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The Meeite Front of the Nonbinaries

The Liberation Front of the Nonbinaries (Greentext: The Meeite Front of the Nonbinaries, Abbrivated MFNB) is a militant group active in /lgbt/ (and less so on 4chan in general) advocating for a "crusade against truscums and the truscum government in control of /lgbt/", the Regional Party for Freedom of Nonbinaries (RPFNB) is considered the political wing of the paramilitary.
Meeite Front of the Nonbinaries


c. 2011-2020



Nonbinary Rights
"Crusade Against Truscums"


Val Berdiler


Most Estimates: 23,000,
Up to 40,000

Area of Operations:

/lgbt/,4chan unity
Other areas of 4chan Unity


The 4chan Unity
Mandate of Canada (occasionally)

Typical Actions by the MFNB include Bombing and bio terrorist attacks on infrastructure (such as the famous 2020 /lgbt/ subway attack, which killed 10 people, half of whom were important politicians), public buildings, public banks as well as aggravated assaults of civilians considered by the MFNB to be "truscums", it's also common for the MFNB to have individual targets (such as Senior Advisor to /lgbt/ Moderator Adam Jonesveltn, killed in 2020), almost all attacks took place in /lgbt/ and its thread.

The Organization has seen a massive increase in members in 2020 due to the /lgbt/ riots which involved a bill banning nonbinaries from transitioning, the group has increased its frequency of terrorist attacks, and war experts worldwide have said that the riots have "escalated into 4chan's version of the troubles", as one expert called it.

On October 10th, 2020, the organization executed a bioterrorist attack on the subway in rush hour, using a modified and more potent form of sarin gas, killing 10 people, many of whom were important political targets, as well as severely injuring 2,000 people, later killing 351 of said injuried, leaving the rest to be severely disabled.
After this attack, massive amounts of media attention were brought to MFNB, which saw an even greater increase to its members, however this has resulted in the government of 4chan declaring MFNB a terrorist organization.

Foundation and Objectives

The MFNB was a more radical offshoot of the RPFNB, a political party which has some members in the /lgbt/ assembly

The MFNB's first attack took place in 2015, in which a powerful bomb was detonated in Jialksvelki, a suburb near /lgbt/ and second largest city in the thread besides for /lgbt/, the same day, the MFNB formally announced its existence with a manifesto called "The great crusade against enbyphobia"

The manifesto had 5 demands:
The government would pass anti-discrimination Bills towards nonbinaries
The halting of actions which are considered "truscum" or "enbyphobic"
The right for nonbinaries to properly arm themselves
The assassination and death of prominent "truscums"
if the rest failed, the creation of an independent state which would have the west of /lgbt/, and said independent state would be a "paradise for nonbinaries"

Armed Conflict

Main Article: /lgbt/ conflict (2020-)