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Aeterosan Currency

The Oran is the chief unit of currency for the Aterosan Nation. Its value is approximately .9 that of the US dollar though it does fluctuate from time to time depending on the economic fortunes of the country. Following the model of US coinage the Aeterosan currency initially consisted of a one cent piece, a five cent piece, a ten cent piece, a twenty-five cent piece, and both a coin and paper version of the Oran. The various subdivisions of the Oran are as follows.

Stenat: The short lived one cent piece of currency was only in circulation for a few decades, a simultaneous rise both in the price of Aetorosan goods and the price of the materials used to mint the Stenat relegated this coin rather quickly to an antique which ironically became a valuable collectors item.

Burga: The Burga is the smallest subdivision of the Oran still in use though it is in the midst of being gradually phased out. It is still widely accepted but no new Burgas has been minted in the past decade and it is generally believed they will be fully out of circulation within the next fifteen years or so being relegated to nothing more than a collectors item like the Stenat before it.

Keyl: The Keyl (Pronounced Keel) the ten cent piece of the Oran is still seeing wide use and due to the cheapness of the materials used in its minting (the coin is composed almost entirely out of iron) it is highly likely that this coin will not be phased out as its both still widely used and cheap to produce.

Solt: The Solt is the largest subdivision of the Oran and like the Keyl is composed mostly of iron, and is in wide circulation.

Oran (Coin): The coin version of the Oran is just referred to as the Oran, it doesn't see as wide of circulation as the paper version but is accepted in most businesses and is still actively being minted often with special designs to signify certain events and anniversaries like the date of birth of Aeter or the anniversary of the end of the independence war against Portugal