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Malik Weapons

Short Sword
Dweliun: A weapon with its name etched in the hilt. The short sword is made with a silver colored blade it glows a holy blue imbued with Maliks Angelic powers.
Pembunuh: The word carved into the side of wooden frame and metal lined siding covered completely in metal on its front forming a beak at its tip. The word means Assassin in English, like the great sword it is holstered on his back.
Arend: Meaning Eagle in English is etched right on the sword itself. The sword is of normal length and. The sword in its center has a cylindrical opening to catch an attackers’ sword for a sword break. Malik follows up with his sword with a matching dagger. The sword is sheathed to his left side and strapped to his leg to prevent any noise when trying to be stealthy.
Vilkas: Meaning wolf in English. Malik has this hidden in some folds on his backside point left. He draws it quickly with his left hand to follow up any parry or dodge. It gets the name wolf from how Malik uses it to attack. The dagger is mainly used in a surprise attack to dual wield in long battles.