up until it's demise in 564 GT. The Ont Dynasty of the 2nd Amosite Empire would continue to live on in Sartorus for the next 500 years as a city-state. After a short period of colonization by the Anipali's, Amos Nuraka became independent again in 1064. After this the Ont Dynasty regained control, foolishly throwing Amos-Nuraka back into a dark age. However, around the empire's FINAL demise in 1663, Amos-Nuraka went on to come up with some of the greatest minds of that time.

After the Spring of Knowledge, Amos-Nuraka began to industrialize in 1759. Having adopted a parliamentary monarchy, they went on to lead the world in technology, fully industrializing by the end of the 1700s. After the beginning of the First Cold War in 1844, Amos-Nuraka began to fully modernize and built a large amount of infrastructure, developing the largest HDI in the whole of Arexus. After the first flight in 1872, Amos_Nuraka began to develop a budding flight and transportation industry. By the early 1900's flight was common and the first actual planes had been invented. By 1950, the space industry had just been founded. The Republic of Amos-Nuraka united with Kandoss and Tendin-Alambazz in 1962. After the 1980's Amos-Nuraka began to lead the world in technological endeavors, with an extensive space complex, a large international presence on Eresia, and some of the most progressive policies on Arexus.


Amos-Nuraka is secular, however the majority religion is Qasim. Qasim is one of the only axial age polytheistic religions, with it having one of the oldest and continually evolving pantheons to date. Qasim has 3 main gods, Qas'uq, Temit, and Snak'geshem. These 3 gods each have many aspects, with a few of the more important ones being Pax of Qas'uq, representing Peace and Order, Ena'ane'keke of Temit, the World Eater (yes, they have that), and Knuron of Snak'geshem, representing the Dimension. There are also a few minor deities too, like Atalgo, famous for slaying Pelharos, and Arrithi, a sentient void cloud forced into a mortal body.


The Amos-Nurakan military is a decent size, with around 3,500,000 people involved directly and around 5 million eligible individuals to join. The military is also composed with about 30,000 robot soldiers connected to a hive mind directed by a set of individuals, a few remaining nuclear weapons in case of emergencies, a secret sphere of unknown origin found in the Oort Cloud, and an experimental antimatter weapon. There is also plans for vacuum decay weapons, but those have been deemed to dangerous for further research. There are a few space weapons for limited orbital bombardment if a large threat occurs.


Amos-Nurakan infrastructure is mostly high-tech, with many areas of the nation being interconnected. Amos-Nuraka is part of the ATRA (Arexus Transport and Rail Association), which is a continental association created in order to build a large maglev train all the way from the Accan Canal in Orosia all the way south, following the Trans-Alambazz Mountains and through the Enke Desert, all the way to Malisea Cape. In the Amos-Nurakan heartland, however, there is a more advanced public transport system of pneumatic tubes, heavy-levs (super strong magnets with balanced buses floating far above them) and some old streets.


Amos-Nuraka's energy supply mainly comes from the Ahmsi Array, a large group of solar panels in orbit around the Sun, However, as this doesn't provide enough, and if connections were to be severed between the array and Amus-Nuraka proper, it employs several fusion and fission reactors, having done away with fossil fuels shortly after their invention. Due to the more developing nations like *cough* Onviya *cough* Amos-Nuraka also employs carbon capture mechanisms to capture fossil fuel emissions. It then sends these emissions into the Sun for further recycling.