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Kathrine Lambe, UNUSED AS OF NOW

Katherine Lambe |

Appearance: Her fiery red hair is nothing to go unnoticed, and in contrast to her icey white porcelain skin she lights up any room. A smaller girl she is able to slip around unseen being just 5'5" 120 lbs.

Equipment: Glock 19, Bouy Knife, Ruck sack filling with suitable gear for traveling, rations that she replenishes at trading posts, small wind-up radio.

Skills: Being from a conservative upbringing she has been taught the basics of animal husbandry and country living. Limited small arms training from her brother and some experience in camping.

Personality: A shy girl that with little outlook on the world, Katie does not go out of her way to get to know people. Insecure due to a dark past from her home and that during her early travels alone, Katie stays away from any sort of trust towards other strangers. Sticking to what she knows she survives with the limited skills that she has. Though with the few people she has talked to in her travels, she is a sweet girl who just wishes for a more peaceful existence.

Allegiance: Neutral

Motives: Survival and escape from her father. Katie now is motivated to escape the harsher zones of conflict and survive in whatever way possible.

Biography: Born and raised on a compound to the west of I-95 and the remains of Melbourne, FL. Katie has lived a secluded life marred by religious zealotry and a cult like obedience to a wayward priest. The Community of Christ's Realm is a small compound of little over a hundred people who have hunkered down on a small ranch to the west of the old interstate that runs between Miami and Jacksonville. The Compound as it is known by its inhabitants is a place of residence for the dozens of families that follow the Priest named Jeb, a influential personality that preaches of the Flash being God's preliminary bombardment and rapture in preparation for the second coming of Christ. Now the followers of this strange cult have dubbed themselves the chosen few who have been left to minister to the souls that have been left after the rapture. It is their duty to hunker down and wait for Christ to come and establish his Kingdom in Florida, where the sun of their God shines the most.

For Katie Lambe this existence has been the way of life, up until her brother was killed during one of Jeb's missions. Shortly afterward's Katies ever controlling and abusive father offered to give Katie in marriage to the cult leader Jeb, to be his seventh wife. Needless to say this went against any wishes Katie had.. but women in the compound rarely were given a chance to voice their concerns. So with two of the only things she had of her brothers, his Glock and a necklace he had made her, Katie escaped one night into the wilderness of Central Florida, to flee the Cult of Christ's Realm forever.

Along the way Katie has lived off of the land as she traveled north to escape Florida. She knew there had to be more for her out there, some place that was safer. But as she turned down the road north she ran into many troubles. After being captured by a gang of fiends and spending a few very pleasant nights with them, escaping once more, Katie realized that the only way for her to survive was to steal. Since then she has traveled through the dominion thieving what supplies or money to buy supplies that she can, all the while traveling north. Now she finds herself on the edges of the Ocala national forest... hoping she can sneak northwards silently. But is the Cult of Christ's Realm following her?

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