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Welcome to Alcala-Cordel [OLD]

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Who are we?

Alcala-Cordel was once two seperate nations that bordered each other, both located on a large peninsula. The alcalan empire was the larger nation, a capitalist police state controlled by a handful of bourgeoisie. Cordel was smaller and more impoverished, one of the region's few remaining monarchies. Twelve years before Alcala-Cordel came into being, Alcala became embroiled in a bloody war with Cordel. Though Alcala's military was almost triple the size of Cordel, Cordel's defenses were better than the Alcali government had anticipated. Meanwhile, the people of both countries suffered.
The revolution began with a strike of about 500 people at a small Alcali weapons factory. The nation's police quickly began a brutal campaign against the strikers, but the workers had strength in numbers. In protest, workers all across the nation left their jobs, freezing the nation's industry. The police were overpowered in a matter of days, so Alcala deployed soldiers to keep the peace. As most soldiers had been drafted against their will, many joined the workers, further crippling the nation. Within four months, Alcala's government was overthrown.

Cordelia IV, Cordel's monarch, was originally happy about the Alcali revolution, but his smile soon faded as the revolution crossed its border. With little preparation for a peoples' revolution, Cordel collapsed within two weeks. The revolutionaries had Cordelia's head within five.

Merging was never a conscious decision. By the end of the revolution, the people of the two nations saw themselves as one. New political movements emerged, the largest four all communist. A people's government soon emerged out of the collaboration of the parties, formally known as the Proletarian Coalition of Alcala-Cordel under the Black Star of Industry (a name suggested to party leaders by Monsone), taking inspiration from the flag of theLinkZapatistas. See also Cordel island.

Our Capital

While most people here live in towns, the city of Cyprus is becoming an increasingly popular place to live. This large, colorful city is the home of over 16 million Alcali, making it one of the largest cities in the world despite the relatively small national population. Alcala is the only large city in the nation, with the next largest city of Constantina only being home of about 3 million residents.

Our Government

Alcala-Cordel makes most of its decisions through direct democracy, but most decisions are made locally. The figurehead of the nation is not a ruler, but a diplomat with limited power. Any local action can be overturned by one of three Supreme Courts, the judges of which make decisions based off the constitutionality of the decision. The Constitution is only applicable to local decisions, however, as the popular vote overrides all (and elects judges).
The government does oversee businesses but has little involvement with their functions as those are run by their workers. While Alcala-Cordel does have a currency, the iwa it's just a placeholder for international trade. In this nation, people are not paid as all necessities are state-provided. Factories for non-essential items do exist, however. While essential items are limited by the government to prevent hoarding, Alcali can pick what exactly they want. Those who produce items with high demand are rewarded with better properties and their factories are expanded, encouraging workers to go to those factories. Jobs that would ordinarily be seen as lackluster or behind-the-scenes are also seen as important, and those who work them get good properties and a great deal of respect. Outside of these basic rules and heavy regulation of greed and bribery, the rest of this system is managed by the unions and the people.

The current national figurehead is Comrade διοικητής Nikolia of the Red Coalition

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