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Factbook of The Third Republic of Atla [MT]

The Third Republic of Atla

Flag of Atla

Motto: "Libertas ad omnes"

Location: Herspera

Population: 36 Million

Capital: Austrundus
Largest City: Austrundus

Official Language: English

National Language: None

Demonym: Atlish

Government: Republic



Land Area:

Highest Point:
Lowest Point:

GDP (nominal) (in billions):
GDP (nominal) per capita:


Time Zone:

Drives on the:

Calling code:

Internet TLD:


The Third Republic of Atla, commonly known as Atla is a libertarian republic situated on the borderlands between the regions of Herspera and Aurus. It includes the land situated between the Shentong and Atlish mountains common known as the Wein River Valley. It is a humbly sized landlocked nation nation bordered to the east by the Kingdom of New Phallia, the south by Great Chen, and to the northwest by Dzhungestan.

Atla's government is a constitutional republic with an executive branch lead by the President who acts as head of state and government, a tricameral legislature, and a high judicial court. The Atlish government capital is Austrundus which is situated to the north west of the country along the Wein River. Austrundus is also the largest city in Atla, with a urban population of 3.2 million. The country is broken into five provinces which each have their own governments that have unique policies and laws that reflect the will of their populations. The central government of Atla has minimal say in the administration of these five provinces which fiercely guard their provincial rights against the looming power of a taboo central government.

Coal, Iron, and Rare Earth Minerals are the chief exports of Atla and make up the majority of the economic income of the nation. Iron and coal are mined primarily in the Atlish mountains to the northwest and the Shentong Mountains in the east of the country. Rare Earth Minerals are sporadically found in the northern part of the country. These resources after being mined are then refined throughout Atla and exported to the world markets. The largest means of export is the Wein river which is the closest access tot he ocean for the land locked nation of Atla.

Formed after the Atlish Revolution of 1890, Atla is a country centered around the culture and heritage of the Atlish people. The Atlish get their name from the mountains to the north, a common slang term for Phallian workers being sent to the mines in the north of the old Phallian Kingdom. Several revolts lead up the independence movement of Atla, but the largest catalyst is the Dundee Massacre in which Royal Phallian troops burned and slaughtered the entire village of Dundee during its own revolt. Three years after the massacre at Dundee, Atla found itself an independent country and the people created unto themselves a republic to secure their rights as free men. The Atlish people are highly libertarian and view the government as only a tool of the people to prevent fraud and abuse. Due to this, laws regulating anything within Atla are rare, and often communities are left to deal their own justice. The Atlish people fear large over oppressive government, viewing it and tyrannical and dangerous to the life and liberty of all people. Since the revolution of 1890 the people of Atla have overthrown the government twice and created a new constitution with new checks and balances against an over growing central power.

Atla is a developed country with infrastructure and markets on par with first world nations such as those in Meridia, but in more rural areas the infrastructure is less tended to and under the purview of the communities that they reside in. Being as there is little regulation from the government, communities and even provincial governments will hire private sector firms to upgrade and build regional infrastructure.

Within the economic center of Austrundus hundreds if not thousands of multinational companies have headquartered themselves to avoid frequent taxation from other states, and instead enjoy the low tax burden that the Atlish government places on corporation. Banks have sprung up in this haven of little oversight and began a trend by organizations and persons international of opening a "Atlish Bank Account".









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