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Galactic Republic of Alexzonya - Branches of Government - The Advisories

While not formally founded as one of the GRA's branches of government, in practice the bureaucracy is perhaps the most powerful set of government organs in Alexzonya. Created by the President and ratified by the Senate, once founded Advisories have variable levels of power and discretion in managing affairs of individuals and organizations that fall within their purview. Some, like the Alexzonyan Economic Advisory (AEA), have broad power and can act without prior approval of the Senate or President in specific matters. Others, such as the Military Affairs Advisory (MAA), are almost purely oversight agencies that have no real power to regulate independent of the Senate or President. Advisories are so-named because of the influence of IshCong, who titles their bureaucracy similarly, on the early development of the GRA's government.

List of Advisories

Alexzonyan Economic Advisory (AEA)
Autonomous Agency - Large
- Responsible for regulating and monitoring all economic affairs within Alexzonya. Broken down into many subadvisories.

Trade and Tariff Subadvisory (TTS)
- Implements Alexzonyan policies regarding international tariffs, trade, and commerce.

Monetary Affairs Subadvisory (MAS)
- Responsible for Alexzonyan monetary policy and open-market operations.

Financial Regulation Subadvisory (FRS)
- Regulates the Alexzonyan financial system to guard against systemic risks or unfair practices.

Social Affairs Advisory (SAA)
Autonomous Agency - Large
- Broadly handles social policy creation and implementation within Alexzonya.

Environmental Affairs Subadvisory (EAS)
- Responsible for environmental protection regulations throughout Alexzonya and the maintenance of public green spaces.

National Service Subadvisory (NSS)
- Responsible for the administration of the Alexzonyan national service system.

Federal Police Subadvisory (FPS)
- Responsible for conducting the operation of the Alexzonyan federal police force.

National Surface Transportation Subadvisory (NSTS)
- Responsible for regulating sub-orbital transportation, including surface roads and automobile regulation as well as operating mass-transit systems.

National Weapons Licensing Subadvisory (NWLS)
- Contrary to the name, Alexzonya virtually never issues weapon permits to civilians, and so the primary role of the NWLS is to work with other law enforcement agencies to crack down on possession of illegal deadly weapons.

Foreign Affairs Advisory (FAA)
Autonomous Agency - Large
- Conducts international diplomacy and handles foreign affairs matters in normal circumstances. Operates embassies and facilitates dialogue between Alexzonyan actors and organizations and foreign governments.

Military Affairs Advisory (MAA)
Oversight Agency - Small
- Provides civilian oversight of Starfleet activities.

Interstellar Signals Advisory (ISA)
Autonomous Agency - Small
- Civilian agency responsible for constructing, updating, and maintaining public Ansible and other communication networks.

International Transportation Advisory (ITA)
Autonomous Agency - Small
- Civilian agency responsible for oversight and administration of all gate networks operating in GRA space as well as handling orbital and interstellar transportation matters.

Refugee Resettlement Advisory (RRA)
Autonomous Agency - Small
- Responsible for resettling refugee populations within the GRA and providing for their integration into Alexzonyan society.