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Government Officials II: Officers

In AHSCA, the equivalent of Government ministers or secretaries are known as Officers. In AHSCA there are two Offices, Offices of the State and Offices of the Government. Offices of the state are recognized by their formal traditional titles; Duke, Duchess, Chief, etc. while the offices of the Government are recognized by their title and affiliation; Officer of Defense, etc.

Those of the state are the highest in power presiding over the nation and/or their individual state and have the absolute rule of law under them. Those in the Government offices have limited power and answer to a higher authority, be it the Duchess or the State Leader. Each officer has a deputy that can perform the duties of the main officer at home or abroad as needed.

Current Officers of the Government

Officer of Defense - Kuraĝo
Deputy - Shinya Li

Kuraĝo was born on Corona Island to a military family that had served since the days of the war for unification. His father and mother both served in the militia then Kuraĝo joined the militia until the militia was reorganized as the United Island Police Force. (UIPF) Kuraĝo joined the United Island Naval Service (UINS) ranking up to captain. He was recommended to the Officer position by his predecessor as well as Corona's Chief and Viceroy Li of Hoshino. As Defense Officer he is 8th in line of succession unless the royal family is incapacitated during active wartime in which he becomes second in line.

Officer of Foreign Relations - Noir VinoCacao
Deputy Roshin Tendo

Noir VinoCacao was born on Animalpolis to a pair of immigrants. She joined the UINS and served making rank of Ensign during that time. Her time in the navy gave her a lot of experience of dealing with multiple sailors with AHSCA's military ties to nations like Lamoni and Mokastana who assisted in training and she picked up their languages along the way. VinoCacao was also in the running for Defense Officer when Duchess Marcella Villa ascended but was ultimately passed in favor of Kuraĝo. But her experiences in the Navy made her a strong candidate for Foreign Relations. She is 7th in line of succession.

Officer of the Treasury - Violeta Vera
Deputy: Ame Hanazawa

Violeta Vera was born on Stillestando and noted as a local business leader who helped organize small shops and worked with her island's tax collection. Though tax collectors are often reviled Vera's methods of obtaining income and distribution of benefits made her more respected than despised. After her time as a collector she went to work with the Treasury office, first in the financial crimes division, cracking down on the flow of illicit black market funds and helping to develop Credit notes that would be much harder to counterfeit. She is 15th in the line of succession.

Officer of the Interior - Alexandra Kenny
Deputy: Shino Hoire

Alexandra Kenny is a non-native immigrant to AHSCA, a sailor from Kuronami who found herself stranded due to the seasons changing and waters too rough to travel back. Falling in love with the native lands she began her process for citizenship and joined the Police Force for Stillestando. Though Kenny was initially in the running for chief of her precinct she was recommenced for Officer by her chief to help fast track her citizenship and positive reception from the community regarding her as a police officer. As head of the department she oversees all law enforcement of the islands as well as the needs of the environment and housing developments. Because she is not a native born she is ineligible for succession.

Officer of Meteorology - Youkika Elma
Deputy: Piripi Tita

Youkika Elma is a native of Hoshino Island and a skilled self-trained meteorologist. Her family were apart of the old Sky Watch Sailors, people who camped out onto open seas to watch for major storms coming to the islands but with more refined modern technology the old profession has become a thing of the past. But Youkika wasn't ready to give up her interest in the weather and continued studying on her own, self training from books and talking to weather trackers. She pushed for an office of meteorology to Duchess Villa and was made the officer as a result. Though an office of the government, meteorology is not considered enough experience to meet the needs of leading the state.

Officer of Public Information and Culture - Shizuka Gozen
Deputy: Ibaraki Douji

Shizuka Gozen a native of Aurora as a prominent author of AHSCA literature and a lover of the classics since a young age which inspired her to work both in type print and traditional calligraphy. Between writings she also is a skilled Erhu player and has also dabbled in painting, though not as often as her other work in music and writing. With AHSCA establishing its own state ran media, Gozen's prolific work is what gave her the position of Officer. Her goals are to promote AHSCA culture abroad and better track the cultural history of the islands going forward. Similar to the Meteorology officer, Gozen is not in line for succession.