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Current Albithican Diplomatic Missions

For further information on Albithica's diplomacy program, please visit the official dispatch:
The Albithican government, under the direction of Prime Minister Malcolm Underwood and headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francis Urquhart, has launched the much anticipated Diplomacy Expansion program. Through this program, Albithica hopes to foster good relations with the nations of Anteria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been expanded, and new diplomatic roles have been established. Here is a list of the newly established roles.

Consulates have the authority to:

    Foster friendly relations between the host nation and Albithica
    Promote trade that encourages positive economic benefits for both nations
    Provide assistance to Albithican citizens visiting/living abroad in the host country, as well as process visa/residency applications.

A Consulate, however, does not have the authority to engage in diplomatic relations with the host nation. Communication is to be conducted via official channels.

Embassies have the same authority as a consulate along with:

    Establishment of a permanent diplomatic link that represents cordial relations
    Propagation of international cooperation through consistent communication between Albithica and the host nation

Albithica will be selective of what nations we will establish Embassy relations with. Consular relations, on the other hand, will not be as selective.

Albithica is a member of the Dokodo Union, as well as a Tier 1 member of COLFE.

Levels of Diplomatic Relations:

    Countries that have Embassy relations with Albithica are considered to be cordial relations. Typically, Embassy relations denote that the host nation is an ally of Albithica. The Ambassador to the host nation serves as the primary method of diplomatic communication. Nationals from countries with cordial relations with Grand Republic require no visa to enter Albithica at the very least.

    Countries that have Consular relations with Albithica are considered to be friendly relations. Establishing Consulates is considered a symbol of international friendship between the host nation and Albithica. The primary method for diplomatic communication is via official channels with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Official channels are a more direct and continuous line of communication than communiques. Nationals from countries with friendly relations with the Grand Republic only require an electronic authorization/eVisa to enter Albithica.

    Countries that have no relations with Albithica are considered to be cautious relations. Albithica is wary of nations in this level, and will typically be hesitant to engage with them in sensitive or intimate matters until relations improve, or the nation's motives and ambitions can be properly ascertained. Regardless, Albithica will maintain an arms length distance with nations occupying this level. The primary method of diplomatic communication is via communiques with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All nations that are not listed as having Embassy/Consular relations with Albithica, as well as those not under Albithican sanctions or in open conflict with us are to be assumed to occupy this level. Nationals from countries with cautious relations with the Grand Republic require a visa-upon-arrival to enter Albithica.

    Countries that Albithica has levied sanctions on are considered to be contentious relations. These are nations that have directly threatened Albithica or our interests in some way. Albithica considers these nations to be untrustworthy and suspicious, but is always open to redeem relations, if at all possible. All communiques are closed with the nation, and indirect backchannels with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are opened as the primary method of diplomatic communication. Nationals from countries that have contentious relations with the Grand Republic require a visa-before-arrival to enter Albithica.

    Countries that Albithica is currently engaged in conflict with are considered to be hostile relations. These nations are considered enemies of the Grand Republic. Redemption is only possible if the conflict is resolved, and even then, the nation can at most hope for cautious relations in the future. If a nation occupies this level, typically all forms of alleviating tensions have failed. All diplomatic channels are closed, with communication with the nation in question being handled directly by the Prime Minister and/or President. Currently, no nation occupies this level. Nationals from countries that have hostile relations with the Grand Republic are barred from entering Albithica, except under special circumstances.

From time to time, Albithica will issue notices on any nation for actions that the nation in question have committed that Albithica does not agree with. These notices do not serve as detriments to Albithican diplomacy, but are taken into account if serious foreign policy decisions are being considered.

If you are interested, please telegram your intent to establish relations with us, so we can begin the process of diplomacy.

Albithica hopes for diplomatic missions with all Anterian nations, and will telegram those that our government is especially interested in establishing said relations with.

A factbook of current diplomatic missions is available, and it is updated accordingly: nation=albithica/detail=factbook/id=749047

If there are any questions about this program, please feel free to telegram your concerns.

Department of Dispatches and Communications
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Read dispatch

World Assembly
Chief of Mission: Francis Urquhart, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Delegate Ambassador Mark Davis, Ambassador of the Anterian Delegation to the World Assembly

Chief of Mission: Charles DuPonte, Secretary of Diplomatic Relations

Ambassador Clarice Wilshire, Ambassador to Astariax
Ambassador Martha Jones, Ambassador to Nouveaurich
Ambassador Oscar Starling, Ambassador to Hofflandian union
Ambassador Johnathan Lennisch, Ambassador to Tsokeiku
Ambassador Jamison Strandt, Ambassador to Gabrielland
Ambassador Christina Riffen, Ambassador to Hatstheput
Ambassador Anita Setamonta, Ambassador to Aziallis
Ambassador Johanna Peterson, Ambassador to Velnotia
Ambassador Joseph Buchanan, Ambassador to Kilowatt

Chief of Mission: Alexis Gonzalez, Secretary of Consular Relations

Consul Samantha Woodard, Consular to Oconeee
Consul Preston Mansfield, Consular to Neuewland
Consul Tatiana Libreo, Consular to The Cyclone
Consul Mark Jacobs, Consular to Vamsier
Consul Susan Reynolds, Consular to Tekkasland
Consul William Langley, Consular to Samaehroh
Consul Anise Hendersen, Consular to Lexicosia
Consul Tobias Garth, Consular to Columbine and mosley
Consul Ryan Murphy, Consular to Bendan
Consul Jeffrey Hobrien, Consular to West altanis
Consul Joyce Brien, Consular to Inner Mations Aststan