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National Factbook of the Empire of Amenria (A never-ending WIP)

The Empire of Amenria

Yzhōu Dgu
Kekaisaran Amenria

Motto: "Earth in our hands, Heaven in our hearts."


Capital: Mutiara
Largest City: Karachi

Official Languages: Indonesian, Chinese

National Language: Korean, Japanese

Demonym: Amenrian

Government: Absolute monarchy
- Heavenly Emperor: Tianshi
- Heavenly Empresses: Park Jin Ae, Somi Jeon
- Heavenly Princess: Hyesoo
- Heavenly Prince: Jeonsa

- Upper House: State Council
-Lower House: Imperial Council

Establishment: from China, Russia, Korea, Japan, and other Asian nations
Unification: 31 August, 2042

GDP (nominal): $92.5 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: $27,643.09

Human Development Index (NS Version): 97.05

Currency: Amenrian Jibo

Internet TLD: .amn

The Empire of Amenria (亚洲帝国 Yzhōu Dgu: Empire of Asia) or Amenria for short, also known as simply Asia (亚洲 Yzhōu) is an empire in Asia. It is bordered by the Neo-Ottoman Empire and the Sultanate of Arabia on the west, The Commonwealth of Ascion in the east and the Kindom of the Southern Sea in the south. Amenria covers all of Asia, with the exception of Taiwan and (most of) Japan. Amenria is a federal nation with four states.

Formerly consisting of separate nations, Amenria was founded by Tianshi, the current Heavenly Emperor on 31 August, 2042, following Asia's victory against evil nations in WWIII. Amenria has developed rapidly since it was found, and today it remains as a global power of good, with a thriving economy, powerful military, and great cultural and diplomatic influence worldwide.


Amenria is derived from Ambo Enre, a noble Bugis house in which Tianshi was a member of until 2018.



Until 31 August, 2042, Asia was a group of separate, balkanized nations with various idelogies. Though cooperation between Asian nations, such as the existence of ASEAN and SAARC, tensions between them are not uncommon, providing Western powers the opportunity for neo-colonization and neo-imperialism. Japan in particular was one of the most iconic victims of this, having its once-proud proud military reduced to a self-defence force, its emperor forced into dismissing his blood ties to a powerful Jin as a myth, and its ideology changed into a liberal democracy by the end of the second world war.

The Unmasking

Following the reveal of an American superhero's identity in 2008, many attempted to create their own counterparts of his technology, giving rise to a new wave of similar superheroes and supervillains, while metahumans and other non-human sentient beings all over the world get encouraged to either fight for or against the law, and if they have already, to go more public, with the world's populace beginning to accept the fact of their existence due their accomplishments. This string of events is known as The Unmasking.

The Grand Kyogen

In 2030, Revenger, a criminal organization based in Changchun, Jilin, China, attempted to expand to Japan,

WWIII and Founding

In 2040, when World War III Broke out, Asia was much readier than any and all other nations involved, with its immense military strength, which is supported by swift technological advancements, strong sense of nationalism of its people, and its new alliance, the Pan-Asian Alliance, also known as the PAA, much to USA's surprise (who started the war, go figure). The war went unbelievable well for Asia, with Japan colonizing most of the US, and China, Russia, and Korea colonising the UK, Spain, France, and other European states, whilst the rest of Europe being under the control of PAA-friendly states, such as Turkey, Egypt, and Morocco.

After the war, the people of Asia sought a new leader, one that could carry out the Mandate of Heaven and lead Asia into greatness once again. They turn to the leader of PAA and HALO, the either courageous or plainly suicidal individual known as Tianshi, "The Angel". Starting with northern China, South Korea, and Japan, the nations of Asia joined under one flag, the White Dragon Flag, and gave birth to one of the greatest empires in Earth history, the Amenrian Empire on 31 August, 2042.


The Empire of Amenria consists four states, each of which is lead by a Governor; Central Amenria, (which covers Russia, Mongolia, China and Korea), Kyushu, Nusantara (which covers Southeast Asia, with the exception of Papua), and South Asia.

Central Amenria
The largest and busiest of Amenria's states, Central Amenria houses the capital, Mutiara, as well as several important cities such as Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai and Moscow. Its vast landscape encompasses grassland, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers and more than 14,000 km of coastline.

The the southwesternmost of Japans main islands, it has a mostly subtropical climate. Its known for its active volcanoes, beaches and natural hot springs such as those at Beppu. It is the home the empire's famed weapons R&D lab.

Known for its tropical climate, beautiful landscapes and plentiful natural resources, Nusantara is home of rare and exotic animals found nowhere else. It is the place of most of the Empire's scientific and ecological organisations, and its people are known to be friendlier than people from other parts of Amenria.

South Asia
Home of the Empire's werewolves and thunder dragons, South Asia has a variety of geographical features, such as glaciers, rainforests, valleys, deserts, and grasslands that are typical of much larger continents. It is surrounded by three water bodies the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea and has acutely varied climate zones. The tip of the Indian Peninsula had the highest quality pearls.

A rice field in Nusantara


With a population of 3,868,041,198 sentient creatures, Amenria has a diverse demographic. 96% of Amenrians are human, 2% are vampires, 1% are werewolves, and 1% are other sentients, such as dragonfolk, and werefoxes.

Being a Muslim country, Amenria's national religion is Sunni Islam. 55% of the population follows the national religion, whilst 25% follow Hinduism, 14% follow Christianity and 6% follow other religions, such as Taoism and Buddhism. Despite the number of Christians being smaller than Hindus, the former has more influence on the government than the latter.

Largest Cities



Metro area population




27.51 million

South Asia



24.15 million

Central Amenria



21.5 million

Central Amenria



18.41 million

South Asia



14.54 million

South Asia



13.80 million

Central Amenria



13.2 million

Central Amenria


Ho Chi Minh City

8.462 million




8.281 million




7.588 million







The Pearl Palace

The Empire of Amenria is an absolute monarchy.

There are three levels of governments in Amenria: imperial, state, and regional.

Regional Government: The smaller governments in charge of subdivisions within a State, from the smallest (Administrative Villages), to the largest (Provinces).

State Government: As the name suggests, State Goverment refers to the government of each State of Amenria.

Imperial Government: Headquartered in Pearl Palace, Mutiara, Central Amenria, the Imperial Government is responsible for foreign, military, religious and economic affairs.

The imperial government is composed of three branches:

    Executive: Consisting of the Heavenly Emperor, Empress(es), Princess and Prince, this branch has absolute power and can cancel out any decision made by any and all other government officials.

    Legislative: Made up of the Imperial Council, a council where nobles from different families all across the empire. They are responsible for making law.

    Judicial: Made up of the Imperial Court, Religious Council and lower federal courts. Has the power of judicial review.

Foreign Relations and Military

A group of Amenrian
Biawak tanks

Amenria is a global superpower in the planet of Earth and is involved in the planet's military conflict as a force of good when things are too dire for the Turks and Arabs to handle, maintaining peace, order and harmony and cleansing Earth of evil.

The Heavenly Emperor serves as commander-in-chief of the Imperial Amenrian Armed Forces, which is headed by the Council of Generals. The IAAF is divided into four branches: the army, the air force, the navy and the imperial guard. Human, minotaur, orc and merfolk males aged 14-40 years old and other theriantrope males aged 14-150 must serve in the armed forces for at least 5 and 9 years respectively.

Aside from regular military duties, the Imperial Amenrian Armed Forces are also responsible for law enforcement, making Amenria the only nation on the planet without a police force.

Amenria maintains two colonies, the Amenrian States of America and the Amenrian European Colony.

Economic Indicators

Currency: Amenrian Jibo

GDP (nominal): $92.5 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: $27,643.09
Unemployment: 1.8%

The Empire of Amenria runs an economy with left-leaning and Syariah influence. The nominal GDP is 93.4 trillion Jiboes. Unemployment is at a low 1.8%. The private sector and the wealthy are closely watched and somewhat restricted by the government, to ensure that they do not commit evil acts, resulting in a very low nationwide crime rate. Such restrictions include high corporate taxes, high taxes on luxury goods, etc. Following the planetary and Linkmultiversal ban on usury, no Amenrian financial institute has them, resulting in a low inflation rate.

Aside from taxes, the government collects and mandates zakat, which must be payed by healthy adult Muslims who meet the necessary criteria of wealth annually. The amount of zakat payed is equal to 2.5% of the person's annual income. Depending on their possession of certain goods (livestock, minerals, precious metals and agricultural goods), some people may have to pay more than the aforementioned amount. According to the instructions in the LinkQur'an (9:60). the Empire distributes zakat to the following groups:

  • Target of welfare programs, including, but not limited to the poor and the elderly. (55%)

  • The Ministry of Religion. (37%)

  • Those who are expected to convert into Islam, recent converts to Islam and allies of the state. (1%)

  • Those who have incurred overwhelming debts while attempting to satisfy their basic needs (Al-Ghārimīn), debtors who in pursuit of a worthy goal incurred a debt. (1%)

  • The Caliphate of Earth, HALO, and the Imperial Amenrian Armed Forces (5%)

  • Stranded travelers, refugees and the like (1%)


Amenria is a culturally rich nation, being a combination of formerly separate nations with equally rich history. The Empire is considered to be a melting pot where various cultures of the East combine, though East Asian, (especially Chinese) culture seem to be a bit more dominant than other cultures of the nation.

Compared to the citizens of other nations, Amenrians are devout, compassionate, kind, and fiercely patriotic. They are also disciplined, polite, hardworking and have a strong sense of justice, thanks to the good government system and thousands of years of tradition. Their knowledge of Western atrocities in pre-enlightenment times (2000-2041) and Western degeneracy in that era (atheism, support of LGBT, fear of good, etc) made them rather suspicious towards Westerners, but they will treat them nicely otherwise. Capitalism and individualism are seen as immoral, resulting in an egalitarian society among commoners. Non-white foreigners, though, are treated even more kindly and with curiosity, as the government doctrine and customs all across the empire encourage understanding between people.

Unlike in Muslim nations in the Middle East, artistic creativity is highly encouraged in Amenria, due to the Heavenly Emperor's passion in the arts, his dislike towards fundamentalism, and the aesthetic value of the general populace. The government approves of the flourishing of the arts, to the point of granting freedom of expression in the form of art, which is why whatever dissenters Amenria has express themselves in beautiful pieces of artwork. Artists are occasionally payed generously by nobles to decorate and/or redesign public spaces which are deemed "too dull". Being the centre of Eastern cultural development since many years before its founding, Amenria is still known worldwide for its cultural heritage.

Amenrian street art


Ingredients common to many cultures in the East and Southeast regions of the continental empire include rice, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, chilies, dried onions, soy, and tofu. Stir frying, steaming, and deep frying are common cooking methods.

While rice is common to most Asian cuisines, different varieties are popular in the various regions. Jasmine rice is often found across the southeast, while long-grain rice is popular in Central Amenria, especially in former Chinese cities. Tea is a particularly important beverage, with deep roots in tradition. This does not mean rice is the only staple food in the empire, however, as there are others which are rather prominent, such as the wheat, which is popular in the northern parts of the empire, often made into noodles.

Warrior Culture

Amenrians understand that there are two aspects that determine whether a person is worthy of being a leader; power and righteousness. A superhuman tyrant is just as undesirable as a benefactor who can't fight. This leads to the saying that Amenrian leaders "know at least 10 ways to kill a man".

Amenrian goverment officials are held to the highest standard of morality and honour. An example of this is that common man would only be frowned upon for swearing, whereas a noble might lose their job, especially if said noble is female.

These values, along with Amenria's firmly-held Islamic principles, make corruption almost non-existant in Amenria, as not only will bribery be severely punished, but the act of bribing an official itself is considered an insult, as the one giving the bribe is thought to feel that the official is immoral enough to even consider accepting it.

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