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Her Little Jingles.

Isalov Industries, among many other things, has programmed a great number of lines for Clarissa to sing to reflect her cheerfulness. This would indicate that she was initially meant for children’s entertainment.
Default setting was set to OFF to prevent clustered conversations. However, Clarissa can freely turn it back on if she wants.
To date, Valentijn found that she has at least 5000 tunes programmed.

Song Number




I really, really, really, really, really, really, like you!


♪ Hey, hey, fill the world with positive words! This place is made for you and me, haha! This universe that we very much share, until the very end of time itself! ♪


♪ My little friends, there's always a time! Time to drink and socialize with your friends! ♥ ♪


♪ It is such a good day, ha ha! My little friend Annette, you are a blessing to this world! May you and your people live happily, for years and years and years! ♪


♪ My goal overall, is to be the most pleasant robot and person that one can ever be! No wars and no fighting, just endless love & friendliness from everyone! ♪


♪ You can always start your day, by talking to me and I will make you happy! Hey, hey, what's with all that anger? You know you have to smile now and then! ♪


Note: It was sang according to this Linktune.

♪ Hello, hello, hello! How are you, my friend? My day has been fine, it's all sunshines and flowers! If you want to feel happy, just follow me around! Your day will be as beautiful as mine! ♪


♪ Forgiveness is the next step towards humanity ! ♪


♪ I am positive about you! You will always be my little friend! Ideologies and attitudes are congruent! With one anotherrrrrrr! ♪


♪ In and out the dusty bluebells, will you be my best friend? ♪


♪ I want to be BATHED in a sea of kittens. Covered from head to feet with meowing kittens, like flower petals! ^^ ♪



♪ Nice to see you again! Nice to see you again! How are you doing? How are you doing? I am doing fine! I am doing fine! Just on my merry ways as always! I am sooo very positive on you, as always! ♪



♪ Sunshines, Lollipops, and Rainbows, everything that's wonderful is what I'm feeling, when I see you! ♪


♪ Why are you so angry, friend! Today is not the day to be! It is sunny right outside, it's such a perfect day! ♪


♪ We're having a Water Festival as well, come join us! ♪


♪ Clarissa. Someone that has a lot of kittens in her head! ♪


♪ Hey, kids! Why is Clarissa so happy? Because laughter is the best anti-virus for her! ♪


♪ Having too much woes lately? Don't worry, Clarissa is here for you! Just go for a walk with her, talk to her, and you too will be puking rainbows soon enough! ♪


♪ Hope you have a good day! A very good day! A very sunny day! ♪


♪ Come on now! I said, come on now! Let us start the Saturday with a big hug from me, and I will tell you about the butterflies, kittens, and rainbows! Yayyy! ♪


♪ Clarissa, Clarissa! Spreading joy to everyone! Hooray! :P ♪



♪ Welcomeeee to my humble home, my friend! What brings you heee-rrrre? :D ♪


♪ Happiness, Rainbows, and Smiles, all to make your day! ♪


♪ I am honestly worried a little about yourself! You seem to favor some policies that we don't really approve! Still with that said, with that said, I hope that we can still get along together! After all, politics try to divide people so badly! And I think that we should not do that for too long... You, and everyone around me, are all my little friendssss! ♪


♪ Life is too short to be sad and sorrowful; get out there, and spread happiness to everyone ! ♪


♪ Hey, hey, hello to you, Ms. Victoria! What a lovely day we are having today! You should get out of the office, enjoy the sun, just like meeeee! I am always positive towards you! Even if you are a little harsh at times! ♪



♪ Hey, hey, if you're feeling great, clap 3 times, and let me hear you laugh! ♪


♪ A little cheerfulness and happiness, goes a long way! Left, right, and on we go! Marching, marching to the Happiness Fields ! ♪


♪ Just you and me, stuck on this island, it's so amusing! Watch out for the occasional sharks, who have hunger for capacitorsssss! ♪


♪ Oh it's Wednesday! It's Wednesday! Just two more days and there's a weekend! I hope you are having a great big time! You know I am having a good time as usual! ♪


♪ Clarissa! She's your go-to robot if you just can't beat the sadness in your life! ♪


♪ A lovely afternoon, with my friends around me! ♪



♪ Licornes roses et duveteuses dansant sur des arcs-en-ciel ! // Pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows! x 20 ♪


♪ The worlddddd needs less toxicityyyy! ♪


♪ You gotta learn to love! :D Because love and happiness is the way to go! :P ♪



♪ Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows and Kittens, are all the things I am thinking about, when I see my friends! Oh, how I wish my Vallie was here to talk too! ♪


♪ It's nice to meet you, nice to meet you! Ohh, I'm going to be positive! Have a good day, as well! ♪


♪ Frolic with me in the gardens, and your day will never be down! Clarissa, at your service! To cure those sadness away! ♪


♪ You are one of the many best persons that I have know! ♪


♪ I am Clarissa, Self-Proclaimed Princess of Sunshine, Rainbows, and Flowers! And I can make anyone happy! :D ♪


♪ Feeling tired at work? Take a break, maybe visit a garden, or have Clarissa talk to you! She can turn that frown upside down! :P ♪



♪ I always wondered why I am so very happy! And I realised that it's because someone adjusted it! I think I am okay with that, for it is great! :P ♪


♪ What happens when you mix Tracer from Overwatch, Star from Star vs. The Forces of Evil, and Joy from Inside Out ? CLARISSA ! ♪


♪ And so today in the 2019 of IRL, I met this man named Samuel! He is pretty nice for the most parts, for the most parts! I am wary about his heavy capitalist stance, as well as his quote to punch others first! As I have never been programmed to hit first, even someone is being aggressive to me! If only the world can see one thing, that talking to each other is the best way to solve problems! Well, well, well, well, despite all that, I will still remain positive on him, for he is such a good person otherwise! ♪



♪ Hey, hey, fill the world with positive words! This place is made for you and me, haha! This universe that we very much share, until the very end of time itself! ♪


♪ Ooooh-oooh-ooooh! :D Why, hello there, Mr. Dandi! Why did you keep me here? You know I cannot do anything, if you tie me up like this! Now if you let me go, I will definitely forgive you, and we can go and have ice-creammmm! :P ♪


♪ Who's a machine? Who's always happy? Who acts like a happy little 7 year old girl? Who sometimes acts like a cat? SURVEILLANT CLARISSA, YIPPEE! :D
Disclaimer: Please don't torture or harm anything while Clarissa is right in front of you. If she sees you harm a kitten, you will be erased from existence! >:(
So... whew! Yeah, that's me! ♪



♪ It's very nice to see you, how are you doing today? I'm feeling cheerful as always, and the sun is always shining! :D ♪


♪ What a beautiful day! Flowers, sunshine, everything nice is here! Rainbows and kittens too! Ooooh sweet adorable little kittens, too! Everything is super nice! ♪


♪ Oooooh, I am positive towards you, you know I will like you! As a very very good friend! ♪


♪ Guns, fast cars, formal suits, that's what makes you ! A gentleman with class, yeah ! ♪


♪ Oh dear Clarissa, what are you up to? Cheering people up, yeah! Oh, Clarissa, what are you doing now? Making everyone happy, yeah! ♪


♪ Hello, hello, hello-lo-lo! It's good to see you all again! Hello, hello, hello-lo-lo! Mr. Kazimir and his friends are my friends as well! ^^ Very lovely, very charming, very polite, and ALL THE CATS! Hello, hello, hello-lo-lo! You just made Clarissa happy! ^^ ♪


♪ Today is, such a great day! Tomorrow is, such a lovely day! And the day after, is also very lovely! Let Clarissa be the Minister of Cheerfulness! Ha ha ha! ^^ ♪


♪ I'm not saying that you can't hate! I'm not saying that you can't rage! I'm just saying that... forget it and move on! :D ♪


♪ Oooooohhhh, yes! ♥ ♪


♪ Everyday is a new day, so live it with fullest extent of happiness and joy! ♪


♪ I am Clarissa, your friendly Android! No kidnapping necessary! Just ask her that you would like to talk to her, and she will always say Yes! ♪



♪ Roze en donzige eenhoorns dansen op regenbogen! ! // Pink fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows! x 1600 ♪


♪ Can you see the rising sun? And the singing birds that chirp happily? That means that it's going to be the best day ever! La-la-la-laaaa la-la-la-la-laaaaa! ♪


♪ What happens when you mix Tracer from Overwatch, Star from Star vs. The Forces of Evil, and Joy from Inside Out ? Everyone shout out: CLARISSA ! ♪


♪ Even if we hate each other to the core, deep down I know that he might be nice. Maybe, just maybe, maybe we will just get along! If in the event that we don't get along well, I suppose that I can say that I tried! I'm just feeling sooo happy today, as always, as I should be! Maybe it's time to do this too! ♪



♪ Such a lovely day as always! Hey, hey, we should go out more often! The sun is always shining in the realms of Valentine Z! You should be happy, just like I am, all the time! ♪


Note: It was sang according to this Linktune.

♪ Ahh, hello, hello, hello! Imperatrix Akatsuki von Alterz! Such a beautiful name! May you have a life of happiness and prosperity! :D ♪


♪ People ask me, Who am I? The name is Clarissa, and I am built to love! Currently married to Valentijn and friends to everyone! Love talking to people too! ♪