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The Geography of Aeteros

Aeteroan geography is heavily influenced by the volcano at the center of its island. Named after a destruction god of the Aeteroan faith (Kunar), the volcano still has occasional minor eruptions but after centuries of living on the island the locals have more than adapted to being able to avoid the most destructive outbursts. The volcanos geological activity as well as favorable ocean currents help keep the temperature of Aeteros stable and warm with teeming rainforests in the foothills of Kunar and colorful reefs off the coast of much of the island. With the most extensive reef networks being off the coast of Aeternus the capital city.

The major cities of Aeteros are Aeternus, the capital, located in the Bay of Koranis it serves as the administrative head of the country as well as the location of its parliament. The city is very new only having been constructed within the last twenty years to serve as a new capital as the cities population had long outgrown the previous capital city. It is the most populous city in the nation as well with approximately 4 million residents according to the most recent census.

The next largest city is Deshoran in the northeast, the economic heart of the nation. With a population of approximately 3 million residents, this city is likely the most diverse with immigrants from all across the Isles coming to this city for work. This city is host to many of the factories that power the Aeteroan manufacturing industry and the naturally deep bay in which the city resides allows it to be an extremely busy and well trafficked port for shipping all across the region.

The third largest city is Sonaris located in the northernmost reaches of the nation. The surrounding lands are extremely fertile and this city serves as the center of its agriculture industry, the city itself has a population of only 1 million in the city proper but the surrounding farmlands bring that total up to almost 3 million.

Kerick is not a particularly large city, numbering somewhere in the upper hundreds of thousands but it was once a much more important place and still is to an extent. Kerick is the ancestral capital of the settlers of the island and the city served as the official capital until the construction of Aeternus was complete about 20 years ago. Surrounded by a great palm forrest this city now serves as a regional capital of one of Aeteros' five provinces, it is nestled in the foothills of Kunar with significant mining operations serving as the major industry of the area, as well as tourism from the nearby national forest. The mining operations provide raw materials for the factories of Deshoran as well as providing both geothermal power and uranium for various industrial and scientific purposes. While nuclear research is in its infancy in Aeteros it will likely be based in Kerick.

Cetalis serves as the main staging ground for the Aeteroan military and much of the operations therein are classified to the general public. But military demonstrations from the army, navy, and air force are relatively common in the area as they can serve as excellent training exercises. Cetalis has a small population of around 250,000 residents not including active military. The surrounding waters and forests are teeming with life so the military must submit to regular inspections to ensure none of their operations are causing too much harm to the local flora and fauna.

Goraesh is another ancestral city of the first settlers of the island. Located in-bewteen two minor mountain ranges, Goraesh was isolated from the rest of the island for many centuries. Goreash and Kerick were the capitals of two competing states fighting for dominance over the island for much of its early history. The ruins of Old Goreash are scattered all through out the valleys and are a massive tourist attraction for their complex building techniques and the well preserved nature of much of the structures. Today Goraesh serves as the unofficial capital of the tourism industry, with many of the various hotel chains, outdoor expeditions and museums to the islands past all located or based within the city. The most important feature is the Juran International Airport, while there are small regional airports in places like Deshoran used mostly for cargo and an airfield for foreign dignitaries in Aeternus, Juran International Airport is a busy hub for travel across The Western Isles and brings in large crowds of tourists to the nation everyday.

Each of these cities with the exception of Aeternus serves as a regional capital, Aeternus has its own special administrative district like Washington DC in the US