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The Sunlit State Of -Sunset-Shimmer-

In the far corners of Panagouge, many people grew of the growing coldness of the current regime. As free as they were, the country was nothing more than anarchy wrapped in a thin shell. As a community of many types of species, they felt isolated. Their province received hardly any attention at all. Many years went by as they all dredged on with their lives. Each clan of species grew ever distant even from each other. Then, one day, a young foal spoke up. Fresh from high school, she recognized the people's plight. Colored a blazing yellow, her eyes shined green with determination. Her flowing red and golden-yellow locks grew longer as she set out on a journey. Her homeland, and all the clans within it, shall be free she free of the government's icy grip. Her name was -Sunset-Shimmer-.

We attach here her senior yearbook photo as proof of her endeavors.

Thus began the long and arduous journey of building support for independence. -Sunset-Shimmer- began her tenure as her intern of a large, provincial news firm. Gradually, as the company expanded, she slowly moved up the ranks. Twelve years later, she was a full-time reporter, covering the daily life of the clans and the far corner of their ignorant nation. On a dull night of downtime, -Sunset-Shimmer began clearing out boxes and clutter from a few closets. Dusting off her old journals, she felt inspired again to pursue her youthful dream. A few years later, she had the CEO of her company and a dozen or so government officials on board. They all represented the many clans of the region. Operation Sunlight was set in motion, named in her honor.

Thus began the storm that raged the region. An explosive media campaign ensued, consisting of well-timed releases, statement supports, posters, slogans, advertisements, and all manner that could be thought of. Within a year, the frenzy of support reached its zenith. Every clan wanted independence from Panagouge. Unity of all ran rampant. A special council of all was formed in the region's capital. Three months later, a bill of independence was submitted to the Parliament. Secretly though, nearly everyone was preparing for the possibility of blood-shed war. The region had a legacy of being prepared for anything that dared face it.

Eventually, the parliament submitted its own counter-acceptance. Using intelligence reports, they deduced that war was a high concern. Even so, the land the clans stood on was too important valuable to give away. You are free to go, the cold letter read, but the land is ours.

A more comprehensive report shall be written soon, but here is a brief summary. The clans committed a mass exodus of all provincial inhabitants. Only a select few, whether wealthy or staunch in tradition, stayed behind. They searched for a new homeland. In time, they found the beautiful world of Atlantian Oceania.

A constitutional monarchy was established, with -Sunset-Shimmer elected as their first queen. The nation was also named in her honor, in spite of her refusal to endorse the idea. -Sunset-Shimmer- now guides the clans in these revolutionary times. Very soon, they shall become an official member of the region once they meet the requisites of nationhood.

On one last note, the nation began its endeavor in world sports under the team name "Sunset Sightseers." This is to engage themselves with the wider world and establish diplomatic ties, allies, and international friendships. More information can be found here:

Sunset Sightseers

The national sports team was first put together for the Vilitan Mountain Games: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=514410&sid=09ad67a070e80739b9f3d57464b22777

Here is their current roster as given there.

[SS] Kaiah Sunray (Team leader, golden she-dragon with streaks of red and orange, tail and wings tip glow at night)
Nobodh knows where from Kaiah comes, whether the mountains or the caves below. Even so, she leaders her nation sports team fiercely, determined to make it through each season no matter the losses. In the end, it's about teamwork and fun, not the trophies.

[SS] Julia Katzie (Tall female human, blue (dyed) hair and brown eyes; works in the logging business)
Currently the only human on the team, Julia is a hard-working immigrant. She is determined the play hard and make her newfound country proud.

[SS] Jenikuvi ( A silver cloud of mist shrouded in mystery)
Nobody knows what it is or whats doing here. It just showed up one day at a game and started following the team around. Since their ain't no rule, it was formally inducted into the team. Thus far, it's only communicated its name with us for legal reasons.

[SS] Isple Apollo (Turquise male unicorn, dull green eyes; proffessional assassin and baker)
While most unicorns use their magical abilities to help the world, Apollo is a bit different. He runs a local bakery all week to supprt his family. However, on the weekends, he hired to kill. The hard part is cleaning up his magical trail. Everyone knows its him, but so far they can't prove it.

[SS] Cagoule Jade (Grandson of Discord; part-time physcologist and part-time athlete)
While insaner than his grandfather Discord, Cagoule is just as whimsical. He chose cheese rolling, thinking it was the oddest event. He has always had a trick or two. That's due to the fact that he's a rules lawyer and loophole exploiter.

[SS] The Pyro Lord (Glowing red, literally, female pegasus with ember eyes; stage preformer and reknown philanthropist)
With an obsession for fire, it's a surprise to many that she never chose arsonist as a career path. Instead, she followed her "burning" passion and became a stage act. Known only by her stage name, she goes on international tours for charity. She leads a balanced life, although an occasional act of arson may occur.

[SS] Torrid The Twelfth (Green earth pony with brown eyes; his favorite job is the weekend shift in the salt mines )
With a family name so long it spans several legal documents, Torrid prefers to go by his generational designation. He plans on ending the family tradition and bringing his family into the modern era. Progressive and modern, Torrid uses his gargantuan wealth to help young athletes across the nation. Overall, he's a pretty good young adult. Torrid's generous heart will keep him popular for the foreseeable future.

SS] Offarockenry (Medium-sized female manticore with light yellow eyes; consultant any generally anything)
Offarockenry is the team's master in all fields of unusual sports. She is also the team librarian, finding the best guidebooks and up-to-date rule books. She is a history enthusiast as a result. Several sportsbooks have been published under her pen name "O. Kenry." Frankly, she says, it saves ink. You also don't have to deal with trying to pronounce her name. I almost forgot to mention that she is keenly clean and efficient.

[SS] Zastuli (]Deep indigo alicorn, blue and silver flowing hair, and dark black eyes; has had a career of odds and ends)
Wearing backup safety glasses over her safety glasses, which are already on top of her prescription glasses, Zastuli is the team's safety manager. Sometimes she's a bit of a control freak, but it's for concern of the team's wellbeing. Despite being an alicorn, thus being the most powerful, she rarely uses her powers or flies. Zastuli is adamant on being a self-made worker. She also considers it cheating, if if sports don't forbid it. Show her respect, and she will respect you as well.

[SS} Bobby Stevens (Short earth pony, brown with blue eyes; is a personal trainer)
Always the valedictorian of gym class, he has a passion for throwing things, Discus is his favorite, but spears are also excellent. We would've had more from an interview, but we were told he canceled to run an ultramarathon. It does provide well for his family.

[SS] Augustus Finch (A large finich; chess touranments fund his college)
Yes, he really is a finch, despite being Finch being his species. Augustus blames his parents for that one; he can't wait to change it legally. Being the youngest on the team, Augustus may very well be the brightest. Having studied, and won, numerous board games and war books, he is prepared for any challenge of the mind.

[SS] Praspa (Dark brown and black griffon; works in construction and other labor-intensive jobs)
Gruff, rough, tough, never quitting until she's had enough, Praspa is determined to do what she sees fit. Three hours of training and a healthy diet are part of her everyday routine. Since she works best with family, she's brought them along. Also, she refuses to retain a last name. Nobody knows why.
The Family Team
Kiliop Ffriginz
Ogoil Ffriginz
Pipens "Zesty" Ffriginz
Goggfu Ffriginz
Xavat Ffriginz
Ogoil Jr. Ffriginz
Loitsk Ffriginz
Abbotpel Ffriginz
Buupter Ffriginz

[SS] Agent 2590496, aka "The Jukebox" (Always in a black suit snd sunglasses and has amber eyes; formidable sppy)
Since he loves mystery, the -Sunset-Shimmer-'s best national spy had stepped out of the shadows for a brief time. Little is known about him. The only solid fact is that he loves 80's and 90's music from Earth.

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The national flag represents the hope the clans have, whether they are the dragon, griffons, earth ponies, unicorns, pegasuses, alicorns, or another, for a bright, pleasant, and prosperous nation together. The national capital was colloquially voted to be named "Golden Dawn" to celebrate the nation's glorious future.