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Royal Achesian Armed Forces & Order of Battle (ORBAT) (MT)

Total Army: 1,015,000 Active , 175,000 Reserve
Total Air Fleet: 270,000 Active
Total Royal Marine: 340,000 Active, 50,000 Reserve
Grand Total Regular Forces: 1,905,000
Total Contractor: 0


Training for the Royal Army regulars starts at a minimum age of 16. Soldiers are initiated through entry trainings held at different bases across the country. Upon graduation is when you are given your branch of specialty within the Armed Forces. From there your training begins and typically from the start of Basic Training until the completion of specialty training, lasts 16-18 months. Once completed assignment to a standing unit is given and service begins. Beyond that soldiers are trained on specialty equipment, grade, leadership, re-assignment, and cultural immersion. Soldiers chosen to go to advanced combat tactics training and join the The Ackliuses' Royal Rangers (Special Forces) are put through grueling training for 18+ Months, there the individual metal is tested and soldiers are pushed to the limit of their endurance.

For Conscripts training is much different. If the need ever arises and numbers are desperately needed to win a conflict many would be called to form conscript units. This begins at the age of 16, they attend a 2 month basic military training in which they learn the very basics of combat. After that training is only annual for 1 week a year until the age of 30. When called up to fight a conflict an pre-mobilization training may be given depending on the circumstances. If there is a rush to field numbers of troops they may be sent right to the lines at which time their training may be poor at best, if there is time a month or two of training may be given, longer if commanders wish these units to preform special functions such as mechanized or amphibious combat. It is a gamble fielding such green troops but this measure would only be used in extreme circumstances.

Although children within the Resolute Caste are left alone for the most part prior to their being military age, some programs and education is afforded to those who show an aptitude for certain skills that the Armed Forces is looking for. Skills like Cyber, Mechanics, Engineering, or Medical are great encouraged among the youth.

Royal Army

The Royal Army is the ground and air force of the Realm. The Army itself is broken into branches: Maneuver, Logistics Corps, Air Corps, Engineer Corps, Cyber, Administration, Medical Corps, Special Forces, and Signal. These branches each have a specific function but are mainly in place to support the Maneuver branch (Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Combat Arms).

The Army's organizational structure is centered around the Combat Helix, which varies in size depending on the mission. This helix can be constructed in endless variants with many missions in mind and allows the command to factor in what equipment they have on hand. The Combat helixes are typically named for the mission. When larger scale missions are being fought the combat Helix could even include several Orders.

1 Front (Typically 284,000 Soldiers)
-4 Order (Typically 56,000 Soldiers)
--4 Divisions (Typically 11,200 Soldiers )
----3 Helix, Brigade, or Group (Typically 3,000 Soldiers)
-----3 Battalions (Typically 1,000 Soldiers)
------4 Companies (Typically 250 Soldiers)
-------5 Sections
--------5 Squads
---------2 Fireteams

Down at the company level structure, it consists of 5 Platoons (4 maneuver and 1 HQ/Weapons). These platoons are each lead by a senior enlisted and a junior officer. Platoons have 5 squads within them (4 standard, and 1 weapons squad). These squads are the principle maneuver element of the army. Squads then typically have two fire teams.

Logistics and support within the Army is broken down at two levels, theater and expeditionary. Each Theater Support Group has 4 Expeditionary Support Groups it is directly in charge of within that Multitude. These ESGs consists of five battalions: Logistics , Air Support, Engineer, Medical, and Signal. These ESGs coordinate and operate all distribution, construction, medical, and communications operations for a Combat Helix in theater.

Royal Air Fleet

High in the skies, deploying weapons of swift and destructive scale is the Royal Army Air Fleet (RAAF). The RAAF is the newest branch of the RAFoR, formerly the Royal Army Air Corps, it has been divided into its own branch to help facilitate more non-close air support activities that the RAAF would have to focus on. Areas such as space, strategic deterrence, and conventional strike are the focuses of the new Air Fleet which will take the RAFoR into the future of warfare. The Air Fleet plays a big part of national defense, power projection, and logistics across all the branches. A variety of air frames are flown by the RAAF, from helicopters, to bombers, fighters, and cargo. Soldiers within the Royal Air Fleet are given special training to be able to maintain and repair the aircraft they are entrusted with, most are very skilled at what they do. Special programs for aircraft maintenance are set up for pre-military age youth to prepare them to be aircraft mechanics.

RAAF is broken down into several different Air Orders which report to an Front. Although units are drawn from the Air Fronts to forward support operations in foreign lands regularly. Within Air Fronts there are several different Divisions which each have reporting Wings. Wings are organized by purpose: Fighter, Bomber, Helicopter, Airlift, ASW, SAR, and Satellite. Wings consist of eight squadrons, and most Squadrons within a Wing typically have 25+ aircraft f various types in them.

Royal Marine

The Royal Marine is the power projection force of the URRA, its ships carry the banner of the Ackular far and wide showing the power of Achesia to all the nations. The sailors of the Royal Marine take special pride in being part of the most elite of forces on the high seas, their ships are known for their combat prowess, skilled weapons handling, and navigation. The Marine is broken into several branches: Surface, Sub Surface, Air, Cyber, Logistics, Administration, Medical, Nuclear, and Communications.

The Royal Marine is broken into fleets, each of which are given a portion of the oceans to patrol. These fleets are each powerful forces that can project Achesian power at the whim of the Ackular within hours of its need. Each fleet is assigned several different allotments of platform sizes and they all play an intriguing part of the combat picture for the Marine.

--5 Squadrons, 1 Air Wing, 1 Logistics Squadron
---Ship's Company

Carrier Air Wing
-Fighter Squadron
-Fighter Squadron
-Fighter Squadron
-ASW Squadron
-UCAV Squadron
-Support Squadron
-EW Squadron

Groups are centered around the most strategic platform within the group. The three central platforms are the Aircraft Carrier, Battleship, and Submarine. The latter of these do not typically operate together, but the formers do. Each group depending on the type is assigned squadrons of support ships such as destroyers, frigates, submarines, logistical ships, air craft, etc.

Fleets also consist of different air wings that participate within the Fleet structure. These air-wings are very consistent in composition between the different fleets (depending on the platforms). Each Air wing has enough of the appropriate aircraft to meet the fleets combat, logistical, and support needs.



Royal Army High Command


1st Royal Army "Northern" Front- Brink

104th Amphibious Order "Gators" (FEF)-- Plood

    45th Naval Dragoon Division
    202nd Naval Dragoon Division
    555th Naval Dragoon Division
    5th E/E/S Battalion
    71st Engineer Brigade
    33rd Fires Brigade
    11th Civil Affairs Battalion
    92nd Intelligence Battalion
    104th Amphibious Theater Support Division

8th Arctic Warfare Order "Arctic Dragon"- Ma'i

    10th Winter Air Mobile Division
    2nd Mountain Infantry Division
    62nd Mountain Infantry Division
    7th Fires Brigade
    6th Engineer Battalion
    8th Theater Support Division

2nd Order "Uber-Urban"-- Okal

    33rd Armored Division
    177th Air Mobile Dragoon Division
    99th Mechanized Dragoon Division
    45th E/E/S Battalion
    99th Fires Brigade
    31st Engineer Battalion
    2nd Theater Support Division

88th Order "Mountain Savages"-- Essen

    11th Mountain Infantry Division
    42nd Mechanized Dragoon Division
    122nd Air Mobile Dragoon Division
    3rd Fires Brigade
    50th Civil Affairs Battalion
    1st E/E/S Battalion
    88th Theater Support Division

10th Air Defense Group (Northern Shield)-- Pius

    1st Air Defense Brigade
    2nd Fires Brigade
    3rd Radar Brigade
    4th E/E/S Brigade

2nd Royal Army "Southern" Front- Judgestone

10th Airborne Order "Valkyries" (FEF)- Avonmark

    1st Airborne Division
    50th Airborne Division
    3rd Airborne Division
    7th E/E/S Battalion (Airborne)
    100th Fires Brigade
    91st Intelligence Battalion (Airborne)
    44th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne)
    10th Theater Support Division (Airborne)

11th Armored Order "Warhammer"-- Gyang

    51st Armored Division
    52nd Armored Division
    53rd Armored Division
    20th Fires Brigade
    63rd E/E/S Battalion
    26th CBRN Battalion
    11th Theater Support Division

3rd Mechanized Order "Southern Spear"-- Amicksville

    81st Mechanized Dragoon Division
    82nd Mechanized Dragoon Division
    83rd Armored Division
    120th Fires Brigade
    12th Intelligence Brigade
    103rd E/E/S Brigade
    3rd Theater Support Division

23rd Airborne Order "Sky Warriors"-- Judgestone

    121st Air Mobile Dragoon Division
    122nd Airborne Division
    123rd Airborne Division (FEF)
    247th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)
    3rd Intelligence Battalion (Airborne)
    8th Fires Brigade (Airborne)
    90th E/E/S Battalion (Airborne)
    23rd Theater Support Division (Airborne)

46th Mechanized Order "Onyx"-- Ekat

    461st Mechanized Dragoon Division
    462nd Mechanized Dragoon Division
    463rd Mechanized Dragoon Division
    64th Fires Brigade
    35th Intelligence Brigade
    543rd E/E/S Brigade
    643rd Theater Support Division

9th Armored Order "Ackular's Fist"-- Imperium

    761st Armored Division
    42nd Armored Division
    63rd Armored Division
    446th Fires Brigade
    53rd E/E/S Battalion
    75th CBRN Battalion
    84th Theater Support Division

5th Air Defense Group (Southern Shield)-- Avonmark

    1st Air Defense Brigade
    2nd Fires Brigade
    3rd Radar Brigade
    4th E/E/S Brigade

3rd Royal Army "Audrecois" Front- Civray

100th Order "Lion's Fangs"-- Civray

    14th Air Mobile Dragoon Division
    75th Airborne Division
    56th E/E/S Battalion
    90th Fires Brigade
    425st Engineer Battalion
    3242nd Theater Support Division

90th Order "Storm Rider's"-- Auvergnc

    13th Air Mobile Dragoon Division
    4th Airborne Division
    77th Airborne Division
    46th E/E/S Battalion
    70th Fires Brigade
    55st Engineer Battalion
    32nd Theater Support Division

145th Order "Spear of Julian"-- Montignac

    6th Armored Division
    88th Armored Division
    12th Mechanized Dragoon Division
    5th E/E/S Battalion
    98th Fires Brigade
    51st Engineer Battalion
    152nd Theater Support Division

55th Order "Princess' Sworn"-- Calasis

    8th Armored Division
    567th Mechanized Dragoon Division
    23th E/E/S Battalion
    658th Fires Brigade
    881st Engineer Battalion
    1242nd Theater Support Division

7th Air Defense Group (Southern Shield)-- Montignac

    1st Air Defense Brigade
    2nd Fires Brigade
    3rd Radar Brigade
    4th E/E/S Brigade

Special Vanguard Forces- Seplich

Royal Ranger Forces- Kraur

    1st Royal Ranger Brigade- Fawnnorth
    2nd Royal Ranger Brigade- Civray
    3rd Royal Ranger Brigade- Elmes
    4th Royal Ranger Brigade- Essen
    231st Ranger Sustainment Brigade- Kraur

Irregular Vanguard Forces-- Seplich

    35th Special Fires Battalion (Airborne)- Avonmark
    83rd E/E/S Battalion (Airborne)- Civray
    3424th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)- Audicious
    43rd Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)- Civray
    98th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)- Essen
    1368th Achari Militant Battalion (Airborne)- Civray
    208th Achari Militant Battalion (Airborne)- Brink

Special Vanguard Teams-- Ma'i

    Special Marine Vanguard Team No.1- Eslus
    Special Marine Vanguard Team No.2- Brink
    Special Marine Vanguard Team No.3- Avonmark
    Special Air Vanguard Team No.1- Civray
    Special Air Vanguard Team No.2- Jauar
    Special Air Vanguard Team No.3- Parlent
    Special Air Vanguard Team No.4- Ortax
    Special Air Vanguard Team No.5- Gral-Tok
    Special Air Vanguard Team No.6- Seplich

Reserve Forces High Command-- Fawnnorth

    Headquarters Reserve Forces
    Reserve Forces Resources Command
    Reserve Forces Training Command
    Reserve Forces Government Affairs Command

Reserve Forces Sustainment Command-- Amicksville

    76th Expeditionary Support Group- Parlent
    897th Expeditionary Support Group- Pius
    97th Expeditionary Support Group- L'un
    867th Expeditionary Support Group- Thec

Reserve Forces Support Command-

    976th Engineering Battalion- Fawnnorth
    24th Engineering Battalion- Civray
    987th Signals Battalion- Avonmark
    24th Administration Battalion- L'un
    74th Administration Battalion- Ortax
    232nd Signals Battalion- Gyang
    345th Military Police Battalion- Guyennc
    48th Military Police Battalion- Fawnnorth
    589th Military Police Battalion- Amicksville

Medical Reserve Command-- Ortax

    988th Medical Brigade- Ortax
    8326th Medical Brigade- Pius
    234th Medical Brigade- Parlent

Aviation Reserves Command- - Plood

    3678th Aviation Brigade- Plood
    324th Aviation Brigade- L'un
    4089th Aviation Brigade- Avonmark

Reserve Intelligence Command-- Fawnnorth

    398th Military Intelligence Battalion- Fawnnorth
    389th Military Intelligence Battalion- Civray
    234th Military Intelligence Battalion- Brink
    121st Military Intelligence Battalion- Estus

Cyber Reserve Forces-- Fawnnorth

    34th Cyber Battalion- Amicksville
    208th Cyber Battalion- Plood
    490th Cyber Battalion- Fawnnorth
    892nd Cyber Battalion- Pius

Civil Affair Forces-- Ortax

    287th Civil Affairs Brigade- Ortax
    908th Civil Affairs Brigade- Montignac
    33rd Civil Affairs Brigade- Civray
    999th Civil Affairs Brigade- Okal

Training Forces-- Amicksville

    34th Conscript Training Brigade- Civray
    398th Conscript Training Brigade- Aulnon
    38th Prisoner Training Brigade- Plood
    37th Reserve Training Brigade- Thec
    11th Reserve Training Brigade- Avonmark
    900th Reserve Training Brigade- Imperium



    --Royal Air Fleet Air Combat Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Strategic Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Logistics and Sustainment Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Space Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Research and Procurement Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Contracts Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Intelligence Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Support Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Medical Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Adjunct Command
    --Royal Air Fleet Training Command

Air Strategic Strike Forces- Estus

    485th Strategic Bomber Wing- Estus
    398th Strategic Bomber Wing- Etherhead
    23rd Strategic Bomber Wing- Elkat
    289th Strategic Bomber Wing- Chok
    486th Missile Wing- Amicksville
    9427th Missile Wing- Okal
    98th Missile Wing- L'un

Space Forces - Fawnnorth

    1st Space Wing- Fawnnorth
    2nd Space Wing- Plood
    3rd Space Wing- Gral-Tok
    4th Space Wing- Phah

Air Sustainment Forces - Etherhead

    47th Sustainment Wing- Etherhead
    322nd Sustainment Wing- Avonmark
    2343rd Sustainment Wing- Civray
    9890th Sustainment Wing- Orcen

Air Mobility Forces- Kraur

    579th Air Lift Wing- Avonmark
    497th Air Lift Wing- Brink
    597th Air Lift Wing- Civray
    88th Air Lift Wing- Orcen
    84th Air Lift Wing- Gral-Tok
    37th Air Lift Wing- Phah

The Special Vanguard Force Air Forces- Ni'a

    6634th Special Forces Air Wing- Kraur
    479th Special Forces Air Wing- Avonmark
    977th Special Forces Air Wing- Seplich
    487th E/E/S Wing- Etherhead
    297th Psychological Operations Wing- Civray

The Expeditionary Air Front- Audicious

    86th Air Dominance Wing- Etherhead
    245th Air Dominance Wing- Civray
    234th Attack Forces Wing- Avonmark
    97th Attack Forces Wing- Amicksville
    343rd Air Command Squadron- Etherhead
    386th ASW Patrol Wing- Audcious
    436th Search and Rescue Wing- Avonmark
    397th E/E/S Wing- Audicious

Northern Homeland Air Front- Elmes

    847th Air Dominance Wing- Elmes
    389th Air Dominance Wing- Ellok
    97th Air Dominance Wing- Smeth
    59th Attack Forces Wing- Smeth
    349th Attack Forces Wing- Gral-Tok
    998th Attack Forces Wing- Pius
    397th Air Command Squadron- Plood
    49th ASW Patrol Wing- Gral-Tok
    498th Search and Rescue Wing- Habrat
    588th Search and Rescue Wing- Amvox
    97th E/E/S Wing- Plood
    48th E/E/S Wing- Amvox

Southern Homeland Air Front

    597th Air Dominance Wing- Vizzute
    12th Air Dominance Wing- Amicksville
    89th Air Dominance Wing- Etherhead
    498th Attack Forces Wing- Kraur
    145th Attack Forces Wing- Elkat
    111st Attack Forces Wing- Avonmark
    24th Attack Forces Wing- Krath
    345th Air Command Squadron- Avonmark
    56th ASW Patrol Wing- Gyang
    3456th Search and Rescue Wing- Krath
    3456th E/E/S Wing- Amicksville
    118th E/E/S Wing- Fawnnorth

Audrecois Air Front

    456th Air Dominance Wing- Civray
    347th Air Dominance Wing- Audicous
    353th Air Dominance Wing- Auvergnc
    333th Attack Forces Wing- Parlent
    41th Attack Forces Wing- Montignac
    22st Attack Forces Wing- Civray
    343th Attack Forces Wing- Etherhead
    34th Air Command Squadron- Montignac
    65th ASW Patrol Wing- Audicious
    56th Search and Rescue Wing- Calais
    1347th E/E/S Wing- Parlent
    516th E/E/S Wing- Civray



    --Royal Marine Air Forces Command
    --Royal Marine Submarine Forces Command
    --Royal Marine Surface Forces Command
    --Royal Marine Logistics and Sustainment Command
    --Royal Marine Space Command
    --Royal Marine Research and Procurement Command
    --Royal Marine Contracts Command
    --Royal Marine Intelligence Command
    --Royal Marine Support Command
    --Royal Marine Medical Command
    --Royal Marine Adjunct Command

Royal Norocean- Dominion Fleet

Umbrage Carrier Attack Group

    No.11 RMS-Umbrage, Syzygy Class CVN
    No. 579 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 445 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 363 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 838 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 335 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 221 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 865 Epoch Class SSGN
    Carrier Air Wing 637
    ASW Squadron 713

Syzygy Carrier Attack Group

    No.13 RMS-Syzygy, Syzygy Class CVN
    No. 543 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 642 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 625 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 685 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 464 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 998 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 452 Epoch Class SSGN
    Carrier Air Wing 851
    ASW Squadron 564

Huet Carrier Attack Group

    No.22 RMS-Huet, Proscenium Class LHD
    No. 444 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 231 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 073 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 033 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 464 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 860 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 330 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 866 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 452 Epoch Class SSGN
    Fighter Squadron 089
    ASW Squadron 120

Dena Carrier Attack Group

    No.02 RMS-Dena, Proscenium Class LHD
    No. 099 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 011 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 134 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 858 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 091 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 343 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 114 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 090 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 431 Epoch Class SSGN
    Fighter Squadron 987
    ASW Squadron 289

Auzet Carrier Attack Group

    No.90 RMS-Auzet, Proscenium Class LHD
    No. 389 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 489 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 081 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 522 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 520 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 322 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 019 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 089 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 344 Epoch Class SSGN
    Fighter Squadron 445
    ASW Squadron 098

Bravo Squadron, Destroyer

    No. 321 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 423 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 324 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 976 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 213 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 464 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 998 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 249 Heteroclite Class FFG
    ASW Squadron 976

Victor Squadron, Destroyer

    No. 866 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 260 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 234 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 800 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 366 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 101 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 397 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 988 Heteroclite Class FFG
    ASW Squadron 432

Lydia Squadron, Destroyer

    No. 323 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 287 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 349 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 112 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 102 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 340 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 203 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 198 Heteroclite Class FFG
    ASW Squadron 981

Issac Squadron, Submarine

    No. 808 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 243 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 004 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 242 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 574 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 083 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 256 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 400 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 112 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 099 Thrash Class SSN

Zeta Squadron, Submarine

    No. 311 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 242 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 423 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 898 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 094 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 135 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 834 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 578 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 999 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 231 Thrash Class SSN

Eyell Squadron, Submarine

    No. 654 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 758 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 702 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 722 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 756 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 700 Epoch Class SSGN

Hector Squadron, Littoral

    No. 034 Deviant Class CC
    No. 020 Deviant Class CC
    No. 091 Deviant Class CC
    No. 034 Deviant Class CC
    No. 050 Deviant Class CC
    No. 067 Deviant Class CC
    No. 089 Deviant Class CC
    No. 021 Deviant Class CC

November Squadron, Coastal Patrol

    No. 765 Avocation Class PP
    No. 789 Avocation Class PP
    No. 456 Avocation Class PP
    No. 234 Avocation Class PP
    No. 215 Avocation Class PP
    No. 977 Avocation Class PP
    No. 087 Avocation Class PP

Romio Squadron, Coastal Patrol

    No. 879 Avocation Class PP
    No. 233 Avocation Class PP
    No. 344 Avocation Class PP
    No. 977 Avocation Class PP
    No. 077 Avocation Class PP
    No. 092 Avocation Class PP
    No. 010 Avocation Class PP

Norocean Icebreaker Squadron

    No. 323 Polar Star Class Icebreaker
    No. 876 Polar Star Class Icebreaker
    No. 122 Polar Star Class Icebreaker
    No. 333 Polar Star Class Icebreaker
    No. 952 Polar Star Class Icebreaker
    ASW Squadron 213

Norocean Sustainment Squadron

    No. 330 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 978 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 095 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 667 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 066 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 753 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 334 Verve Class Expeditionary Transport
    No. 834 Verve Class Expeditionary Transport
    No. 233 Verve Class Expeditionary Transport

Altes-Ander Ocean Fleet

Draum'ath Carrier Attack Group

    No.08 RMS-Draum'ath, Rlyehkin Class CVN
    No. 077 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 424 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 242 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 232 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 908 Epoch Class SSGN
    Carrier Air Wing 072
    ASW Squadron 424

Drauon Carrier Attack Group

    No.22 RMS-Drauon, Proscenium Class LHD
    No. 243 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 083 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 345 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 024 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 342 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 231 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 111 Epoch Class SSGN
    Fighter Squadron 289
    ASW Squadron 385

Yarris Squadron, Littoral

    No. 133 Deviant Class CC
    No. 100 Deviant Class CC
    No. 187 Deviant Class CC
    No. 201 Deviant Class CC
    No. 200 Deviant Class CC
    No. 498 Deviant Class CC
    No. 789 Deviant Class CC
    No. 873 Deviant Class CC

Farscape Squadron, Submarine

    No. 422 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 763 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 701 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 113 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 890 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 213 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 421 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 087 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 878 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 321 Thrash Class SSN

Altes-Ander Sustainment Squadron

    No. 330 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 434 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 137 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 355 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 341 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 234 Verve Class Replenishment
    No. 134 Verve Class Expeditionary Transport
    No. 235 Verve Class Expeditionary Transport
    No. 135 Verve Class Expeditionary Transport

Royal Estour Armada

Cheirtem Carrier Attack Group

    No.01 RMS-Cheirtem, Rlyehkin Class CVN
    No. 244 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 673 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 463 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 948 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 124 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 123 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 988 Epoch Class SSGN
    Carrier Air Wing 543
    ASW Squadron 131

Imperium Carrier Attack Group

    No.08 RMS-Imperium, Rlyehkin Class CVN
    No. 149 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 487 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 311 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 393 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 100 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 139 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 290 Epoch Class SSGN
    Carrier Air Wing 291
    ASW Squadron 922

Aseth Carrier Attack Group

    No.93 RMS-Aseth, Proscenium Class LHD
    No. 310 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 321 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 390 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 403 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 305 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 402 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 320 Epoch Class SSGN
    Fighter Squadron 111
    ASW Squadron 901

Ecec Carrier Attack Group

    No.44 RMS-Ecec, Proscenium Class LHD
    No. 843 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 420 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 521 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 949 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 220 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 234 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 120 Epoch Class SSGN
    Fighter Squadron 324
    ASW Squadron 399

Obatt Carrier Attack Group

    No.44 RMS-Obatt, Proscenium Class LHD
    No. 323 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 213 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 949 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 319 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 910 Antagonistic Class LPD
    No. 544 Epoch Class SSGN
    Fighter Squadron 928
    ASW Squadron 808

Golgolath Squadron, Destroyer

    No. 332 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 411 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 287 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 423 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 977 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 121 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 987 Heteroclite Class FFG
    ASW Squadron 446

Loeth Squadron, Destroyer

    No. 532 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 209 Aeolian Class DDG
    No. 094 Aeon Class DDG
    No. 135 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 045 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 011 Heteroclite Class FFG
    No. 056 Heteroclite Class FFG
    ASW Squadron 433

Plood Squadron, Littoral

    No. 231 Deviant Class CC
    No. 493 Deviant Class CC
    No. 592 Deviant Class CC
    No. 492 Deviant Class CC
    No. 210 Deviant Class CC
    No. 490 Deviant Class CC
    No. 499 Deviant Class CC
    No. 100 Deviant Class CC

Reach Squadron, Littoral

    No. 136 Deviant Class CC
    No. 822 Deviant Class CC
    No. 433 Deviant Class CC
    No. 240 Deviant Class CC
    No. 690 Deviant Class CC
    No. 367 Deviant Class CC
    No. 530 Deviant Class CC
    No. 536 Deviant Class CC

Edon Squadron, Submarine

    No. 549 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 329 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 130 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 903 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 490 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 663 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 594 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 432 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 246 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 065 Thrash Class SSN

Elkar Squadron, Submarine

    No. 244 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 429 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 315 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 429 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 345 Tenacious Class SSN
    No. 439 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 340Thrash Class SSN
    No. 364 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 424 Thrash Class SSN
    No. 184 Thrash Class SSN

Estora Squadron, Submarine

    No. 313 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 332 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 958 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 492 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 499 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 532 Epoch Class SSGN

Epoch Squadron, Submarine

    No. 677 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 332 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 958 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 492 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 499 Epoch Class SSGN
    No. 532 Epoch Class SSGN

Aenea Squadron, Submarine

    No. 422 Epoch Class SSBN
    No. 350 Epoch Class SSBN
    No. 245 Epoch Class SSBN
    No. 352 Epoch Class SSBN
    No. 539 Epoch Class SSBN

The Realm of Achesia