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Galactic Republic of Alexzonya Starfleet - Organization - The Corps

The GRA Starfleet, in times past, operated as a monolithic organization. However, pressed by the demands of being the sole Alexzonyan military organization and the challenges of the NS-1 universe, the Starfleet in its refounding was divided into a number of specialist Corps, which have continued to grow in number as new challenges have emerged.

Starfleet Motto (Whole Organization): "Per Audacia Ad Astra" (Sol Latin: By Audacity to the Stars)
Starfleet Anthem (Whole Organization): Link"Starfleet"

Exploration and Patrol Corps
Domain: Exploration and High-Endurance Patrol Ships
Uniform Color: Navy Blue
Insignia Color: Polished Gold (Formal), Matte Gold (Informal)
Accessories: Red Beret
Corps Motto: "We Boldly Go"
Corps Anthem: Link"The Fearless Wanderer"

Fleet Action Corps
Domain: Primary Combat Line Ships
Uniform Color: Navy Blue
Insignia Color: Polished Silver (Formal), Matte Silver (Informal)
Accessories: Navy Service Cap
Corps Motto: "It's Our Attack" (from Corps Anthem)
Corps Anthem: Link"It's Our Attack"

Marine Corps
Domain: Surface and Boarding Operations
Uniform Color: Tan
Insignia Color: Matte Steel (All)
Accessories: Tan Service Cap, Brown Gun Belt
Corps Motto: "Any Time, Any Where"
Corps Anthem: Link"Pacific Soldiers"
Special Anthem: Link"Dragon Rider" (Atmospheric Aerospace units only)

System Defense Corps
Domain: Planetary Defense Fleets and Platforms
Uniform Color: Navy Blue
Insignia Color: Polished Silver (Formal), Matte Silver (Informal)
Accessories: Navy Service Cap
Corps Motto:
Corps Anthem:

Fleet Auxiliary Corps
Domain: Logistics Support, Field Engineering (Interstellar), and Material Transport
Uniform Color: Olive Drab
Insignia Color: White Glass (Formal), Matte Copper (Informal)
Accessories: White Sailor Cap
Corps Motto:
Corps Anthem: Link"To the Gate of Orion"

Clandestine Operations Corps
Domain: Clandestine Action and Intelligence Gathering
Uniform Color: Black
Insignia Color: Matte Steel (All)
Accessories: Black Military Beret
Corps Motto: "Si vis pacem, para bellum" (Sol Latin: If you wish for peace, prepare for war)
Corps Anthem: (Silence is used in place of an anthem, when one would otherwise be played)

Civil Defense Interstellar Corps
Domain: Interstellar Warfare Reserve
Uniform Color: Navy Blue
Insignia Color: Polished Bronze (Formal), Matte Bronze (Informal)
Accessories: Navy Service Cap, Prior Service Indicator Badge
Corps Motto: "Pro aris et focis" (Sol Latin: For home and hearth)
Corps Anthem: Link"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

Civil Defense Planetary Corps
Domain: Planetary Warfare Reserve
Uniform Color: Khaki
Insignia Color: Matte Bronze (All)
Accessories: Khaki Service Cap, Pistol Belt, Prior Service Indicator Badge
Corps Motto: "Pro aris et focis" (Sol Latin: For home and hearth)
Corps Anthem: Link"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

Guardian Corps
Domain: Supernatural Affairs
Uniform Color: Maroon
Insignia Color: Polished Silver (All)
Accessories: Gray Beret, Saber Belt
Corps Motto: "Mind over Matter"
Corps Anthem: Link"Force of Will"

The Guardian Corps are the Starfleet's specialists in defense against supernatural threats. Originally founded in FB-1 as an Alexzonyan military-supported branch of the Jedi order, the Guardians have since expanded their role. While their existence was once formally classified, since the Welded invasion into Gamma began the continued operation of the Corps has been declassified to quell public concerns over the Welded advance.

The Guardian's own supernatural powers fall into three classes:

The first is Force powers. While there is no innate propensity for Force sensitivity in the GRA population, the Jedi order has year ago identified Midichlorians as microscopic organisms that can be harnessed by biological sapiants to utilize Force powers. Because the cause of force powers was well-understood, the Alexzonyans were able to turn research from human augmentations programs into a augmentation to modify individuals to support much higher midichlorian counts, and thus become force sensitive. The Guardians formally claim no stance on the morality or spiritual elements of the Jedi religion that many other force-sensitives adhere to, though many individuals in the Corps believe the spiritualism has merit.

The second is ritual. The ritual category is any supernatural occurrence that:
1.) An power source external to the practitioner
2.) A predictable series of inputs
3.) A predictable series of outputs
4.) Cannot be explained through the use of natural sciences
The rituals the Alexzonyans know best are those related to entities like Cthulhu; as one might expect, they are used sparingly if at all. Almost as much a "know thy enemy" as a tool we employ ourselves.

The last is anomalous items. The Phoenix conclave's conversion reactor is one of the best-known examples, but these refer to items or objects that function in a way that directly contradicts the normal laws of reality without the protracted use of a traditionally powered reality-warping field or other external assistance. Because these are created by bending reality (a domain in which Alexzonyan natural sciences are quiet advanced), the Alexzonyans are reasonably capable in this field but for the general state of severe underfunding to supernatural research. The advent of the Welded has changed this, and the devices being developed to detect Welded infestation are being developed by the Anomalous Items Research Group within the Guardian Corps

Incidental Information on Northeast Gamma League Auxiliary:
Organization Motto: "One For All"
Organization Anthem: Link"One For All"