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His Majesty the King

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Hello, Welcome to Akara
Lomalo, Amoha eto Akara

His Majesty General
Senaso II

King of Akara


December 27th 2016 - Present

Preceded by:

Itopi II

Heir Apparent:

Crown Prince Iyasu

Personal Details


January 17th 1976 (age 43)
Anyana, Kingdom of Akara






Rosalie Atsariv




Rabenoro Army Institution


Greek Orthodox

Senaso II, is current reigning the King of Akara. He has ruled since late 2016, taking power after overthrowing his cousin, Itopi II, due to the Koyetso Affair. Since ruling, Senaso has enacted a policy of further cooperation with the international community, and has sought to combat Chinese influence in Africa.

Early Life

Senaso was born to Prince Sosenyi and Princess Azima in the city of Anyana. Sosenyi was the younger brother of King Radma III. As a Prince, Senaso enjoyed a privileged childhood, living in the Rova of Anyana, a large palace built for members of the royal family. As a young boy, Senaso enjoyed athletic activities such as baseball and hockey, but also frequently spent time at a local arcade.

Senaso attended Letsiane Academy, an elite boarding school near Hanariv.

Senaso enrolled in the Rabenoro Army Institution in 1994. His professors included influential military commanders such as Answam Zema and Faneva Ratsimandrava. Senaso graduated in 1998, with a degree in business and military science. He was automatically enlisted in the Royal Army, and given the rank of captain.

Military Career

After graduating from Rabenoro, Senaso was assigned to command an outpost in northern Mozambique. He was instrumental in Operation Brass Rhino, which severely stunted the growth of the Nyasaland Freedom Army. Due to his status as a prince, Senaso never saw active combat.

In 2012, Senaso helped his cousin, Crown Prince Itopi, overthrow his father King Radama III. The coup was bloodless, with Senaso, Itopi, and several military officials demanding that the King abdicate, and senile Radama complying. Itopi succeeded his father as King, and promoted Senaso to the rank of Lieutenant General as thanks for his assistance. On March 4th, 2014, Senaso was given the position of Minister of Security, and put in charge of Akara's intelligence agency, the Zandara. As Minister, Senaso orchestrated several controversial operations, such as the assassination of the Zimbabwean communist Tashongedzwa Mudzuri and the wiretapping of several South African corporations.

Koyetso Affair and Coup
In January 2016, Prime Minister Yakob Koyetso took office. It was well known the Koyetso was a prominent member of the Akaran mafia, and most likely rigged ballots in order to win the election. However, as no tangible evidence was presented, Koyetso could not be prosecuted.

Evidence against Koyetso was released by Samoela Randriamaro, who presented proof that the Prime Minister had been involved in mafia activity and had interfered multiple times in the electoral process. However, King Itopi issued a complete pardon for Koyetso before any prosecution could occur, and thus the Prime Minister was unable to be arrested or impeached. Randriamo died two days after testifying due to mysterious circumstances. The controversy severely damaged the reputation of Itopi and of the monarchy as a whole, which had once been seen as incorruptible.

On December 20th, Senaso, alongside General Andrianirina Mahavony and Colonel Obi Keaboka launched a coup against Itopi and Koyetso. The conspirators announced the creation of the National Integrity Government (NIG) over Radio Akara. NIG soldiers took parliament hostage, and also took control of the cities of Anyana, Zowa, and Morondava. Fighting between NIG soldiers and loyalist soldiers took place in the streets of Hanariv and Anyana until December 22nd, when the commander of the loyalist forces, Minister of Defense Tewordros Yamorena, surrendered. The National Integrity Government revoked all royal titles from Itopi and suspended parliament. Koyetso was executed by firing squad on December 25th.


Senaso at his coronation

On December 27th, 2016, Senaso was crowned King of Akara by the Patriarch of Hanariv. The restoration of the monarchy under Senaso ended the rule of the National Integrity Government, which recognized him as the new King. Senaso's coronation was followed by the resumption of parliament. His claim to the throne was first recognized by Australia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Russia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Japan, and South Korea on December 17th. The United States recognized the claim on January 4th, 2017, and most of the world followed suit afterwards. South Africa would not recognize Senaso until May 9th, 2018.

The King has been pushing a more cooperative role for Akara on the world stage. In June 2018, he became the first acting Akaran sovereign to visit South Africa, Akara's longtime rival. Senaso and South Africa's President, LinkCyril Ramaphosa, signed a Statement of Mutual Friendship and Cooperation. Senaso is personal friends with King LinkLetsie III of Lesotho. Their friendship has lead to the creation of the League of African Sovereigns, a economic, political, and military alliance between Akara, Lesotho, and LinkSwaziland. Under Senaso, Akara has also strengthened relations with Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.


  • Mangana Act of 2016
    Bans abortion in all cases

  • Rubio Act of 2016
    Homosexuals no longer need to register as sex offenders (homosexual acts are still a crime)

  • Safe Entrance Act of 2017
    Requires people to test HIV negative for entrance into Akara

  • Commerce Concerning the Situation in Mozambique and Zimbabwe Policy of 2017
    Bans all commerce with the People's Republic of Mozambique and Zimbabwe

  • Competent Jury Act of 2017
    Establishes the Board of Professional Juries to be used for financial-based court cases

  • Government Transparency Act of 2018
    Elected officials must record and make public the sources and amounts of donations to them

  • Tribal Recognition Act of 2018
    Will go into effect in 2020, will establish reservations for minority tribes and allow them to have legal jurisdiction and administration over those areas

  • Specialized Education Act of 2018
    Provides more funding to trade schools

  • Recognition Concerning the Chinese Question Policy of 2018
    Akara recognizes the Republic of China rather than the People's Republic of China

  • Reversal of Homesteading in Mozambique Policy of 2019
    Bans the further settlement of Akaran colonists in Akaran occupied northern Mozambique unless done through the government of the Democratic Republic of Mozambique

For & Against

  • For: Christian Democracy, Internationalism, Monarchy, African Union, Conservatism, Ecology

  • Against: Socialism, People's Republic of China, Abortion, LGBT

Personal Information

Senaso is married to actress and pop singer Rosalie Atariv, who is seventeen years his junior. The two married in 2015, while Senaso was still Minister of Security. Senaso's has two children, Crown Prince Iyasu, born in 2016, and Princess Msia, born in 2019

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Titles, styles, honours and arms

  • Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of the Royal Hawk (Akara).

  • Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of Military Merit (Akara).

  • Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of the Kingdom (Akara).




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