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The Kingdom of Achesia (FanT Factbook)

Kingdom of Achesia| The Land of the River's Mercy

Queen Alexandria Daevous, Ruler of the Kingdom of Achesia since the death of King Hector the II of Achesia. She is of the line of Titus Daevous a Prince during the rule of King Freddrick of Achesia.

Born the daughter of a second cousin to the King of the land of Achesia, Alexandria was set on a path of a noble and uneventful life, with little or no chance to ascend beyond that of a noble lady whom happened to share the surname of the King. This all changed however after her parents were killed during a fire at a inn along the river of Achesia, and her subsequent childhood raised as a ward in a distant castle away from the capital of Atlas. Lord Stuart Koud, a loyal servant of the crown took her into his castle as a ward and from an early adolescence ensured she was given the proper education and training to become a proper noble lady. One day he hoped she would take ownership of her branches' estate in Atlas upon her ascension to adulthood. Alexandria was often brought to court to visit with the main branch of the House of Daevous that ruled over the Kingdom, and there she would share songs and music that she would compose among the high towers of Lord Koud's castle. She sang ballads of snow covered mountains and of knights that stood sentinel over them, and soon became a darling of the court. Upon her departure from Atlas, she had no idea that when she viewed the cities walls and towers once more, she would be the next monarch of Achesia.

The word came swiftly just after her eighteenth birthday, the young King of Achesia, Hector Daevous the II was dead from the pox, leaving no heir in his line. The council of nobles had been convened and without question saw Alexandria as the rightful heir to the crown, her only contestants being an in-firmed woman whom was once sister to a past king, and a boy of ill mind from a lesser branch than she. The fate of the Daevous Dynasty and the Kingdom on her shoulders, a surprised noble lady of inconsequential noble birth was now the queen of the river kingdom. Upon her arrival to court in Atlas she was heralded as the angel of Achesia, her darling reputation that she had set on previous visits preceding her. Alexandria instantly became the most sought after woman in all of the southern reach as suitors offered their hand to the young and impressionable queen, only to have them all turned away. Her stalwart advisers, lead by her chief adviser Lord Koud, suggested that the queen wait for a proper suitor to be found before taking a hand in marriage, knowing that her dynasty and Kingdom stood to suffer from any ill-advised entanglements of the young queen. Now she sits the throne alone, in a frighteningly powerful position for a girl of her age and experience.

Noble House:

LinkHouse of Daevous, the dynasty of the Kingdom of Achesia since its formation. It's biggest claim to fame being able to trace its lineage back to Remus Atticus and the first kings of Atlas. Having recently gone through some waning years, the House of Daevous is teetering on the edge of extinction as its ruling member is a female and the sole able bodied person to carry on the line. In past history the House of Daevous has been known for its benevolent and just rulers who have put the needs of the Kingdom before ambition. They typically have not sought interest outside of the boarders of their own Kingdom.


The Kingdom of Achesia is a feudal Kingdom that encompasses many different regions that each share a common interest that is looked after by the throne. As such these feudal lords and lands each pay homage to the crown that sits in the city if Atlas and straddles the river Achesia. To the north, and the westernmost fork of the river is the Reach, which is ruled by the LinkHouse of Crownfox. To its east is the East Fork that has been ruled by LinkHouse Koud for several generations. Below that is the Cascades and the ancestral seat of the House of Daevous and subsequently ruled over by either a designate or the main branch of the House of Daevous. To its south lays the Marches, where the river begins its northerly track from the city, it is ruled by the LinkHouse of Avondale. The city of Atlas itself is controlled by the crown and does not have a lord that presides over it. To the very south of the Kingdom is the Lowlands and the LinkHouse of Heartwald that rules over it.


502,800 persons. The Majority of the population being Reachmen that have settled along the banks of the mighty river Achesia (formerly known as the Blacktyde). These Reachmen are primarily farmers who tend to the crops that are benefited by the rich sediment that the Achesia deposits along its banks as it flows down from the mountains to the east and north. The second largest profession being that of the trader or smith who sell their wares to the farmers or export them along with the many crops that are traded across the land of Eroris.


The standing military of the Kingdom of Achesia is broken up among the feudal lords that inhabit the small Kingdom and are loyal to their lieges who are in turn loyal to the crown. By far the Royal House has the most standing troops with a few other
Map of Achesia
houses leading the way before it becomes quite even among the petty lords. These standing forces are primarily an instrument of war and serve a second purpose as guards and policemen for the populace of Achesia. Militia in the form of serf levis can also be called upon in time of crisis for a lord or when the crown sees the need to raise armies to serve the purpose of the Monarch. Rarely are these professional soldiers, as the farmers that are gathered are often minimally equipped before being sent off into battle. Lords and Knights with their men at arms make up the majority of the professional standing force.

Total: 24,000 Standing

    Knights: 800
    Heavy Calvary: 1,700
    Light Calvary: 3,000
    Pikes: 4,000
    Swordsmen: 5,500
    Battle Mages: 500
    Archers: 6,000
    Spearmen: 3,000


    Longships: 60
    Hulks: 25
    Carracks: 10

Short History:

Queen Alexandria of Achesia

The mighty river that flows from the mouth at the great city of Atlas has always bowed to those who sit the throne of the Kingdom that once bore Remus Atticus. In this spirit the formation of the Kingdom of Achesia was inevitable, but the way it formed to the realm that it is today surprised even the lords of that distant history who still stand on shock as their statues still bow to the Daevous Kings of old, adorning the walls of Atlas in their monolithic visages.

Upon the fall of the the Empire that their own blood had cast in their bond with the Queen of Herrath, the nobles of Atlas convened to discuss the future of the Blacktyde and the lands surrounding it. An important agricultural land and trading point, the nobles of the great city of Atlas stood upon a heep of gold and power beyond measure in a world asunder. Striking their back room deals and dividing the slices of the land, the nobles prepared to proclaim such a Kingdom that would become the golden eye of the ocean beyond. A major power player in the affairs of the Reach they dreamed for their small Kingdom, one that could eventually soak up the former provinces into one nation again. But as the discussion turned to who would lead such a Kingdom, there was division.

Several camps had emerged among the nobles of the city of Atlas, those who supported the closest relative of Remus Atticus (a distant cousin of a dozen times removed) and those who supported a ruler who hailed from the north, a young James Daevous. James Daevous was popular among the northern contingent of lords which existed in the far minorities of the council of nobles. He had gained game for for his control of the Cascade, a fortress which spanned the Blacktyde at the fork in its north, and for his enthusiastic will to bring justice to his people. Those who pledged fealty to him did not wish to see yet another aristocrat from the city rule over their affairs in the north, slaves as they viewed themselves to a trade power to their south. However, strong sentiment against the young Daevous King arose and the closest relative to Atticus (one King Victus Warmock) was crowned King by the Atlas nobles.

A war ensued between he northerners and the powerful city faction, a bloodied conflict that would span several years as forces noble and peasant alike would fight along the red shores of the Blacktyde. Many who lived along its banks called it the Redtyde in these days, for the corpses and blood were endless in their ebbing along the crimson banks. As the conflict closed and the northern factions began to starve out the main city of Atlas, James Daevous was soon dealt a blow close to home as his young wife Achesia Daevous was murdered by assassins from Atlas in her own chamber at the Cascade. Her body was thrown into the river that ran swiftly below, and her husband, King James vowed to avenge and remember his one true love. As his forces breached Atlas for the final time, he was able to claim such revenge, and upon forcing the nobles to bow to his crown, he proclaimed the Blactyde to be renamed after his beloved wife and the Kingdom in its likeness.

Since that day the Kingdom of Achesia has been a humble land that tends to its crops throughout the season and begins again as a new one is laid. The flooding of the river is seen as such a spiritual event for its people that they celebrate it en mass before taking to the fields the next day. Overseeing all of this the Daevous rulers have sought to continue the legacy of James Daevous who ensured that the people of Atlas did not come after the riches of Atlas... now Achesia, after the sacrifice that was made to bring such peace.


The Kingdom of Achesia since its inception has been a peaceful and non-aggressive state which in turn only seeks to defend its own boarders and interests rather than expand them beyond the boundaries of what exists now as Achesia.


Allies: Eraus, defensive pact

Neutral: Red Rock, Osiris (trade)


The Realm of Achesia