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The Factbook for Altaira Prime, and The Empire of Altaira


Motto: Imperium creatus ut deo serviat eumque defendat.

--- The Galaxy Capital ---

Population: 493,102,299,384,546,026,734
Density: 211.87/mile²

Capital Galaxy: Altaira
Capital Planet: Altaira Prime
Capital City: Northpoint

Official Language: Altaira Proper

National Language: Altaira Standard

Demonym: Altairans

- Archon: Artem Drake
- Chancellor: John Valourn
- Deputy Chancellor: Jordyn Voine
- Assembly Chairman: Alise Nillik
- Chief Justice: Xandri Vassen

- Upper Chamber: Imperial Advisory Council
- Lower Chamber: Imperial Assembly

Establishment from: The Empire of Aurora
Independence Declared: 08,75,1607 [Winter Solstice]
Independence Won: 10,100,1608 [New Years Eve]

Planets: 6,250,488,547,149<
Systems: 1,129,453,134,688<
Galaxies: 106,381
Dwarf Galaxies: 11,408

Highest Point: Mt Aion, 78122ft
Lowest Point: Laurel Falls Gorge, -23487ft

GDP (nominal)(RP): ₳482,418.144 Octillion (Est.)
GDP (nominal)(RP) per capita: ₳344,974.93 (Est.)

Prima Development Index(RP):

Currency: Imperial Credit, ₳

Time Zone:
UST, Urban Standard Time
TY, Terran Year.

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +000-1

Country Internet TLD: .EOA

The Empire of Altaira

The Empire of Altaira, formerly the Grand Imperium, is commonly referred to as Altaira, it's capital galaxy. Altaira is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy. It is bordered on the north by The Consortium, The Union to the south, the east by Aurellia, and to the west by Valcor. Altaira encompasses 106,381 galaxies and has has an estimated population of 493.102 Quintillion. All galaxies, excluding the capital galaxy Altaira, are split into [administrative] districts in the order that follows: 4 Quadrants, 5 Regions, 10 Sectors, Systems, Planets & Moons.

The Empire of Altaira is a hyper developed intergalactic, and multi-universal empire, with a high national GDP of ₳482,418.144 Octillion. The per capita GDP of ₳344,974.93 is the highest in the Prima Universe. The economy is fueled by Technology sales, of which are in extremely high demand internally and externally. Altairi technology is in such high demand that the government's love of mass regulation has failed to make even the slightest dent in corporate profits. The empire ranks highly in Civil Rights, and Political Freedom, but operates a rather moderate economy. The Empire of Altaira is recognized as the universal hyperpower, and is a participating yet observant member of several organizations, chief among them being the Universal Union, and Terra's World Assembly[UN].


The Silver Gayle is an immortal species of tree native to the Imperial Aion Forest, and very common throughout Darakova, The new Archon's homeworld. It was first described by Elizia Morrans in 1456. The Silver Gyle is the official tree of the Empire of Altaira. It is also the national joke plant, being described as "The only thing the [False]Archon can relate to," seeing as both are forever living. This joke ended when Mr. Drake was killed in a vehicle explosion in Odin's Port on Terra. The bomber was killed soon afterwards, and Mr. Drake returned after Mr. Gray's "intervention."

The standard way to refer to a citizen of the Empire of Altaira is as an "Altairan."


(Beginning with Helmfirthe) On the very day Helmfirthe gained her independence, the installed Archon began the long path of following the long before, laid out plan. Over the centuries many observers witnessed what capitalism had done to the nations of the southern world, but many ignored the warnings and only a tiny few learned from the dark horrors that were inequality, war, instability, poverty, and far worse that had taken such a horrific toll upon the southern peoples. The Archon knew full well the corrupting influence of capitalism would eventually spread to the northern nations. So, the Archon's "public face" was ordered to follow the plan as laid out with haste and in perfect and appropriate order. The first and foremost step was in regards to science, Helmfirthe was to quash any advanced research industry under enemy control, allowing for an ever widening tech gap between Helmfirthe and the other nations. With time, when the gap had reached a point point of satisfaction, Helmfirthe would this superiority to flatten the capitalists with unparalleled technological capabilities. There were, however, several deeply annoying setbacks, resulting in a humiliatingly painful, and prolonged first step that drew out to nearly twenty-eight thousand years. It was only at the end of the twenty-nine thousand and ninety-eight year that Helmfirthe had finally acquired a satisfactory tech-gap. The extended time frame did, however, work to Helmfirthe's benefit, as the extra time was spent ingratiating itself alongside it's unsuspecting allied nations of the north who provided aid during what would prove to be a hilariously brief "war." On new years eve of the twenty-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-eighth year, step two was finally complete, Helmfirthe was in full control of Mourenna, and was able to immediately began rebuilding and expanding urban areas, and cites across the planet into what would long from then become the Ecumenopolis of Northpoint, until its step-by-step destruction and replication on a new and larger world nearly four million years later. Immediately upon reaching the aforementioned world, named Dortone, any information, references, star-charts, as well as any evidence of Mourenna's existence was destroyed. Dortone would be renamed Altaira Prime about four hundred thousand years after the completion of the Ecumenopolis. Skipping ahead nearly 403 trillion years, the Grand Imperium of Galaxies has reached it's seemingly permanent zenith after recently closing the civil war that saw the loss of nearly sixty percent of her galaxies and lost most of the planets of the remaining galaxies during the secessionist movement nearly 100,000 years ago that saw the birth of the capitalist empire, The Consortium. A new civil war is, however, underway, and the Ecumenopolis of Northpoint has already been destroyed in a horrific accident after coordinates were improperly inputted causing the now former Archon's Eclipse star-carrier to smash through the planet breaking it into shards. Thankfully the planet's was quietly evacuated weeks before the incident in preparation of a planned Consortium attack following a new declaration of war. The fragments of the planet have been gathered and the process of planetary reconstruction is currently underway, and the aforementioned Eclipse Star-Carrier is currently operating alongside an Imperial defense fleet guarding the construction site and the solar system. As of TY 2015, Alexander Gray has relinquished the throne to former Mouthpiece Artem Drake and has taken powers regarding Constitutional matters into the new position of Constitutional Adviser. As of TY 2018, Mr. Gray has left government service entirely with constitutional powers being re-invested in a new Constitutional Council comprised of those most trusted by the outgoing Adviser, and appointed for a never-ending term. All other non-constitution related powers taken to the new position have been transferred back to the Throne. The Grand Imperium of Galaxies was as of TY 11-19-2018, officially renamed The Empire of Altaira to appropriately reflect the size and power that the nation has acquired during the Gray Era.


Imperial Worlds under the Imperium are well known for their diverse geographies, the most well known being Laurellia, dotted with scenic and ancient forests, as well as its numerous waterfalls, and breathtaking mountain peaks.

Imperial Worlds are, however, not well known for their climates, this is due to the fact that the Altairi home world had thirty thousand year cycles with fourteen thousand years of rotating summer and winter with nearly a thousand years to enjoy things like spring and Autumn, which has been replicated on all Imperial worlds inhabited by the Altairi. As a result, most Imperial worlds are on the colder side these days.

Imperial Worlds are well known for their diverse environments even though many worlds are on the colder side due to the Altairi's affinity for celestial engineering.


The Empire of Altaira has an estimated population of 493.102 quintillion, ranking 1st in the Prima Universe. The Imperial census is taken yearly, with the first taking place in 1103. While the Imperial birthrate is considerably low in recent millennia at 103 per 1000, the population growth rate is considerably high at 27.4%, which is primarily the result of military purposed cloning, and immigration. The largest ancestry groups include those whose ancestors are from the Mourenn'an nations of Helmfirth, Aurora, and Corella. The empire is a majority-minority empire, 49.2% have the Dark appearance, 50.8% have the Light appearance. The new Archon, whom has icy white skin and wings, but black veins and eyes, gets his own category.

Altaira Proper is spoken by only a few thousand, including the Archon due to the fact that they are the oldest and are the only ones left in Altaira who were born on Maurenna before the Expansionary Era. Altaira Standard is spoken by the rest of the Grand Imperium. The only differences between the Altaira Proper and Standard are different sounding dialect and the age/homeworld of its speakers, with the Proper dialect being only spoken be the few thousand remaining people born on Mourenna, and Standard being the dialect of the rest of the empire.

The majority of the Empire of Altaira's population identifies as Nonreligious, while 0.000043% identify with a human based religion, predominately Christian and Paganism. The Section of Rights within the excruciatingly, yet necessarily, lengthy constitution guarantees religious freedom, so long as it does not interfere with the rights of individuals. The Section of Rights also declares it unconstitutional for the Imperial Assembly to create laws favoring any religion, let alone one religion over another. In addition, the Section of Rights also declares any and all forms of discrimination illegal in ALL circumstances and that it supersedes any and all other items of the section.

According to a survey in the current year, IY ∞ & 47, 0.000018% said religion played a "very important role in their lives." Followers of the Terran religions are the most devout groups in the empire, whilst the rest of the empire has never stepped foot near or inside a church, and thus the empire effectively has a church attendance rate of 0. Numbers of religious persons have, according to government surveys, been in continuous decline with religious parents finding that more and more of their children are choosing to be irreligious.

The Largest Cities



Planetary Population





Altaira Prime






Laurel Valley








Laurel Falls




The Empire of Altaira is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy, in which the majority rule is weak to ensure equal rights for all. The Imperial Constitution is the supreme governing law of all Imperial space, and it has a system of checks and balances. The citizens of the empire are subject to 7 levels of government.

Planetary/Lunar Government: They are responsible for administering localized emergency services, as well as other local-scale public works.

System Government: They are responsible for administering other public services as well as projects within its jurisdiction.

Sector Government: They are responsible for the administering of Education and for the maintenance of their sectors orbital facilities.

Regional Government: They are responsible for the interplanetary trade, services, and infrastructure of their region.

Quadrant Government: They are responsible for the settling of disputes, and maintaining order among the planets, systems, sectors, and regions under its jurisdiction.

Galactic Government: They are responsible for the collecting of galactic-wide taxes, as well as the implementation of galactic-wide policy and regulation in line with the Imperial constitution and the Imperial Central Government.

Imperial Government: The Imperial Central Government is responsible for anything and everything listed above, with the addition of the Empire's defense, the setting of its foreign policy, the protection of the people's rights, as well as the regulation of all commerce within Imperial Space. The Imperial Government is composed of the four traditional branches:

Branches of Government

Executive: Headed by the Chancellor, whom has the power to veto legislation, appoint cabinet members, submit candidates for the High Court, and is the seven-star Deputy-Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces.

Legislative: Made up of the Lower Chamber that the power to write and pass Imperial law, declare war and peace, control the executive spending, and approve non-defense related treaties, and the Upper Chamber which advises the Archon on how to go about using imperial powers.

Judicial: Comprised of the High Court, and all other lower courts. The High Court has the power of judicial review, and is the second highest legal authority in regards to interpretation of the constitution, and third legal authority to the constitution.

Imperial Family: Comprised of the Archon, and the Imperial Family. The Archon has the power to submit laws, sit in on and observe court cases, legislative sessions, as well as cabinet meetings. He is also Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces, the only Eight star military rank ever created. He may also recommend candidates for the High Court to the Chancellor. As the author of the constitution, the Archon has the highest legal authority in regards to its interpretation, as well the second highest legal authority to the constitution. The Archon's input is required on all matters regarding Defense, and Internal Security. Input on all constitutional matters, however, require his input, AND approval.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Empire of Altaira takes an active, albeit diplomatic role on the Universal stage. it is a member of the World Assembly[UN], as well as the Universal Union. The empire has, however, per its constitution, remained neutral in all external armed conflicts. This neutrality has only been reinforced following the end of civil war after the Consortium's split from the former Grand Imperium of Galaxies. The Deputy Minister for Universal Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Relations serves as the ambassador to the UU, and the staffers at the Department of Universal Relations serving what was once trillions, yet now thousands of consolidated and merged empires of Prima.

Total military spending approved for the current fiscal year was ₳1.15 septillion, a measly portion of the ₳102.9 septillion credit Executive budget. The Chancellor, as stated above, serves as second in command of the Imperial Armed Forces, which is housed within the Ministry of Defense and Internal Security. The military is divided into the five branches: The Imperial Guard, The Imperial Ground Force Corp, The Centralized Imperial Atmospheric Fleet housed under albeit separate from the The Imperial Space Fleet, and the Imperial Shock Force. All of these branches serve professionally, and have no other occupation. The military is, with the sole exception of the Imperial Central Command, wholly made up of clones produced at the Mauradezia Mass Cloning Facility which is, alongside the Corvelle Orbital Drive Yards, currently undergoing a massive expansion and modernization project. As per imperial law, mandatory conscription for non-clones is illegal, and any civilian service must be entirely voluntary. Any civilian volunteers are, as per military regulations, relegated to military support roles for their safety.


Economic Indicators

Currency: Imperial Credit (IC)
Fiscal Year: January 1 - October 100

GDP (nominal): ₳482,418.144 Octillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: ₳344,974.93
Labor Force: 402,082,244,119,817,086,754
Unemployment: Null

The Empire of Altaira operates under a mixed economy. The nominal GDP is ₳482,418.144 Octillion. The private sector is according to recent estimates gathered by the Imperial Union Bank, believed to constitute nearly 53.1% of the economy, with the government's control of the essential industries, and other economic activities accounting for the remainder of the economic activity. Unemployment is null due to extensive protective regulations, over-bearing power of the labor unions, the gargantuan public safety nets, and the government's constantly active participation as the employer of last resort, as well as its flagship anti-poverty program, UMI otherwise known as Universal Minimum Income.

The Empire of Altaira is one of the universe's largest importer of goods, yet still operates a pittance of a trade surplus of ₳43.7 trillion. Valcor, and The Consortium(albeit resentfully), are two of the GI's biggest trading partners.

The Science & Technology sector is the empire's largest industry, followed closely the Terran Entertainment Services, with Retail, and Farming industries in the follow-up. Mining, Logging, & IT are also important drivers of the economy, although the collection/extraction of materials has not actually occurred on imperial worlds for billions of years. All resource
extraction actually takes place in highly specialized universes created specifically for extraction via planned design of sterilization of life in these mining-verses to prevent the arising of any ethical problems/situations.


The Empire of Altaira is home to numerous cultures, a result of the extremely lax immigration policies pursued by the government. The empire's culture is very laid back, derived from the progressive attitude of Helmfirthe. Like other like-minded empires, Altaira is a melting pot for the mixing of numerous cultures.

Altairans have been described as very individualistic, and noncompetitive, yet hardworking, even more so than the secessionists in the Consortium. This has resulted in great productivity and somehow a more progressive and environmentally conscious people, and as a result, a progressive, environmentally conscious government. This has made imperial worlds very popular destinations for tourists, and those looking to immigrate. Altairans are firm believers in equality, believing that no one is deserving of more rights than anybody else.


Mainstream Altairan cuisine is analogous to an American spin on Asian, primarily Chinese cuisine. Altaira is also famous for it's Aurora cuisine which is analogous to the Americanized food of Mexico. The Gilde pepper, nearly four thousand times hotter than a ghost pepper, is, albeit surprisingly, the empire's single largest agricultural export. The most popular foods of Imperial cuisine features dishes ,In their "analogous" names, General Tso's chicken, fried rice & veggies, egg rolls, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos. However, due to the Altairi Species lacking the required stomach bacterium for the consumption of red meats, it is substituted with an appropriate seafood counterpart designed on an atomic scale to taste no different. There is also an eons long [1 eon = a trillion years]standing ban on trans fats and any/all non-antiviral chemicals in foods that has thankfully negated the health affects that are usually associated with eating what are usually highly unhealthy foods.


The imperial market for professional sport is nearly ₳972.84 billion. While the most popular spectator sport is basically European Soccer, the true imperial sport is Track & Field. Imperial Athletes have set numerous records and have won 9,293 medals in athletics alone. In addition, Last years Universal Games were, as the previous games, held at Northpoint. Northpoint was expected to host the next games in three years, marking the third games hosted in a row, but this has been thrown into questioning considering the planet is currently undergoing total reconstruction.


Personal transportation is dominated by vehicles powered with Thrydonium-3, which operates on extensive global ground and airborne traffic networks. The Empire of Altaira has one of the largest Auto industries among the empires.

Public transport networks are even far more extensive than road networks. Many people use light-speed maglev trains when traveling across planets, or instead opt for a stateroom aboard a star carrier when traveling between worlds or galaxies.


The Empire of Altaira uses an eye gougingly gargantuan amount of energy per capita. About 99.89% of the empire's electricity comes from Thrydonum-2, all of it being made in labs owned by the Imperial Group, of whose founder, synthesized it from a sample of blood called the "Starry Void" given to him by the last two remaining members of the primordial "Prymordeaus Council." The remaining minuscule amount of electricity is produced by other renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydro, tidal, and geothermal. Most of the nation's transport sector uses Thrydonum as well, although luxury star carriers used Thrydonum-3 for inter-planetary travel, and Thrydonum-4 when travelling between galaxies. The use of Thrydonum-1 was banned much earlier due to its extreme volatility when travelling on interplanetary scale due to it being the more purest of the sub types and its dangerous similarity to the Starry Void. Recently all non-Thrydonum-17 variants have been banned; this is due to the explosion that destroyed Northpoint being massively amplified due to the large amount of fuel stored at the global fuel reserve facility below the central docking yard west of the State Complex which houses the Palatial Tower in addition to the offices of the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary branches.