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Bailey Kale, Pokemon

Bailey Kale |

Gender: Female
Age: 18

Personality: A naive curiosity of the world around her, loves to travel abroad to see new pokemon!
Brief Biography: Bailey grew up in Slateport City when she turned of age to start into the pokemon world. She was given permission from her parents and a small Tyrogue to protect her along the way. Now she wishes to explore the main different regions and carve our her own adventure. Bailey while she was at home was always the one getting herself into trouble over her curiosity, whether it was sneaking out into the fields to get a glimpse of the wild pokemon by herself or trying to peep in the pokemon center at all the rare pokoemon she was known as a naive and curious girl.
Likes: Music, Water, the beach, and being spontaneous
Dislikes: The desert, those who are serious, and not going out of her way to do something new.

Bailey's Pokemon-


The Tyrogue
Gender: Male
Age: 6

Personality: Very protective of Bailey, with less enthusiasm for her curiosity.
Brief Bio: Given to Bailey by her father, Motoku was trained to defend his master at all cost.
Likes: Schedule, playing it safe, and Bailey.
Dislikes: Anything out of the ordinary, being spontaneous.

Pokéball Type: Normal
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Counter, Tackle, Fake-Out, Helping-Hand, Foresight

The Fletchling
Gender: Female
Age: 3

Personality: Curious and mischievous, will always get into some sort of trouble if left un supervised, but often has the right idea at heart.
Brief Bio: Found in the Sunbay Forrest, Athena was born in the wild and lives a happy life exploring the region with her trainer Bailey.
Likes: Going where she shouldn't, pulling strings when nobody notices.
Dislikes: Routine
Pokéball Type: Normal
Ability: Big Pecks
Attacks: Peck, Quick Attack, Tackle

The Hoothoot
Gender: Male
Age: 7

Personality: Quiet, keeps to himself when interacting with other pokemon, and prefers to stay out at night and observe its surroundings.
Brief Bio: Found in the Sunbay forest being held hostage by a pair of devious chefs looking to make them dinner.
Likes: The dark, and watching over Bailey from a distance.
Dislikes: Large crowds of people and pokemon, anywhere he can not keep on eye on everyone.
Pokéball Type: Normal
Ability: Rash Nature
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Foresight Hypnosis, Peck

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