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[IC/WIP] Allinburg - Overview

OOC - This document is a work-in-progress and is currently not finished.

This document is currently being retconned and edited in accordance with the RIB Retconning Act 2021.

Alie (Allinburg) - 16 September 2021 16:00 UTC


Allinburg (LinkIPA pronunciation: /alɪnbɜːg/), officially the Allinean Confederation, is a sovereign country situated off the north-western coast of Europe and the British Isles. It is the second-most populous country in Europe, with a population of 253 million within its eight constituent states and two overseas territories (South Galiscay Islands and the Grayson Isles), and the second-largest country by land area, covering 1,005,412 square kilometres (388,191 sq mi). The nation's capital is Barston, with a population of 8 million, and its largest city and financial centre is Thardling, with a population of 13 million.

Allinean Confederation

full resolution (svg/Linkpng)

Coat of arms
Linkfull resolution

Motto: "Liberty, civility, unity"

Anthem: "Our Motherland"


Largest city

Official language
and national language

Nationality (2021)
94.0% Allineans[𝖺]
6.0% Others[𝖻]

Religion (2021)
53.3% Christianity
34.8% No religion
10.1% Islam
1.8% Other

Allinean, Allinburgian (rarely)

Martha Morrow
  Prime Minister
Josh Morrison
  Deputy Prime Minister
Hanna Kazama

  Upper house
  Lower house
House of Commons

22 March 1768
  Republic established
19 August 1876
  Current constitution
31 July 1952

1,005,412 km2 (138,318 sq mi)
  Water (%)
4.34 (2022)

  2021 census
1694.4/km2 (654.2/sq mi)

  Highest point
Sigrid (3,935 km)
  Lowest point
Larkinge, Cairston (−3.46 m)

LinkGDP (nominal)
2022 estimate
$6.032 trillion
  Per capita

  UN (2019)
very high 4th
  NS World Census[𝖽] (8 April 2022)
top 1% ≈1,500th

Allinean mark (𝒎) (ABM)

Time zone
UTC (Allinean Standard Time)
Previous time zones until 2021
UTC-1 (Allinean Standard Time)
  Summer (LinkDST)
UTC (Allinean Daylight Time)

Date format
  yyyy-mm-dd (CE/AD)

230 V50 Hz


Calling code



Various groups Newdee, Celtic, Roman and Alline have inhabited Allinburg since the LinkBronze Age and through Linkclassical antiquity, the tribal Allines eventually consolidating into three main kingdoms by the 1st century; interaction with traders and settlers, predominantly from northern and western Europe, brought some influences into Allinburg. During the later stages of the 16th century to the early 17th century, the states fought in many brief conflicts, culminating in the Great Allinean War from 1603 to 1609. Following the conclusion of the war, the sixteen kingdoms and states of Allinburg formed a loose confederation in 1615, which collapsed in 1654 during the Confederation Wars, fought between monarchists, republicans and other factions, with the parliamentary-monarchist Purples emerging victorious. The remaining states formed a second confederation in 1675, and in 1768, Allinburg became a nation-state when the ten states in the confederation unified with each state's rulers periodically reigning as emperor of Allinburg and established colonies, becoming among the more prosperous empires of the 19th and 20th centuries, and with the mainland's strategic location, becoming a vital link for trade and commerce in the Atlantic region. After the Republican Revolution of 1875, the monarchy was abolished in favour of a republic, which oversaw Allinburg's industrial revolution and widespread societal reforms. With the exception of the LinkFirst and LinkSecond World Wars, including Linkthe interwar period and the LinkGreat Depression, Allinburg continued steady growth and gradual economic liberalisation under several mostly Conservative governments.

Allinburg is considered to be a highly-developed country with a large, strong economy. It has the largest economy in Europe, and offers welfare provisions including social security and universal healthcare and education. Its economic system is based on capitalism, with fair regulation, and is mostly dominated by the information technology and chemistry sectors. Allinburg is a member of the LinkUnited Nations, the World Assembly, the LinkEuropean Economic Area, LinkEuropean Free Trade Association, the LinkCouncil of Europe, the LinkSchengen Area, LinkNATO, the LinkOECD, The Free Nations Region, and from 2015 to 2017, Technologica. It maintains close ties with the LinkEuropean Union and the LinkUnited States.

The term Allinburg is a portmanteau of the Alline group of peoples, and the Germanic term burg meaning fortification. The origins of the term are currently being debated, with the most accepted theory being that its older terms, Allinea and less commonly Allinenia, were influenced and combined by foreigners with the Webans mountain range along the western border, or the fortified walls of the more influential Allinean kingdoms; there is also consensus among historians that the usage of Allinburg to denote its current territory became common around the 17th century. The alternative form Allinburgian from the 19th century is in dwindling use, and was most notably utilised in government correspondence (eg. Allinburgian Government) until 1995.

Work in progress

The Allinean sub-continent was settled as early as the LinkPaleolithic, with the earliest humans having arrived from the British Isles via the Dieterland land bridge around 500,000 years ago.

During the Bronze Age Allinburg was dominated by the Newdee culture of farmers and metal-workers. Those were gradually displaced by the Celtic people from around 700500 BCE, in turn partially displaced by the Romans. By the 1st century CE, much of Allinburg was under the influence of the Neo-Roman Allineans, which broke away from a retreating Roman Empire in Britain around 400 CE, and eventually gave way to the sea-faring, Germanic-speaking Allines in 600 CE themselves descended or split from other Germanic groups including the Angles and Saxons.

After the collapse of the Neo-Romans in 700 CE to the Allineans, the latter expanded throughout the island, mixing with the exisitng population of Neo-Romans, Celts and other groups. Successive mergers of several kingdoms led to the formation of the Three Original Kingdoms: Frisland, Auriforte (now Aurifort) and Wemberg in 768 CE. By then, LinkChristianity was indoctrinated by the kingdoms under influence of Celtic Christian theology and the knowledge of ancient Greece and Rome and became the primary religion. Under the rule of the kingdoms, the arts of Linkillumination, sculpting and metalworking were mastered and some examples, including the Gospel manuscripts of Wemberg, the Cross by the Sea in Aurifort and the well-adorned jewellery of Frisland's long-standing jewellery business survive to this day.

Relations between the three kingdoms were volatile and frequently led to raids and battles, the unstable situation being worsened by the arrival of the Vikings in the 9th century CE, where they engaged in ransacking towns and monasteries, especially in the north. In 1080, the three kingdoms agreed on an end to hostilities and began a nationwide policy of neutrality, supporting both the Holy Roman Empire and the other kingdoms in north-western Europe, and focused on commercial affairs.

From 1265 to 1586, the Allinean Merchant's Union, the joint trade confederation of Allinburg, allied with the LinkHanseatic League to create a sprawling Northern European trade network, stretching from Frisland in the west to Russia in the east, although its state of neutrality prevented Allinburg from providing military assistance beyond token amounts of money and foodstuffs, except when covertly supplying some reserve troops at various times.

The population of Allinburg was severely hit by the 1315 LinkGreat Famine and the 1350 LinkBlack Death. Norman migration from the British Isles increased around that time, and seeing an opportunity to easily acclimatise the migrants, the three kingdoms adopted English as the official language and spread its use throughout Allinburg.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Allinburg is a federal, parliamentary, representative, democratic republic. The current political system of Allinburg is based on the 1952 Constitution.

The head of state is the President, currently Martha Morrow, who is elected by the federal legislature through a secret election. The President is invested primarily in representative responsibilities and powers.

The head of government is the Prime Minister, currently Josh Morrison of the Labour Party, elected by popular vote and tasked with forming and maintaining a government with a Cabinet and executive powers.

The government can be removed from office by either a presidential decree or by vote of no confidence in Parliament.

Parliament is the national legislative body of Allinburg consisting of a sole chamber, the House of Commons. It is de jure bicameral, with provisions in the Constitution for an upper house called the Senate, currently not implemented, and the lower house being named the Commons. Legislative power is vested in Parliament. The House of Commons is elected through direct elections using the Linkmixed-member proportional representation system.

Since the establishment of a republic in 1876, the party system has been dominated by two or three parties, and until 2022 the two primary parties were the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. Most recently, the moderate wing of the Conservatives seceded to form the National Party, which became and remains the main opposition party in Parliament as of July 2022. Other, smaller parties, the largest of which are the Allinean Liberal Democratic Party and Greens of Allinburg, have at various times and forms been partners in coalition governments. More recent parties with parliamentary representation and of notability include Allinean Left, formed in 1999 from the merger of the Worker's Party of Allinburg and the Allinean Social Justice Movement, and the right-wing monarchist-populist Purple Alternatives, which first held seats in 2013.

Constituent states

As a federal state, Allinburg is divided into constituent states, known as federal states, that possess an autonomous government and separate laws. There are currently eight states in Allinburg, including the federal capital state of Barston, the sole city-state in Allinburg. As of 2021, Allinburg has 461 counties, consisting of 159 urban counties and 302 rural counties, both in a municipal level.



Area (km2)

Population (2021)

GDP (nominal, trillion USD, 2021)

GDP (per capita, USD, 2021)
























































Allinburg uses a civil law system. In general, judges do not make laws, but interpret it. The present civil code of Allinburg, promuglated in 1922, is inspired by the German civil code.

Most charges are tried before a mixed tribunal comprising of lay and professional judges. For petty cases, a single professional judge presides over the case, and for certain severe crimes especially political crime a group of professional judges handle the case.

The highest court in Allinburg is the High Court, which holds ultimate appellate jurisdiction over federal cases and state court cases that involve a point of federal law. For judicial review in both federal and local cases, ultimate jurisdiction is held by the Constitutional Court. The High Court consists of a body of eight judges and is headed by a President of the High Court, while the Constitutional Court is divided into two Senates with a body of eight judges headed by a President for each Senate.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

  1. ^ IPA pronunciation: /alɪniən/

  2. ^ Includes expatriates, migrants, refugees and other non-citizens.

  3. ^ The 1952 Constitution outlines the bicameral nature of Parliament and provides a framework for an upper house named the Senate, yet to be implemented as of 2022.

  4. ^ Allinburg does not recognise data from the NationStates World Census on grounds of inaccuracy and unreliability.

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Extended Overview of Allinburg [Web-safe]

The Federal Republic of

Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

"Peace and freedom"
-Josh Morrison

Authority over: Appearance, Border Control, Communications, Embassies and Polls
Regional Influence
Power (1500.00)
Chief Meritocrat

The Federal Republic of Allinburg is a massive, cultured nation of 2,465,542,045 democratic, humorless, devout Allinburgias, a number that fluctuates constantly. The form of government is known as an Inoffensive Centrist Democracy, which is defined by some as a 'generic' or 'classic' form of government in which there is a head of government and the citizens share some of the power in the ruling of the people. The government is medium-sized and corrupt. The incumbent President is Josh A. Morrison. The beloved national animal of Allinburg is the Kitler. Crime is totally unknown, and its national religion is Trendism. Allinburg is notable for its museums and concert halls, multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, and otherworldly petting zoo. Its citizens have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free and open elections, although not too often. Civil Rights in Allinburg is classified as Excellent, which means, the days of the jackbooted 'Thought Police' are gone in Allinburg and a large majority of the population rally, protest and march about such things as race, sex and religion in this nation of Very Good Civil Rights. Political Freedom in Allinburg is classified as Very Good , which means, the citizens of Allinburg regularly have marches and rallies both honoring and deriding political figures reveling in their Very Good level of Political Freedom.

The economy of Allinburg is classified as Frightening, which means, the Allinburgia Economy is one of the strongest, most volatile, frightening economic systems in The World. The economy is tied to the strength and value of the Sterlin, its national currency. Worth 551 trillion Sterlins a year, it is broadly diversified and dominated by the Information Technology industry, where much of the population is employed in some capacity or another, with significant contributions from Arms Manufacturing, Book Publishing, and Tourism. Black market activity is rampant. State-owned companies are reasonably common. Average income is an amazing 222,971 Sterlins, and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens.

The Federal Republic of Allinburg is a trade hub in which the most prominent citizens are corporations, and in which the most prominent citizens enjoy generous subsidies and tax breaks. The citizens of The Federal Republic of Allinburg generally tolerate the petty Administration officials who occasionally inject their presence into many citizens' and businesses' daily lives. The mostly-uniform citizens of The Federal Republic of Allinburg are treated fairly equally when it comes to most aspects of society such as laws, freedoms, rights, class, status and other common affairs due to a high level of spending on Social Equality. Allinburg is a strikingly beautiful nation of clear skies and pristine beaches which gives one an overwhelming sense of healthiness due to the fairly heavy governmental contributions to the Environment. The trade of goods, services, information, money, anything, in Allinburg is an all-consuming activity for most of the population due to the government's insistence on concentrating on Commerce. Education is often a topic of great budgetary debate and a fairly major concern of the government of Allinburg. In the high-tech capital of The Federal Republic of Allinburg, moving the public via moving sidewalks, transport tubes and untold means of winged, wheeled and hulled vehicles is an extremely high priority of this nation devoted to Public Transportation. The sacred and the sublime are often sought by the solemn and the secular in Allinburg thanks, in part, to the nation offering part of its budget to Spirituality. The HealthCare system in Allinburg is all-encompassing and permeates most facets of life incorporating everything from wellness to well-being, from exercise to employment, from scoop to nuts and most things in between. Not everyone in Allinburg is a police officer or a lawyer, but a lot of citizens are in this nation that has more than a passing interest in Law and Order.

The Federal Republic of Allinburg has provided zero budget resources to the following areas:

  • Welfare

  • Defense

    Within the region of Technologica, as well as in The World, The Federal Republic of Allinburg is considered a Power, as in one who carries considerable clout in both the region, as well as The World, when it comes to not only knowing people, but making things happen. (Ranked 5 out of 21 levels) Allinburg's region, Technologica, has a Power Ranking of Low, a rating just off the bottom, yet far from the top when it comes to political might or power. Almost 50% of the nations of The World fall into this category usually reserved for new regions, regions with few members and regions on a steep decline.

  • Report