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History of Aeteros: Founding to Aeter

The history of Aeteros begins with scattered trading settlements from Keverai while archeology efforts are ongoing it is believed that these settlements are as old as 55 BC where much of the northern island was dotted with small settlements. Over time these settlements grew into larger towns and possibly even cities and kingdoms hitting something of a golden age in the 8th century AD becoming beautiful centers of learning and commerce. This golden age would be cut short with the eruption of Mt. Rakota the prominent volcano on the island. This cataclysm has gone on to heavily influence the faith of the inhabitants on the island believing that in time this mountain of fire would bring about the end of days. The eruption would also be devastating to these northern cities as much of the lava flow erased entire towns and the ashes would cloud the sky making agriculture far less productive. It would take centuries for any sort of recovery.

Remodian Settling
These small scattered outposts and cities would be the only major presence on the island until the year 1067 when the land now called Wellsia sent forth colonists to find new lands.A particularly large group fled from Hadastan rule. After many weeks of tough waters and terrifying storms they eventually found the large "uninhabited" island that would one day become known as Aeteros. Initially creating a small settlement on the shores of the island, eventually they would brave the interior and found the city of Goraesh named for the man who led their flight from the island, Gorain who became their first King.

The city would benefit from the fertile soils and productive mines and grew to become a very prosperous and peaceful city. The inhabitants would remain inside their isolated mountain valley on the southern edge of the island for centuries. Much of the outside world faded from memory with some even believing the existence of the island they fled from to be a fabrication of their faith. This "splendid isolation" as it would become known as to historians would come to an end after over three centuries when the inhabitants from the northern cities would migrate south for better agricultural lands and escape the devastation of a minor eruption of Mt. Rakota found the future capital of Aeteros, Kerick.

The Second Settling
It still isn't entirely understood where exactly the group of settlers who would become the Aeterosans initially came from. It is believed that the small trading ports from Keverai began to migrate south in great numbers to find better lands. What is known is that in the year 1345 the Aeterosans first interacted with the inhabitants of Goraesh. Initial relations were relatively peaceful if a bit tense but the wary Goraeshians grew paranoid of their new neighbors more specifically their King, Gorain XII. Who in 1399 organized a military raid on the Aeterosan city of Kerick which would spark the first of three great wars between the two peoples. The first of which was a resounding Goraeshian victory with Kerick being completely destroyed and most of the Aeterosans fleeing to smaller settlements closer to the coast or back into the north.

This war concluded in 1404 with a decisive Goraeshian victory but there were very few formal battles in this war outside of the sacking of Kerick, most of the fighting was minor skirmishing in the forests or beaches. King Gowain XII believed the menace of this invading peoples to be vanquished forever but he would be proven wrong in the coming years.

The Rise of Aeter
Aeter was a son of very minor nobility among the court of the King of Kerick Tamar II as a child he was sent to the northern cities to receive an excellent education from the pre-eminent scholars of the island, he was taught ways of war, economics, administration, and even the natural sciences. He excelled in his studies becoming a shrewd and wise man though while he was tending to his studies he learned of the complete and utter destruction of Kerick. He vowed revenge against the violent King of Goraesh and spent years gathering support from the northern cities and uniting his scattered people. After nearly two decades of preparation in 1422 the time had come for Aeter to reap revenge and to sew the founding legend of Aeteros into the fabric of history .