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The Comprehensive Demographics of Aeteros

Aeteros is divided ethnically in half with two large pluralities making up over 85% of the population. The first and larger of these two is the Aeterosans. It is widely accepted that this group is an offshoot of the modern day Ipachi peoples and that they either share a common cultural ancestor, or that the Aterosans were originally Ipachi themselves. However, through their settlement of their own island and centuries to develop their own culture and history have gradually grown distinct enough to be considered their own people.

The Aeterosan people make up approximately 48% (7.7 million) of the nations population and are relatively evenly spread through out the nation though there are particularly large concentrations around the cities of Aeternus and Kerick.

The next largest group is that of the original settlers of the island, the Upreans of Uprea. Making up approximately 37% (5.9 million) of the nations population they are the largest minority community within Aeteros. Primarily focused around the ancient trading city of Sonaris and the surrounding countryside the Upreans far less spread out than the Aeterosans and command a very similar amount of political power due to being able to serve as a united voting block more effectively.

The third largest group and first true minority group within Aeteros are the Portugese. Population exchange has been occurring for centuries under colonialism. Waves of refugees fled the country to settle in new lands during the time of the independence war. This wave exploded the Portugese population to over 1 million and as time has progressed this population has only grown and today stands at almost 10% (1.6 million) of the population. Much of the Portugese population is focused in the north and centered around the city of Deshoran.

The remaining 5 percent of the population is a diverse mix of nations from across the Isles and changes quite rapidly with immigration trends with Aeternus and Deshoran having the reputation of being international cities host to a great many different ethnicities and peoples.

While the cities are often at least equally populated by those of different descents the countryside is much more heavily populated by the native populations, chiefly Aeterosans