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Arkonos Resources

"It is simply, and solely, the abundance of money within a state which makes the difference in its grandeur and power."-Jean-Baptiste Colbert

What are resources? Resources are Materials, Foods, Weapons, Ships and Luxuries produced across all of Arkonos. For most resources, they are produced on a county by county basis, like Foodstuff or coal. Others must be refined, like Weapons/Armor requiring coal and Iron to manufacture. While Resources in Arkonos may be the simplification of numerous systems needed to refine or exploit said resources, this system is meant to add depth, and just a bit of variety between each nation. It is unlikely for any one nation to have the exact same resources, nor have the same sized population, or the same sized army/navy under this system. Trading between one another to balance out what player's lack is up to player discretion, negotiated in the Lydes Market.

How do I obtain resources? Most resources you will obtain from Natural expansion. If you see a resource you really want, you should obviously expand in the direction of said resource to bring it under your Nation (though don't be blatantly going for the resources.) Other resources you will have to manufacture, or if its a basic good, trade for.

All resources will have an effect of some sort. Manufacturing resources are meant to be refined into something else. Others have direct effects, like foodstuff directly increasing the population of your nation, or weapons/armor giving you soldiers to fight with. Enough Luxury resources, meanwhile, can increase your opulent resource count. Resources are meant to be an important part of your nation, and help define it.

For a comprehensive list of the rules for the resources, read the spoiler below:

  1. Each County has an assigned resource, that's unchangeable and consistent forever.

  2. When expanding, resources are only counted AFTER confirmed to have been obtained on the map through updates.

  3. Development can be used to create new resources, but these new resources aren't chosen- they're randomly selected.

  4. Resources must be listed that you've acquired/manufactured. List them in a "Trade FB", as you'll use the list to trade with others as well.

  5. Certain resources provide Soldiers and Population. List these in the Trade FB as well.

  6. Camels, Cavalry, Ivory, and Guns all provide Soldiers, but these soldiers aren't armored, considered "light" Variants. To arm them, simply subtract from your weapons/armor soldiers, and mention the distinction. (IE, 1000 light cavalry + 1000 armored soldiers = 1000 heavy cavalry)

  7. Importing Food requires a resource of salt. Only one salt needs to be present to trade Food.

  8. Luxury resources can be turned into Opulent Resources, a Common resource that a player can pick and choose. It is currently a ratio of 3 Luxuries for 1 Opulent resource.

  9. Nations must have a coastline of some sort to build ships.

  10. Small Nations receive twice as many resources from counties as compared to large nations, whilst being limited in size.

  11. City States gain resources differently. Instead of obtaining resources via land, City States can "exploit" resources in the grid the city is located. They are able to select 10 resources this way. If there is not enough resources in the grid, the grid area expands. For examples, see here: Sokos Tylos

  12. If trading with a nation one of your alternate nations are allied with, please take into account that if you are involved in a conflict, your trade can be temporarily halted by anyone involved in said conflict.

Common Resources

Common resources are something almost every nation will have access to, whether by accident or intentional acquisition of. For things like Foodstuff and Cattle, it'll likely take up a large part of your country due to it being extremely common, while things like Horses or Tea will be a great deal more rarer.





Foodstuff, a catch-all term, is the various foods produced within a nation. Wheat, Potatoes, Barley, Fish, etc., all are found in Foodstuff. Lots of Food is necessary to maintaining a large population, and Foodstuff is one of the most common resources on the planet.

Provides 100,000 Population.


Cattle, sheep, goats and more. Whether it be from milks and cheeses, or the meat of the animal itself, Livestock can be found in almost all the same places Foodstuff can, yet are slightly more common in drier, less habitable climates.

Provides 100,000 Population.


Coal, whether dug from the earth itself or the burning of wood to form Charcoal, are important in the refinement of metals, like Iron, and then put into shape.

Manufacturing resource


One of the most common metals on Arkonos, Iron has many uses from fittings to horseshoes, yet is most commonly found for the production of military equipment.

Manufacturing resource

Soft Metals

Brass, Bronze, and Zinc, Soft Metals are a Necessity for many things not requiring the strength of Iron. Not only that, but metals like Silver and Copper are also covered, important metals for Coinage.

Manufacturing resource


From windows to cups, Glass is important for architecture and for vessels. Not only that, it can be useful for bottling.

Manufacturing resource


Cotton, Hemp, Flax and wool are all used for the manufacturing of textiles, most commonly strong cloth.

Manufacturing resource


Trees are common everywhere, but few types of trees can produce the valuable Hardwood, needed to brave strong seas or the heavy weight of cannon.

Manufacturing resource


A popular beverage due to its ability to wake someone up but also to taste, Coffee is common almost everywhere, but only certain environments can provide it in great quantity.

Manufacturing resource


While just as popular as Coffee, Tea is rare in dry environments, found in wet climates to a more common degree.

Manufacturing resource


Salt is a valuable resource, used for flavor and the preservation of foods. While common, a lack of salt in a region could be devastating in continual growth.

Allows the exporting of foods.


Centuries of breeding have produced tamed horses, strong and capable of bearing the weight of rider, his armor, and armor for itself.

Provides a Horse Cavalry force of 5,000.


While not as tame nor fast as a horse, Camels are especially adept for arid environments which horses struggle with.

Provides a Camel Cavalry force of 5,000.

Rare Resources

Rare resources are resources that many nations are unlikely to have an abundance of. While some environments may have a higher likelihood of a rare resource appearing, more often then not you will lack something among the list, which may be something you wish to have.





Refined from Sulfur, Gunpowder explodes like thunder and has the explosive potential to shake the mountains themselves in high enough quantities. More than that however, its name is derived from what it supplies, the new and experimental gun.

Manufacturing Resource


While Copper and more notably Silver both have value to them, none can compare to the beautiful and valuable Gold. from Jewelry to Currency, all nations wish for this colorful metal.

Manufacturing Resource


Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds. the beautiful reflection of these gems make them a prize higher in value than gold itself.

Manufacturing Resource

Natural Medicine

Local herbs in the region, Natural Medicine is useful to counter the effects of sickness, able to be further refined and manufactured.

Manufacturing Resource


Created from Silkworms, Silk is a high quality and light textile. Popular among the wealthy, its quality and expensive production makes it a prize.

Manufacturing Resource


While normal Dyes are used for almost everything, the high quality purples and rich blues produced from it can make almost any piece of clothing look special.

Manufacturing Resource


A strange and soft metal, Antirium is a blueish-grey metal who's properties are capable of stopping magic, and is sought for this property.

Special Resource

Enchantment Gems

Gems as black as the night with seeming stars embedded within, Enchantment Gems are used for the process of Enchanting equipment, making their acquisition prized.

Special Resource


Elephants, and on occasion in the far north, Mammoths, are large creatures who if tamed can be a shock force that armies break upon, either the enemy or your own.

Luxury Resource. Provides an Elephant/Mammoth Cavalry Force of 100.


The wonderful smells Perfume can give lighten the mood of an entire ball, or enhance the beauty of even the most beautiful there.

Luxury Resource


Brittle Ceramic, the beauty and quality of good Porcelain outshines more rudimentary materials like clay or wood.

Luxury Resource


While addictive, Tobacco has already become common in the lower and higher classes as entertainment.

Luxury Resource

Manufactured Resources
Manufactured resources are the production of one resource from multiple other resources. Most manufactured resources serve a purpose, like weapons or ships. some however are luxuries, which can be refined into opulent resources. The two are separated into their own tables, with ones with effects in one table, and luxuries in another.

Military Resources



Resource Input



Armies need arms, and nations need Armies. Halberds, Plate Armor, Crossbows, Pikes and many more can be made from hardened steel.

    1x Iron
    1x Coal

Grants enough weapons and armor to equip 10,000 soldiers.


Matchlocks are a new and experimental weapon, whose volley fire can rip apart anything it comes across. More simple to use and maintain than heavy crossbows, It suffers in the rarity of resources.

    1x Iron/Soft Metals
    1x Coal
    1x Gunpowder

Grants enough guns to equip 5,000 soldiers.


Large, cumbersome, and risky to fire, Cannons make up for it in their devastating impact against enemy walls. More effective than other siege weapons, yet also more reliable source of firepower than mages.

    1x Iron/Soft Metals
    1x Coal
    1x Hardwood
    1x Gunpowder

Grants 100 Cannons.

Light Ships

Fast and Flexible with Oars and sail alike, Balingers or Light Ships are used heavily for coastal trade, but also supporting fleets, whether it be through combat or transporting of troops.

    1x Cloth
    1x Hardwood

Grants 50 Light Ships. Can transport soldiers, 100 each.

Medium Ships

Fast and High sailing, Caravels or Medium Ships are great for intercontinental trade, but as well operate as the mainstay of fleet based combat. Can transport soldiers, 200 each.

    2x Cloth
    2x Hardwood

Grants 50 Medium Ships. A fleet of Medium ships are necessary for trade between the continents of Arkonos. Can transport soldiers, 200 each.

Heavy Ships

Large and sturdy, Carracks or Heavy Ships are the heavy hitters of fleet combat, boasting an arsenal of cannons that only mages could hope in matching at sea.

    3x Cloth
    3x Hardwood
    1x Cannons

Grants 50 Heavy Ships. Heavy Ships can transport soldiers, 500 each.

Luxury Resources

Luxury resources are resources with no real effect, besides Opulence. Opulence allows the further acquisition of common resources with the hoarding of luxury resources (you technically keep the Luxuries, and opulence, unless you trade away the luxuries that cancel the opulence.) This allows those who may have an overabundance of luxuries to benefit in some way, being able to choose what type of resources they might get. The ratio is 3 luxuries for 1 Opulent resource, and they must be from the common resource list. losing one of the 3 luxuries instantly cancels the opulent resource, so be mindful of this when trading away luxuries.



Resource Input

Fine Jewelry

Common amongst the lower and middle classes, these silver and copper necklaces help define their status while looking good all the same.

    1x Soft Metals
    1x Gems

Fancy Instruments

Highly Decorated and tuned to a perfect melody, Fancy Instruments make a mockery of their lesser counterparts.

    2x Soft Metals
    1x Hardwood/Soft Metals

Fancy Jewelry

Sapphires set upon Golden amulets, This expensive form of Jewelry will allow the rich to flaunt their wealth at all occasions.

    1x Gold
    1x Gems

Fine Clothing

Embroidered, Eloquent, Fashionable. With the richest dyes and greatest silks, locals look on in awe, while foreign nobles stare with jealous eyes.

    1x Silk
    1x Dyes

Manufactured Medicine

While Herbs may be fine for the local village peoples, Manufacturing Medicine will not only have a more pronounced effect, but be more storable as well.

    1x Natural Medicine
    2x Glass

Stained Glass

Beautiful Glass colored with in Eccentric patterns, Stained Glass can be used for decoration in a noble's home, or to decorate the windows of churches and temples alike.

    1x Dyes
    2x Glass


Artwork is painted by the highest quality painter's money can buy, both confirming the superiority of their artists, but their subject matter as well.

    1x Dyes
    1x Cloth


Gold, Silver, Copper. All are in use by many nations, but only truly magnificent ones can claim to have the highest quality and minted coinage, supported by the state and all.

    2x Soft Metals
    1x Gold

Refined Drinks

With enough quantity of coffee, tea, or both, we're able to afford to go for quality, increasing not only its potency, but purity.

    3x Coffee and/or Tea