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The Royal Knights

The Royal Knights of AHSCA is a two-tiered protection service tasked with guarding the royal family, high officials of the government (officers) and visiting dignitaries from foreign nations. The Knights are split into two-sectors, The Crimson Knights (CRK) and The Cerulean Knights (CEK). The Knights are are unit of the nation's Royal Executive Branch under the Office of the Interior, specifically the Justice Division.


Prior to organization of a dedicated unit, public protection relied on the escort of militia soldiers, police officers or just general self-reliance with the expectation anyone would protect themselves. In the Seventh Year of Shino, the militia was dissolved and reorganized into into separate military and domestic police services. Though no formal protection service had been formed as of yet, Duchess Shino Villa began to organize police units for the protection of her family. With the expansion of Government with the addition of new government cabinets (offices) under her reign the need for greater security became apparent.

In its history as a unified republic, no successful assassinations had been commenced but several attempts prompted a need for more security than what police were able to offer. The needs also arised with more foreign dignitaries coming to AHSCA for diplomacy or luxury travel. The Knights were officially formed by Royal Mandate, bypassing the need for legislation, organizing it as a sub-law enforcement agency under the Interior.


As a protective agency, the Knights have joint cooperative roles with Island Law Enforcement and military intelligence if the needs arise in their carrying out of duties. Calling upon checks of visitors as a moments notice, securing and shielding a person under threat or imminent attack. The dual nature of the sects of knights is set to allow greater organization and focus for the needs of the royal family and visitors. Although they are subdivided the roles are generally duel in nature and often cooperate as needed.

The Crimson Knights are primarily charged with protection of the Duchess, Duke or Duke-Consort (or Duchess/Duchess-Consort) children of the royals, other persons and/or families of executive privilege (visiting monarch, president, etc). The Cerulean Knights are charged with protection of Officers of the Government, their families, visiting ambassadors, consulates and their families, members of the AHSCA Congress and Governors of the AHSCA States. Under some other circumstances, other persons with non-governmental VIP status may be put under protection of The Cerulean Knights as can retired or former persons in government at home or abroad.

Other high gathering events (such as parties) with high concentration of VIP persons of mixed status may also be placed under joint security with the Knights as designated by the needs. Important persons of the islands (such as the Royals) traveling abroad may also continue to receive protection from a Knight detail tasked with working with them as permitted by the host nation. In such cases, Knights will work to cooperate with local security agencies to help ensure safety and protection.

Weapons and Equipment

Since the agency's inception, a variety of weapons have been carried by its agents.

  • Kimber Ultra TLE II Semi-Auto Pistol

  • Pulse Subcompact Shooting Stun Gun w/ Laser sight

  • canister of pepper spray

  • expandable baton, sabre or sword.

  • defensive knife

  • Radio communication equipment

Knights wear outfits that feature red and white and blue and white corresponding to their service branch.


Knights dawn traditional ceremonial outfit that's considered both visible and practical for wearing as well as ceremonial garb for show while plain-clothes agents may be laying in cover nearby. The idea is the knights more flashy attire would work as a ceremonial practice of legitimacy of the reining monarchs of AHSCA as well as be more broad targets to prevent moles and friendly fire from snipers during a potential crowd rush of an armed assailant. It's also thought to act as a deterrent to would be attackers seeing the royals or other persons are under close guard and an attack would be futile. Other Knights may dawn a regular police uniform to work within a police unit that may be acting in cooperation with law enforcement.

Hiring and Training

Any person who seeks a position in knighthood may apply to do so but they often come from either military or law enforcement. Joining the Knights without a recruitment offer requires a letter of recommendation, a physical trial, a background check and final approval by the Officer of the Interior or the Duchess. Under special circumstances, a preferred Knight can be assigned when requested.

Similar to AHSCA's law enforcement officers, they are open to both genders but the ranks are largely made up of women, with the last count showing women in the Knights outranked men 2:1.