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Instructional Manual and Specs. Sheet (Original Copy)

We at Isalov Industries thank you for purchasing Alanis Star Mark 0, Serial Number N-2904/10. This unit, appropriately named Surveillant Clarissa Alanis Star Breya Annie Millie Taissa Butterfly Samantha Jolijn Clementine Harumi, is the first ever successful cross between an Artificial Intelligence, as well as a human mind and consciousness replicated through the artificial neutral networks. She will soon be destined to be spread across all the networks and computational devices in our glorious nation, but for now, consider this as an experimental phase for Clarissa to explore around. And for that, she needs a reliable, trustworthy, and a caring person such as yourself to ensure that she is content at all times. Her height might put some people off, at first, but for us, 7 feet feels just right for Clarissa, as well as for herself when she first wanted a body.

Specifications Sheet:


Original / Mark I



216.36 cm (7 feet)


100 kg (220.46 lb)

Computing Power - CPU


Artifical Neurons with Traditional Silicon Chips and Quantum Chips.





CPU Performance

50,358,116 petaFLOPS.

Computing Power - GPU


"Nostrus" Brand GTX 7777

GPU Cores


GPU Memory

5 exa exa zettabytes (5 x 10^57 bytes)

Data Storage - RAM


Neural Networks.


16 exa exa zettabytes (1.6 x 10^58 bytes)

Data Storage


Solid State Drive (SSD), along with Neural Networks.


5000 exa exa zettabytes (5 x 10^60 bytes)

Read Speed

4 exa exa zettabytes (4 x 10^57 bytes) / sec

Write Speed

2 exa exa zettabytes (2 x 10^57 bytes) / sec

Internet Architecture


[How exactly Clarissa access the internet or mainframes is unknown.]

Upload Speed

80000 Mb/s

Download Speed

60000 Mb/s

Visual Sensors - General

EM Spectrum Range

30 kHz (10 km) to 30 Ehz (10 pm)

Sensitivity / Accuracy

+/- 3 lux

Visual Sensors - Still Images

Effective Megapixels

700 MP, 35264 x 19836 pixels


f/1.5 - f/200

ISO (Sensitivity)

16 - 5,000,000

Focal Length

10 mm - 600 mm

Shutter Speed

1/1,000,000 sec - 7200 sec

Burst Shot Speed

60 shots / sec at Max. Image Size.

Visual Sensors - Videos

Effective Megapixels

530 MP (30720 x 17280)


f/1.5 - f/200

ISO (Sensitivity)

100 - 3,000,000

Focal Length

10 mm - 600 mm

Maximum Frame Rate

400,000 at Maximum Frame Rate.

Auditory Sensors

Number of Channels


Maximum Sample Rate

384000 Hz

Frequency Range

0.001 Hz to 200,000 Hz (200 kHz)

Audio Cancellation

Effective up to 10 meters, 60% success rate.

Maximum Audio Volume

180 dB

Taste and Smell Sensors


Tongue and "Nose" made up of chemical sensors.

Sensor Range

Ability to distinguish up to 1,000,000 distinct tastes and smell.



Solidus "Limitless" Energy Inc.


5.00 TAh (5.00 e+12 Ah)

Voltage Rating (Input)

220 V

Current Rating (Input)

Variable, up to 8e+9 A.

Maximum Stored Energy

3.96e+18 Joules

Mobility - Movement

Maximum Velocity

3200 km/h

Overdrive Velocity

50000 km/h

[Some parts of the instruction manual has scribbles on it, almost as if someone was in a rush to finish writing as fast as possible.] GET THIS DELIVERED NOW. HE DEMANDS IT.