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The History of Aeteros: Total Conquest

The Conquest of Sonaris:

With the uniting of the two rival kingdoms secure King Aeter II set about reforming and expanding. Chief among these desires was to control the entirety of the island, something no ruler had been able to do before him. With the conquest of the Kingdom of Goraesh the only true resistance before him was the fortified and wealthy trading city of Sonaris, but this was far easier said than done.

Located on the northernmost reaches of the island Sonaris had experienced a history far different than much of the island being a center for trade and commerce long before the days of Kerick and Goraesh. The city while nominally independent, was under the influence of the Izkari League, and would not submit to Aeterosan control without a fierce fight.

Independent, ancient, and wealthy this city stood as a mighty bastion projecting its influence across much of the northern island. A series of several fortresses ensured that anyone intending to conquer it would have to carve a bloody path across the northern region, which is exactly what Aeter II intended to do. Beginning in 1478 over the course of several years the King would prove that he was unfortunately not his father with a series of strategic blunders leaving his army far reduced in strength with very little to show for it in territorial gains.

After years of seemingly no progress the King was forced to attempt to invade the city by sea and thus entrusted one of his lieutenants, Karu with the secret construction of a small fleet of ships, these ships were stationed in a small village that would one day become the city of Cetalis. In order to give the fleet a chance of actually making landfall Aeter II would have to put pressure on the city itself and the casualties his army would sustain to get them there would forever mar his reputation among his people. But his objective was complete and the city of Sonaris was under siege. With the main garrison distracted his navy set sail to finally complete his territorial ambitions. The siege began on December 12th 1485, the estimated strengths of the two forces were an army of 10,000 on the side of Aeter II and a city garrison of 8,000.

The Battle of Sonaris:

Aeter II had proven to be lacking in military skill and had relinquished authority over the army to his general Karos who was able to effectively cut off the city from the rest of its holdings in the countryside. After a few months of siege the fleet had moved to blockade the city confronting the cities fleet in the Battle of the Northern Bank which was a narrow Aeteroan victory, and with the bay vulnerable the invasion began on the 5th of June 1486. The battle was quick but brutal, as the city garrison was not prepared for an attack on both sides they were quickly overwhelmed and slaughtered, as a new day dawned Aeter II had finally united the entire island under the rule of a single man.

Tense Victory:

After returning to Kerick it should have been a time of jubilation for Aeter II but after his relegation of control of the army he found his influence greatly reduced, now having to compete with his nobles for influence and power over the country. His seizing on the city would not go unnoticed either, and his kingdom would certainly pay the price in due time.