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Regions Visited

⭐=Region in which I received a particularly warm welcome

The East Pacific
Pagan Rose - dropped off Baby turtle here.
The Alliance of Dictators
The Embassy
Meme Lords Unite
Lands End
Cape of Good Hope
Forest - dropped off Forest turtle here.
Gypsy Lands
Psychotic Dictatorships- ejected and banned
Central Pacific Empire
Free Coalition of Governments
Grand Central
10000 Islands
South Pacific
the realm of insanity
Confederacy of Allied States
The Republic Nations
Korean Peoples Army
Union of KingMakers
Warzone Africa -start of Warzone tour
Warzone Asia
Warzone Europe
Warzone Australia
Warzone Airspace
Warzone Sandbox -end of Warzone tour
A More Peaceful World
Forest (again!)
France-start of Nation Tour
United Kingdom
Sweden-early end to Nation Tour
Realm of the Whispering Winds
The Federation of Anarchist Communes
Greater Dienstad
black death
Meihua- dropped off Village turtle

Published June 2018

Here in Europa, we love hosting regional travellers. But this one was not easy to spot from way down here. How lucky we are to be visited by A Flying Turtle! This young creature may only have hatched in October 2017, but they have already visited close to 60 regions. And, on several occasions, a new hatchling was left behind.

"Try to be like the turtle, at easy in your own shell." – Created by LinkDesigner Niki

We hope you enjoy this interview with this gentle creature of A Flying Turtle.

Orioni: Hello Flying Turtle. I'm going to go out on a limb here and just ask: are you interested in answering some quick interview questions about your many experiences as a flying reptile?

Cool! And I would love to answer some interview questions.

Please help us get to know you. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I've been in NationStates for almost 2 years and loved every minute of it. My hobbies outside of NS are reading, running, and history. I don't participate in NS RP or politics much so most of my time here is spent chatting.

What inspired you to travel?

Before travelling I was mostly confined to TNP (The North Pacific). I wanted to branch out and see what other regions had to offer and decided that the best way to do that was start my own travelling nation. I've seen other friends do it and thought I'd give it a shot.

There are several travellers and wanderers in NationStates. Have you run into any of them?

Occasionally I'll run into a puppet of someone who has a traveling nation. With this nation I don't normally run into travellers themselves but it has happened. For example I once stayed in the same region as The Great NS Expedition Headquarters but we didn't talk much.

What has the experience been like so far in other regions you have travelled to and from?

Many of the small regions I go to just ignore me. I've been shot at, banned, and nations have tried to eat me. My favorite is going to large regions with an active RMB and sometimes up to 10 people will come up with their own little story.

What about hospitality? Are players generally accepting of temporary guests?

Yes! Though I haven't been doing this long, I've so far been only been banned once. When I started I was expecting many more bans/ejections but that has not been the case. Occasionally with the 1-10 nation regions I'll get a response a week or even a month later. Most regions try and make me feel as welcome as possible.

Are there any plans for creating a NationStates travel guide?

Not yet. Though if you have any ideas please send me a TG. :)

How do you decide which region to go to next?

Sometimes I just visit the featured region. Other times I'll go to The World Census Report and go to a random page. This is sometimes a problem because I'll to a region I've been to before and have to leave immediately but so far it hasn't been too bad. Another thing I sometimes do is read a regions RMB policy (if it's easy to find. If they look like they'll be nice or fun, give it a try.

Last question. Do you have any advice for other players who may be inspired by your travels?

Don't be disgruntled by the nations who call your posts "spam". Stay in a region for a set number of days or hop around randomly. If you don't log in so often a good idea is to just hop around whenever you can. Try and respond or just like encouraging RMB posts sent your way and ignore anyone who says it's a bad idea. If you have a message of goodwill you want to spread, please do! Most of all, please be nice to people you meet and have a good time.

Thank you for your time. We hope you enjoy your stay here in Europa. You are, of course, welcome to stay as long as you like. Please accept this artistic impression as a sign of our appreciation.

Read dispatch

Greater Turtlencia
The Union of Democratic States
Couch Fort
A Cold Place
One big Island
K Lot
The Sea Of Love
Zero Zero Zero Zero
The House at Pooh Corner
Green Day
Social Liberal Union
The Universal Allegiance
Lone Wolves United

Flying Turtle, slowly passing,
Soaring over Wintercrest!
His hard shell will protect him when,
other regions try, eat him!
He shall pass through other regions,
Soaring right above the skies!
Flying Turtle, soaring upwards,
Upwards, to the stratosphere!
Where he’ll disappear,
To the regions near!

-Scottish Socialists

LGBT University
The Bar on the corner of every region
Neo Otaku Utopia
Lily-Took a nap
Vincent Drake
Roavin-another nap
Deutschland- I got a poem!
Global Right Alliance
Christmas- On Christmas (dropped off Festive turtle)!
The Shadow League
The Average Confederacy
⭐Surprise CTE- Refounded in Osiris
International Democratic Union
Land of Cash
The Coalition of Democratic Nations
The Diplomatic Committee Of Nations
The Order of the Grey Wardens
Asia Pacific Economic Group
Chicken overlords
Gypsy Lands-again!
Grand Ole Republic
Solid Kingdom
The PrimeWorld
Right to Life
Tribute Torch
The Watchtower
The League of Socialist States
United States of America
Aircraft Manufacturers
Monarchist and Democratic Alliance
Small Globe
Glass Gallows
Imperium of the Wolf
The Erviadus Galaxy-Start of Galaxy Tour (Don't ask how)
Tanabiku Galaxy
The Milky Way Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy Coalition-End of Tour
The Featured Region Followers
Roman Byzantine Union
The Interdimensional Community
Westfalen Westphalia
Union of the Kind Ones
Cyberius Confederation
Wysteria (second time)
HC Metalurg