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The United Island States of
Corrupt Dictatorship

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Other Forum 7 Fun

AHSCA stands out in the Forum 7 universe where people really get a quick glance at us, what are some perceptions?

YL meets the AL at the beach

-Marcella loves the beach so how do people react to her?

You two go swim. I'm staying here. Just beware of the sharks?
- The Beach. Unhappy he was skipped.
- The interdimensional beach

The ANís Leader Takes Over NS

Probably just a wider variety of tropical and maritime banners - Ru-

What Does Your Nation's Schools Teach Kids About The AN. II

A country which questions the idea of development but somehow is more true to the ideal of social development than many others. - The English Regions

Basic geography, history, culture and a field trip to their embassy at 61 Beca Mitchell Avenue, Los Anna, Kannadrickium. - Kannadrickium

How do you interpret AN's primary banner?

Current Primary Banner Subject to Change

-Their territorial waters are a real bitch to navigate. - The nordic-commonwealth

-Some sailors had a very bad time. Maybe that is how their nation was founded? Ru-

-They have a fair share of sea storms - Hatterleigh

-They like tropical fishes. - Kannadrickium

-Founders got marooned after their ship sank. - Fardhin

YL is forced to spend a day in AN

A nice break from all the terrorists in the Middle East.-Chief Frontline Commandress Tanya Von Degurechaff, Freedlymonia

Your Leader(s) Personal Opinion on the ANís Leaders : SEE ALSO: Her Royal Highness ß GLOBAL OPINION

Your Tourist's Review of the Above Nation VII

NOT ENOUGH WHEAT!!! I missed Aupehlia, with the fields of endless wheat. Praise the High Goddess of Agriculture. HAIL!!! HAIL!!! HAIL!!!- Citizen #38IHU7BJ from Auphelia

~Taqorsburg resident from Kalaascovy

"It's quite refreshing to go and visit a sunny nation like this one every once in a while."
- Viksbergian tourist from Viksberg

You Awake, and find the AN's leader next to you in bed...

"Welp, Firstly, How much Did I drink?, Secondly You must've been really Drunk to end up in Bed with me, I'm lucky the Wife is doing some humanitarian Clap trap, do excuse me for a Minute."
"Jawhol, Seine Majestat?"

-Phone is Handed-
"Hello, Yes? Ministry of the Interior? Lavrentiy? Yes, It's the Boss. Causterize Greater Kettropia, Let No-one in or Out, Tell the Presses they heard or saw nothing, ensure anyone who knew of this doesn't exist by Nightfall or you'll be next, Am I clear?, Well for Fichs Sachen, do it! Get your arse out of Bed and get working. I want no-one to hear of this incident."

"Apologies, My dear, Now, I suggest you make your way out of Greater Kettropia before the Wife finds me in this situation."

-Emperor Otto II and Lord Protector of the Realm Godwin Martus of Kettering Town