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Queen Alexandria Maria Daevous, the Kingdom of Achesia [FanT]

Queen Alexandria Maria Daevous | The Ice Skinned Queen of Fire

Race: Reachman
Gender/Sex: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: Skin of white ice riddled with freckles that are the gossip of the ladies of the court, Alexandria is the steel eyed redheaded queen of grace and beauty. While she is not the conventional model of noble beauty within the Kingdom, she has been making waves with suitors from around the Reach, her red hair like a beacon.
Class: Bard
Equipment: A full noble wardrobe fitting a queen, consisting of regal gowns and dresses as well as the Crown of the Kingdom of Achesia. Often times a ocarina can be found on her person as she likes to serenade the members of the court with music and song.

Skills: Before ascending to the throne of the Kingdom of Achesia, Alexandria was known for her musical talent and exquisite singing voice. Often upon her visits to court she would preform a wide range of musical talents to the delight of the crowds of nobles within the capital of Atlas. As she now has been crowned Queen she has brought a pure sense of justice and dutiful righteousness that the subjects of this young monarch have come to adore. Her voice being a alluring symphony in artful song has also found itself the cornet of inspiration to her subjects as she orates to the court in Atlas with great skill and orchestrated thought.

Weaknesses: Being a young and idealistic ruler, the Queen has been faced with many challengers to her authority by those who view themselves as her equal. Coming from a lesser branch of the ruling dynasty has found herself facing many who view her sense of justice and governorship as mere child's play. Alexandria also heavily relies on advisers to give her insight on matters such as economy and martial means, but typically heeds their advise and brings a sort of swan song to her orders. Yet, as a consequence of her naive nature and frequent challengers, often since she took the throne has felt alone and frightened by her new position as she struggles to find the confidence to lead a Kingdom alone. Alexandria's idealism has also come into question as her heart may be in the right place, but in the end her prayers of hope and plenty for her people are sometimes misplaced in foolish errands. In venture to gain such prosperity for her people, she has been known to ignore her council to seek after such errands others would deem unwise.

Bio: Born the daughter of a second cousin to the King of the land of Achesia, Alexandria was set on a path of a noble and uneventful life, with little or no chance to ascend beyond that of a noble lady whom happened to share the surname of the King. This all changed however after her parents were killed during a fire at a inn along the river of Achesia, and her subsequent childhood raised as a ward in a distant castle away from the capital of Atlas. Lord Stuart Koud, a loyal servant of the crown took her into his castle as a ward and from an early adolescence ensured she was given the proper education and training to become a proper noble lady. One day he hoped she would take ownership of her branches' estate in Atlas upon her ascension to adulthood. Alexandria was often brought to court to visit with the main branch of the House of Daevous that ruled over the Kingdom, and there she would share songs and music that she would compose among the high towers of Lord Koud's castle. She sang ballads of snow covered mountains and of knights that stood sentinel over them, and soon became a darling of the court. Upon her departure from Atlas, she had no idea that when she viewed the cities walls and towers once more, she would be the next monarch of Achesia.

The word came swiftly just after her eighteenth birthday, the young King of Achesia, Hector Daevous the II was dead from the pox, leaving no heir in his line. The council of nobles had been convened and without question saw Alexandria as the rightful heir to the crown, her only contestants being an in-firmed woman whom was once sister to a past king, and a boy of ill mind from a lesser branch than she. The fate of the Daevous Dynasty and the Kingdom on her shoulders, a surprised noble lady of inconsequential noble birth was now the queen of the river kingdom. Upon her arrival to court in Atlas she was heralded as the angel of Achesia, her darling reputation that she had set on previous visits preceding her. Alexandria instantly became the most sought after woman in all of the southern reach as suitors offered their hand to the young and impressionable queen, only to have them all turned away. Her stalwart advisers, lead by her chief adviser Lord Koud, suggested that the queen wait for a proper suitor to be found before taking a hand in marriage, knowing that her dynasty and Kingdom stood to suffer from any ill-advised entanglements of the young queen. Now she sits the throne alone, in a frighteningly powerful position for a girl of her age and experience.

Personality: A gracious and sweet girl of even temperament whom loves to speak to people of all classes and natures. Since becoming queen however she has become more reserved and often keeps to herself when not attending to court or matters of state.

Likes: To sing, write songs and poetry, and read about history of her lands and people. Her favorite subject being female rulers of old and how they handled leadership in such environments as hers. Her tutors often give her studies about economy and martial tactics, but she prefers to let her far more experienced advisers handle such matters and instead likes to inspire her people through her words of encouragement and positive thought.

Dislikes: Alexandria has been known to ridicule those nobles who do not look after their people's needs but instead seek glory for themselves. She prefers to put the Kingdom of Achesia before her ambitions and often does not cater to those on her council who seek to further the coffers of the Kingdom at the expense of her people.

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