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Q (气 Q), also known as Mana in the West, is the life force present in every living being, connected to the soul and carried by blood through blood vessels located around the body. Despite the fact that all life forms possess it, only a few can use it to perform amazing feats. These few are known as Metas, or Metahumans in the case of humans, while the feats themselves are known as Superpowers.

The amount and colour of Q one has limits what Superpowers he/she can use, as well as the extent of aforementioned Superpower. For example, a rookie Metahuman with red Q might be able to throw a medium-sized fireball while her mentor, a much more experienced Metahuman, can make a fireball large enough to burn an entire village.


Q is generated by combining two distinct energies - physical energy and mental energy. Physical energy (身体 能量 Shēntǐ Nngling, Body Energy), drawn from the body, can be increased by training, stimulants, and other physical modifications. Mental energy (心神 能量 Xīnshn Nngling, Mind Energy), drawn from the soul, can be increased through study, meditation, prayer, and experience. With either one or both of these energies cultivated to become more powerful, the Superpowers will follow suit. Therefore, practicing a particular power will build up one's mental energy, allowing more Q to be generated, which results in the ability to perform the same power to greater effect.

Magic-users can access a powerful and unstable third source of Q, magical energy, by entering a pact with ghosts or demons, or in rarer cases, drawing it directly from the Realm of Ghosts. The act of using magical energy is forbidden in planetary law.

A fourth source of Q, cosmic energy (宇宙 能量 Yǔzhu Nngling, Universe Energy), drawn from the universe itself, was discovered following Cheonsa's ascension. So far, only Celestials can access cosmic energy.

Since Q is connected to the soul, each person has a unique Q signature, akin to a fingerprint. The connection between Q and the soul also allows for the changing of Q colours (explained below) along with changes in personality. Despite the uniqueness of each individual's Q signatures, similarities between Q signatures of relatives exist and are commonplace. For example, a father's Q signature, though unique, would have some similarities with that of his son.


There are seven types of Q: the six coloured Q, as well as the colourless Q. Each coloured Q corresponds to one element and has at least one emotional anchor, which amplifies a person's Q.


Corresponding Element: Wood
Emotional Anchor(s): Courage
Concepts and Philosophies: Determinism, Tradition, Instinct
Strong against: Black
Weak to: White
Complements: Red

People with primarily green Q find no need to change the world. Instead, they prefer to coexist with it, embrace it, which is why they are the closest ones with nature. They think harmony, both with the natural order, and with other beings is beautiful, so long as the other beings respect nature and leave it alone. Despite this seemingly pacifistic trait, they can still be aggressive or even predatory if their instincts tell them so.

Powers requiring green Q focus more on the physical aspect. This is why most, if not all men with green Q have large bodies and muscular frames.

Typical powers:

  • Wood Control: As a colour that represents nature, controlling plants is this colour's iconic power.

  • Animal Empathy: Another iconic power for green is the ability to communicate with animals. At higher levels, this could manifest into the ability to outright control them or transform into them.

  • Buffs, debuffs, and damage-over-time: Green's preference (or sometimes, reliance) of brute force makes it a colour with a fair number of users who can temporarily increase their own physical abilities and those of allies, while reducing that of enemies and/or passively harming them, either through toxins or other means.


Corresponding Element: Fire
Emotional Anchor(s): Joy, Anger, Love, Hatred
Concepts and Philosophies: Impulsiveness, Freedom, Chaos, Emotion
Strong against: White
Weak to: Blue
Complements: Black

People with predominantly red Qi are adventurous individuals. Carpe diem would define most of their thoughts. They live in the moment, not wasting time with doubts or details. This is why they dislike rules and laws, seeing them as little more than a way to inhibit one's enjoyment of life. They are also emotional and passionate, maintaining strong bonds with those they care about. Joy to those who managed to win the hearts of people with red Qi, because their impulsiveness, paired with their passion, makes for a romantic, exciting, lover.

Powers using red Q are typically short bursts of large amount of energy, achieving great destruction at a relatively high Q cost.

Typical powers:

  • Fire control: A signature power of red, a common power for those with red Qi is the ability to create and manipulate flames/fire

  • Heat-based powers: With a preference for "short burst" powers stated above, red Qi also plays with other heat-based powers, such as those involving nuclear radiation or lava.


Corresponding Element: Earth
Emotional Anchor(s): Hate, Envy, Greed, Ambition
Concepts and Philosophies: Pragmatism, ruthlessness, vengeance
Strong against: Blue
Weak to: Green
Complements: White

People with black Qi can be described as cynical or pessimistic. While people with any colour of Qi could and usually would have a drive to win, black Qi users take this up to eleven, with little, if any, regard to rules. To them, life is hard enough without limiting themselves.


Corresponding Element: Metal
Emotional Anchor(s):
Concepts and Philosophies:
Strong against: Green
Weak to: Red
Complements: Blue
Examples from other media:


Corresponding Element: Water
Emotional Anchor(s): Tranquility
Concepts and Philosophies: Learning, discovery
Strong against: Red
Weak to: Black
Complements: Green



Corresponding Element: Heaven
Emotional Anchor(s): -
Concepts and Philosophies: -
Strong against: All
Weak to: None
Complements: All