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Lyanna Alexus, Legends of Eroris

Lyanna Alexus |

Race: Reachmen
Gender/Sex: Female
Age: 18
Appearance: Short, slim, and fair brunette, a beautiful girl for such a base station of birth. Often described as born out of class, a jewel in the muck.
Class: Thief
Equipment: Typically casual in dress, wearing what blends in most to the scene or what allows her to quickly move to her destination without drawing much attention. She is skilled in archery and often hides one or more short bladed weapons on her person. Her favorite being a dirk she stole from a knight whom she caught in a stupor in a distant inn.
Skills: Lyanna is swift of foot, able to move agilely through tight spaces, and blend into a crowd. She has been trained in archery and can has a proven ability at thievery, including pick-pocketing.
Weaknesses: Her past is dark, and she is mentally scared and more often than not in fear of threats whether real or imaginary. She is not the strongest, even amongst the average person, and she is also naive in her trust of people.
Personality:She keeps to herself, not one to draw much attention unless she has something to gain. Will try to stay in the shadows, and make her living from those not paying attention to their purses. With those she does interact with she is shy, though she has a tendency to trust to much which is why she fears getting close to other people and instead does her own thing.
Likes:Warm fire on a cold damp night, and a safe and secure place to rest her head.
Dislikes:Those who try to get close, not trusting in nature, unless someone manages to manipulate her into trusting them, which she fears.
Voice:Soft, like a soothing rain.
Born and raised on a farm in the south of the Kingdom of the Reach, Lyanna lived a simple life till the age of thirteen, all the while tending to the normal living of a farm girl. Her father was a war veteran and expert bowmen who had later settled down to the farm where he raised his family, and taught what he knew to his three daughters. One summer on the farm, a band of brigands came to raid and pillage the surrounding area, Lyanna's family was not spared. In the course of the raid her father was killed and she and her sisters were raped, only she survived the incident and was rescued and brought to a healer by a band of travelers who happened by at the right time.

For some time after the incident she recovered physically under the care of the travelers, and from there she began her own travels across the land, far from emotionally recovered. Her travels ranged far and wide through much of the Reach, the North, and the Empire. As she wandered with various bands or went out alone she picked up various skills to survive, such as pick pocketing, lock picking, and general thievery. She learned to use her looks as a woman to her advantage, and along the way trusted too much on several occasions. She once spent time with a knight that rescued her from a pair of brigands, but said knight only wanted her for himself and so she ran, taking his prized dirk, she has since been largely distrusting of the intentions of men, but remains infallibly curious about them. During her time going from town to town in the Empire she spent some time as part of a dance troop as a dancer, it was there she learned that her looks as a woman went a long way into stealing both valuables and secrets from the men she enticed.

Though she has been injured, hurt, and torn inside a number of times she still tries to survive, tries to find purpose in a world that seems to move all around her. She has no one to seek revenge on, as she knows nothing about the men who killed her family and raped her. She has no family to find, she is just alone in a large world, trying to survive, and she still is too young to make sense of its chaos.

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