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Political factions

These factions are Basically Alpes political parties

This faction believes that Alpes is and will always be the greatest empire on earth and will stay that way. They are a right-wing faction believing in expansionist policies and the superiority of Caucasian Alpeians. They want to make sure that the empire is never in decline and is prospering. The faction is currently lead by first lord Blanford d'Adremen

These are groups of people that support the crown an absolute monarchy. This faction is mostly people who support the current emperor and his policies and it fluctuates with the emperor and his policies in size. They are the largest faction in Alpes and are trying to make sure that the monarchy stays in the position it's been for thousands of years. It is currently lead by Prince Louis Randolf

This faction is similar to the monarchists in that they support the monarchy but believe that there should be checks on It power. They believe that the current constitution doesn't do enough to limit the power of the monarch but they also believe that he should have some power in government. They also believe that the parliament should be reformed into a more democratic one. They are currently lead by Prince Henri Julius

They believe that the monarch should be a ceremonial figurehead with only a few powers. They also want to reform the government into a constitutional monarchy with a democratic parliament with two separate houses of Parliament one smaller one for nobles and one for commoners. They also want to mostly abolish the estate's system. They are lead by first lady Celestine de Partinez

The Jacobins want an end to the monarchy and a federal republic. The see the monarchy as the useless and ancient tradition of the past. They want to abolish the monarchy and the estates, reform the parliament as a congress and senate, give more power to the tribunal, and spread their ideology across the world. Their leader is currently unknown as it is illegal to be a member of this faction.

Socialist Workers Commune
This faction is the only socialist faction in the entire empire and is considered illegal. This faction wants the workers to run society and to abolish the monarchy. The see the monarchy as a great oppressor and they want to abolish the monarchy estates, redistribute wealth, create working man councils, and create a socialist society in Alpes. Their leader is Polish man r Jaroslav Jaroslava Dombrowski.

This faction is the one that supports a military society. They think that the influence the military has on society should be increased and that military officials should have the same powers as government ones. They think that the monarchy and can work together with each other to achieve these goals, but know it's unlikely. They are lead by Marshal de Ceres