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The United Island States of
Democratic Socialists

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Minority Leader, Miela

Head of Congress and Speaker
Personal Info
Mikelo Ĉiela


1 January 1999


Corona Island







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Economic Ideology:

Socialism, Nordic capitalism

"The Islands are my heart and soul" - Miela

Miela is the current Minority Leader and Senator from Corona in the Congress for the United Island States of AHSCA and is a member of the National Liberal Party. Following the retirement of Senators Kaena and Arorah of Corona at the next primary election, Miela sought to regain her party's dominance but she and the party failed to gain the needed votes to become the majority party.

Early Life

Born in the village of Vilaĝo de Ŝtormoj (literally, Village of Storms) a moderate sized village located on the north-west shore of Corona Island. The oldest child of Ĉiela and Mikelo, she came from a family of rather influential political figures in Corona politics, with her mother and father both being Chiefs of their Village, her aunt an assistant to Corona Chief Ayla and her uncle a first term Senator in the first AHSCA Congress. As a child, Miela was known for her high spirit and energy and a desire to be just like her parents and aspiring to be the leader of her village someday just like her parents.

As she grew into her teens she began to pursue her active interest in tribal leadership, working with her parents in various aspects of village life. Her first task given by her mother was to draft a village ordinance based on various requests of the people. This lead her to establish a village law about the size of fishing boats that could be docked in the village's narrow harbor.

Her second task was to be a mediator for disputes among villagers, solving land and fishing claims and ordinance violations. Though able, she never had to rule on more serious crimes as none occurred in her brief time as a mediator. Once her parents deemed ready and with the blessing of Chief Ayla, she was given the title as Chief of Stormo. Miela is largely considered a likely candidate to succeed Chief Ayla as the next Chief of Corona when Ayla decides to retire or dies in office.

Personal Life

Though being political rivals, Miela is currently in a relationship with Pacifica and the two notably attended a gala together in Teressien. Like many, she's a follower of Madokamisim. She voiced her personal endorsement for the The Cartoon Eco-Revolutionist Party and Avdocha Kiltzkaya and Anya Kiltzkaya in the The 2019 Cartoon House Chancellery Election in Cartoonia while disavowing the idea of actual violent political revolution that would destabilize the nation and only agreeing with the women's basic ideology.

It's important to note that outside the Duchess, it's against the law for, members of Congress or members of the Offices to give endorsement or sanction or promises of their office in official capacity of their office. They are however allowed to express their personal expression of endorsement as a private citizen.

Election to Congress

AHSCA has public elections for it's Congress every 8 years, though some can come much earlier by need of political appointment or special election. Similar to her counterpart, Miela's time came upon the retirement of former Senators Kaena and Arorah from office politics. While Pacifica's time came during an off season, Miela was put forward by the party during a normal election time thus was formally elected during a regular election cycle. While the hope was to retake the Majority party status, in a narrow vote, Pacifica and her party retained the Majority seat keeping status quo in tact for now.

Political Opinions

In terms of AHSCAian politicls, Miela falls more on the conservative spectrum of the island's politics. Believing more in AHSCAian tribal politics and not as strongly in globalism. She does support AHSCA having a tight relation with a select few countries that respect the island's traditions and beliefs and those who have shown compassion to the islands in the past. She's rather neutral on the concept of monarchism but does pledge support to her government as it stands and supports Duchess Villa. She's a proponent of strong central government while also saying there can be wiggle room for states rights. Economically she leans towards Socialism but also takes to some of her opponent's idea of Nordic capitalism. She's a proponent of Madokamism being recognized as the nation's official religion but still allows the freedom of religion under the AHSCA Constitution. She prescribes to her party's belief of Luddite followings feeling the modern world is too dependent on technology which is leading to the dangers of climate change.

Miela has supported AHSCA's penal island, Black Island and continues to promise her support in funding and management of it. She opposed the building of a military facility by Kyrenaia on Aurora Island but as it was ordered built by Royal Decree she could not vote it down or rally a campaign against it. That said, she is content with the Kyrenaia stressing it's not personal against the Sultanate, only a matter of land and environmental concerns and still welcomes the mutual friendship between the Sultanate the UIS.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Tribalism, Ludditesim, Island-Conservatism, AHSCA's State Religion

  • Neutral: Nationalism, Communism

  • Anti: Unregulated Capitalism, Anarchy

Five Dimensional Political Compass

Collectivism score: 100%
Authoritarianism score: 33%
Internationalism score: -67%
Tribalism score: -17%
Liberalism score: 0%

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