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The United States of Amaurita is a vast, interstellar republic spanning a brilliant collection of eighteen star systems diluted across the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. A shining beacon of democratic values, the United States is a federal republic comprised of one hundred States, in addition to a multitude of territories and a Federal District. A land of great mountains, virgin forests, deep oceans, endless prairies, and urban empires, Amaurita is as diverse and breathtaking at is it vast and seemingly endless. The Union was forged in seventeen sixty seven (1767) after it cast off the shackles of colonization from the Eileanic Empire. Embracing the challenges presented by independence and national self sufficiency, the Union persevered, taming the frontiers of its earthly cradle all while developing the contemporary republican system of government so iconic in the Union's political history. Through expansion, industrialization, and a Civil War, the United States has long matured in its subsequent independence. Testing the integrity of liberty and democracy, the global wars that pitted the free world against an Axis of darkness subsequently cemented the United States of Amaurita as one of the world’s great powers, alongside the Eileanic Empire and the Soviet Union.

Over a thousand years ago, the course of humanity’s fate was forever altered when they arrived. From the endless void of space, a zealous and parasitic alien coalition arrived on Earth, seemingly bent on Humanity’s destruction. As the invaders threatened to bring Humanity to its grave, the Democracies and Communist Regimes alike reforged their burgeoning arsenals, in an apocalyptic struggle for Humanity’s Survival. Yet despite the seemingly futile and final defense of their Earthly cradle, Humanity persevered. The raw power and strength of the Atomic Bomb drove the invaders off Earth, after many years of Humanity fighting akin to the Roman Gladiators of Antiquity. Despite its victory, the invaders had permanently damaged Earth, ensuring that Humanity was now on borrowed time. Humanity launched itself into the Cosmos with a near reckless abandon, as the Great Powers invested endless resources into impressive feats of engineering in the race for the Stars. As Humanity’s technology advanced and matured, rapid transit to nearby Star Systems allowed billions to embrace the future in the Cosmos. As Humanity evolved into a space-faring civilization, they left behind an irradiated wasteland they formerly called home, as a final signal of defiance to their would-be conquerors.

The year is thirty fifty four (3054). It has been a thousand years since the Alien Invaders had been repelled from Earth, and it is a time of breathtaking discovery, abundant opportunity, and immeasurable danger. From Columbia to Moscow, politicians and generals lead Humanity to a new dawn. After the invention of faster than light travel in 2196, Humanity has expanded from occupying a few nearby local star systems to colonizing nearly the whole of the Orion Arm. Across a thousand new worlds, fledging settlements grew into vast cities, and colonies turned into nations. Yet, as human civilization expanded into space, it brough with it the old prejudices of its cradle. Across the expanses of the Orion Arm, interstellar superpowers have risen and now grapple for control of humanity’s destiny. This massive diaspora is riven by ideological conflict and base hatred, greed, and lust for power vying with high-flung ideals and utopian dreams of a united future. Amidst this Cold War, the sinews of conflicts are being flexed, and mighty armies and fleets prepare to ply their trade. Now, there no longer seems to be a question of if an epic clash between Liberal Democracy and the evils of Soviet Communism will occur, but rather when.

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