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Galactic Republic of Alexzonya - Territorial Claims, Boundaries, and Immediate Neighbors

The Galactic Republic of Alexzonya is located in northeast Gamma quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. The full territorial claims nation itself spans several full sectors, though virtually all presently-inhabited systems are clustered within the Meridian Sector, with other sectors containing GRA monitoring stations, outposts, and fleet patrols; but no primary inhabited colonies. Alexzonya is primarily connected to the rest of the galaxy via gate networks, including the Galactic Commerce Corridors (GCC), Stepford-Arnau Corridors (SAC), and the GRA's own Northeast Gamma Trade Network (NEGTN). The nation also maintains the Alexzonyan Starways, a realspace trade route running from the Meridian Sector to the outskirts of Liu Xiu, though the Starways are increasingly sparsely trafficked as the bulk of trade now uses the safer and faster gate networks rather than the legacy routes.

The Northeast Gamma Trade Network, the Alexzonyan's local-area trade system, shows the outer edges of their primary zone of control. While most of the planets and nations connected to the NEGTN are not part of the Galactic Republic, the Alexzonyan Starfleet is the primary provider of security on the network, and a prerequisite of gate construction includes basing and trade agreements in exchange for security and network access. The NEGTN gates are generally significantly smaller than those used by the primary GCC and SAC networks, and act primarily as "state routes" to the larger networks "interstate".

Immediately adjacent to the Meridian Sector lies the Kinsara Sector, home to the planet Kinsara Prime and its sapient, bipedal lagomorphs. The Kinsari were a pre-FTL nation upon this discovery by the Alexzonyans. While there was for a long time an attempt to avoid interfering in their national development, during the Bailess Administration the decision was made to reach out to the Kinsari with the assistance of the Phoenix conclave. Once the shock worn off, the relationship between the two nations has been fruitful, albeit somewhat one-sided, as the Alexzonyans have worked to cautiously implement quality-of-life improvements for the Kinsari. Discussions have been underway between the Kinsari Federation and the GRA regarding the status of the Kinsari nation vis a vis the Alexzonyans; some factions favor a full integration; others favor a more intermediate solution, while still others support maintaining a full separation.

Other nations located within the NETGN and thus within the GRA's direct sphere of influence include (among others, and the list is always growing) the Witch Kingdom of Aquarius, the Unified Thallian Alliance, Byzantium, the Myrr Consortium, the Arcadian League, the Republic of Naomi, and the Leos Entitlement.

Beyond those nations, the Alexzonyan's neighborhood is a difficult one. Far to the South lies Auman, a nation with whom war was only narrowly avoided but who is now one of the GRA's core allies as a part of the Stepford-Arnau Trade and Military Alliance (SATMA). To the west of Auman is the Tezekian Imperium (Telros), who despite adversity have become a bastion of stability and allied military might to the southwest of Alexzonya. To the northwest lies the Vipran Imperium's Gamma territories; to the northeast lies Nyte, with whom the Alexzonyans are engaged in a full-scale military conflict. Directly due east lies Delta quadrant and all matters of imperial threats. Lastly, to the southeast lies Olimpiada, a large, industrial, xenophobic nation whose known inclinations and unknown intentions are viewed by the Alexzonyans with suspicion.