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Malik Appearance

From ear to paw, Maliks' ears are 3 toned in fur color, the main color that follows his body being a beige, with a gold lining on the edge of the ears, his inner ear fluff is a dark red. hair flows to the sides of his face, it is of mid length that meets at the bottom of his neck, from the front it parts at the center with a few strands that puff up and split from the main over hang. His eyes are diamond shaped liken to a cats, Icy blue in color and glow depending on intensity or use of magical powers. His nose is a standard black akin to other canids. The top half of his head is beige, there is a small slash of dark red encroaching up the muzzle from the nose,starting with his cheeks and lower jaw the lower half of his head is dark red in color. The pattern of his fur is similar to German Shepherds, where it varies is in his legs and arms turning to sleeves starting and ending with gold striping where the center has the beige marking. On his chest is a heart shaped brown extra fluffing, on his back is a gold chevron. Malik like most canines has digitigrade paws, which hes uses to stand at a height for 4 feet and 3 inches. He also has a pair of dark red rings, and some say there is a light blue halo floating around his head.

Being of noble blood, Malik always has the family's coat of arms on his right arm. Typically, when not in battle gear, Malik wears a button up short sleeve shirt black or gray in color, he still wears his vambraces in any outfit, never going anywhere without them. He typically wears short pants, capris, or pants cut just under the knee due to the type of legs he has. when "Off" he wears nothing on his paws.
In battles and war, his fighting gear starts with a red cloth hood, that is reinforced with leather straps on the tops and sides, he wears split armors allowing for better mobility. Sacrificing some safety on his torso, he wears a soft leather vest, with a hard leather curiass that is lined and reinforced with metal pieces and strips. on his shoulders is leather pauldrons that are metal plated, with metal plates pleating down the arm. On his arms are his vambraces each one unique to the side.

On his left vambrace is:
Standard leather gauntlet, with the fur lining at the top same as the right side, same innards, but the design on the leather is made to be that of a shadowed kingdom, a castle in the valley between mountain peaks, representing a life in the shadows as a way of the assassin. At the top of the gauntlet was the seal of Alegeharia pressed into it, though it was not colored. The bottom had a piece that came out at the wrist to protect the top of the hand, as this was the gauntlet that had the mount for the crossbow, the underside’s lacing being hidden by the loops that held the small arrows that fit it, 8 at a time. Alecia had special arrows made for it, all dipped in specific mixtures that she’d made herself, some of a poison, others with a tranquilizer, all custom for things Lego would use them for.

on his right vambrace is:
band of fur at the top, with a crescent moon shrouded in snow clouds embroidered into a blank space in the center. The design molded into the leather was that of a tribal wolf’s head, the design showing wolves walking in the shadows of the forest during a hunt. Unable to be seen by a first glance, there is a panel that slides open under the design of the wolf’s head, a place where the chips for Zeta can be transferred.
The programming for the new gauntlet changes the hologrammatic designs from blue circles, to that of tiny particles. In their idle phase, they swirl around on the gauntlet, resembling snow drifts, gracefully floating around his arm and across the top. They only assemble into a holocomputer for Lego’s use, no other person can use it. They act only on his command or impulse, and can turn into anything he wills them. While in use, they harden, they are no longer phase or holograms, they are hardened light, as they form a touch screen and a small keyboard for Lego to use when he needs. The advanced technology allows him to communicate with Zeta, as well as check in on anything to do with his equipment or ships.
The inside of the gauntlet is lined with a very soft but durable fabric to ensure that the long periods of time in which Lego wears the gauntlet that it will not rub his fur off, nor irritate the skin. The underside, when his forearm is turned up, you can see the drawstrings, much like the drawstrings on anything corseted, with two intricately decorated, but small buckles, one at the top and one at the bottom to offer extra support for keeping it fitting to the arm.

He wears a belt that holds his bolt quiver, his swords and a dagger. He has a chest strap that goes over his shoulder to hold the crossbow. for lower wear he wears the traditional war robe that covers his legs, it is reinforced with leather and for pants is a hard cloth, on his paws are metal plated but leather made boots custom built to fit his legs.

Legos collar is a special collar. It is a gold collar with red ribbon in the middle. The tag area follows the same pattern. Also in the center, are silver spikes. Instead of a tag is an angel feather dipped in green dye that glows yellow. The collar was forged by his mate Alecia in thanks for saving Zigra and a show of eternal love. The angel feather is from his fathers’ wing.

Tail Band:
Surrounded by 2 blue strings tied at the end with feathers the band itself is leather made with metal plating in the center Engraved on the metal and painted for color is the Velkari Family seal. This tail band is held in highest regard, it is a band past down to each new Furditore. The band is a family heirloom and treasure, created by the Aztecs from long ago it a sign of family and honor. It is not taken off by ANYONE other than the person themselves, the persons’ mate or alpha. An alpha here would be a father for example.