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Refutations for overused talking points

You can find many more on this dispatch by Sanghyeok.

Communism is evil and kills people
Waving hammers and sickles around doesn't make you communist. It's only possible to be communist if you follow Linkcommunist principles. This includes statelessness, moneyless, classlessness, and decentralization. For this reason, we can rule out China, the Soviet Union, North Korea and the like as being communist. It is revisionist to claim they are communist when their entire structure differs from communist principles. For further reading, see Linkhere. While most communes were wiped out by NATO, Comintern, or Operation Condor, below are some links to the best examples of successful communist movements.

Honorable Mentions:
LinkParis Commune
LinkRevolutionary Catalonia

Therefore, any deaths caused by such places are not communist. There's another thing though: the "Black Book of Communism" Link is unreliable to the extent that some of its authors called it out, not to mention the fact that it included Nazi deaths and nonexistent people.

Communists are Nazis! AAAAAAAAAAAA

LinkHell Linkno Linkthey Linkare Linknot

but exploitation is human nature!

LinkThe LinkhUmAn LinkNaTuRe Linkargument Linkdies Linkhere.

Linked are studies demonstrating that falsity of human nature being centered around greed and competition, with psychological surveys demonstrating that altruistic behavior makes people want to be more altruistic, and that young children, who have not fully been socialized are naturally inclined towards altruism. Archaeological evidence that suggests that disabled people, who would have been a net negative to their groups were cared for in spite of the competitive disadvantage that would cause. As well as two demonstrations of some of the most significant medical advancements in history being made without promise of reward but because they were intended to cure social ills.

Credit to Post War America

Antifa is a terrorist organization

hahaha you got us. Our website is Link

Capitalism or billionaires are good/neccessary
There is no justification for the existence of billionaires and what they do to the working class. The ability of production has broken capitalism to the extent that companies have to Linkartificially create scarcity by Linkdestroying excess products to remain profitable. The capitalist hierarchial structure has outlived its usefulness, but the companies still control the means of production. Shareholders and CEOs are the only ones that benefit from the modern system, the rest of us just toil for their benefit. LinkIt's workers that generate labor value, not CEOs. Billionaires are not billionaires because they work hard, but because others work hard. I don't know how these leeches can sleep at night knowing how much pain and suffering there is in the world, much of it caused by their own megacorporations. Meanwhile the top 100 companies are responsible for more pollution Linkthan the rest of the population combined.

P.S. High school econonmics is an outdated theory, but Marxian economics is still relevant.