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The Pacific RMB
the Pacific was Condemned by Security Council Resolution # 268

WA Delegate: The Pacifican Empire of East Durthang (elected )

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Most Nations: 7th Most World Assembly Endorsements: 581st
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Welcome to The Pacific, the oldest region in NationStates and home of the New Pacific Order!

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Embassies: The New Pacific Order, The East Pacific, Balder, Europe, Mordor, NationStates, Atlantic, The Western Isles, Francoism, Warzone Europe, and Warzone Asia.

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Regional Power: Very High

The Pacific contains 6,770 nations, the 7th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Income Equality in the Pacific

World Census boffins calculated the difference in incomes between the richest and poorest citizens, where a score of 50 would mean that poor incomes are 50% of rich incomes.

As a region, the Pacific is ranked 9,342nd in the world for Most Income Equality.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Oppressed Peoples of The Iron Maiden in Granny Chapter 2Psychotic Dictatorship“I SEE YOU!!!”
2.The Borderlands of The Deepest HellPsychotic Dictatorship“Abandon hope all ye who enter here”
3.The Dominion of Evil TartarusssPsychotic Dictatorship“From Many, One”
4.The Commonwealth of SchneeburgDemocratic Socialists“Unity, Solidarity, Justice”
5.The Incorporated States of AneleePsychotic Dictatorship“Aaneaa Zwetyr Aklleeaa”
6.The Free Land of Free JinsakaDemocratic Socialists“Unity, Freedom, Justice, and a good time”
7.The Dictatorship of DuplaPsychotic Dictatorship“From Many, One”
8.The Confederacy of Ter Loa ChinLiberal Democratic Socialists“One for all, all for one”
9.The Queendom of Wes GrechkCorrupt Dictatorship“From Many, One”
10.The People's Republic of TryagainienDemocratic Socialists“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
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Regional Poll • [CYOA] Zombiegrad - Part I

The Zombie-Curing Senator of Xoriet wrote:Japanese Schoolgirls had been walled up in the mall for days now with the surviving members of the Culture Committee of The Pacific, hiding with a small group of other Pacificans (Airengard, CaveDweller, and Jokesters) in an isolated area with access to what food had not yet gone bad since the loss of electricity in the city. Now they were seeing the end of their supplies and needed to decide what to do next. Ultimately they reached a decision, and that was to...

Voting opened 2 days 11 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Halloween”“Favorite Holiday”“If the Pacific has an official spooky mascot ... what would it be?”

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The Pacific Regional Message Board

Trading Techno Union wrote:я новичок кто знает что тут можно делать ?

Please speak English. We're not against speaking different languages, but the majority of people here speak English, and it simplifies things in the long run.

I'm a beginner. Who knows what can be done here?

Trading Techno Union wrote:I'm a beginner. Who knows what can be done here?

You can roleplay. Write lore, etc

Hi there! I'm a newbie and I'm getting recruitment telegrams but I'd rather not move to any of those regions. How do I start my own region?

Tony Iron Man Stark wrote:Hi there! I'm a newbie and I'm getting recruitment telegrams but I'd rather not move to any of those regions. How do I start my own region?

While many of us would prefer someone as polite and talking extremely coherently as you to stay, you can click on the button that says "Tired of life in the Pacific?" and clicking on the "make your own" one after that.

Samasbhi wrote:

Hall of Suya
Arkagirī Complex
Uncertain Era
RELIVE infected, Agnimitrā Archives, Samasbhi

"It was I who fabricated evidence about the Mantle, for I knew the Hri'Yaan would come. In truth, no nation wields the influence, power, and presence to assume the Mantle. The Collective remains its final holder. Your paranoia brought you to me." Apart from the glowing eyes, he looked & sounded like a normal human; in contrast to the Entity who was overly buffed up and had the voice of walls grinding together.

The Entity cocked his head to one side, "You speak the words of a mortal long dead.
What are you ?"

The man raised his chin. "Your karma." He brought his hands together, touching only the fingertips, thumbs pointing towards self. The bas relief began shifting again, but the hall remained the same. This shift seemed more mechanical and an original feature of the hall rather than the man's transmutations.
The curved rays sunk into the wall, and new ones appeared inside the sun's circumference, now lapping the ring within the sun circle. It came to a halt with a grounding click of the stones.

The new symbol wiped confidence off the Entity's face, more than anything else had.
"I consider you intelligent enough to understand the significance of this action. There is no turning back."
The man started moving forward, hands still joined. "I have the judgement of a Maelar.
With the patronage of Irā, Queen of the Gods, and through Suya, I place upon you, the Ruda'Cin."
He separated his hands, fingers still facing, and the great symbol began glowing. A deep vibration emanated from it, with a rapid pulsing of the air. The Hall seemed to grow dimmer and Krushā felt herself pulled by the bas was drawing energy from around it.

For the first time since the other being had arrived, the Entity laughed. A genuine laugh full of satisfaction. He suddenly seemed more like a normal person. Jotir later told Krushā that was because it had dropped all resistance and hostile measures.
"You could never have been a mortal Anurvai. I'm genuinely glad to see your kind alive. The Hri'Yaan have considered you extinct since three Eras. Now we will fulfill that which nature couldn't. My fate is inconsequential. The One now knows about you. History.......shall repeat."

The man gave out a cry of anger and closed his fists. The symbol was almost hidden behind swirling energy now. The power emanating from it, unparalleled. A beam of pure energy as thick as the great bas relief hurled towards the Entity with blinding speed, and passed through it. It went down on one knee, not resisting, as particles of its body began to break apart & merge with the energy beam. It was dissolving into the stream.
Within seconds, only a vague human form was visible, eyes still glowing defiantly. The man was focused on the form, taking his hands further apart; increasing the intensity.
"Kirai Maelas."

An eye searing flash, and the Blackout Entity was finally no more, destroyed by one even more mysterious, and far eclipsing the best Arembian synthetics. The Hall was back to normal, still in its original Maelar design.
Jotir and Krushā were back together, even more alert than before.
The man faced them, a normal human, all display of power now gone. This was apparently the Synthetics' way of projecting peace.
"The Powers of Arembia are not what they seem to be. The ideologies that your world follows are hollow, hiding within themselves agendas that stretch back to the dawn of civilisation. The Blackout Entity was a product of this shadow world, a world for which I fight.
Krushā and Jotir, you have the choice to be my best allies or the worst enemies. The path is yours to choose. A conflict is coming and it is inescapable. To make this choice, I give to you, the history of your realm. The history ....... of the Eternal Collective."

He clasped his hands behind his back, and the world dissolved into a swirling darkness.

Old City
Former Capital Province
The Collapsed State of West Lebatuck

The oldest sections of Arleba were simply called the Old City. Streets too small for vehicles and structures of uncertain integrity, having witnessed centuries of history of the iconic city. Once the heart of the famed Arol'Bi Region, Arleba was the most prosperous of Hyronvid cities and as capital of the vast Lebatuckese Empire, also the most fortified. But ever since the Empire's decline started more than 600 years ago, scores of assaults eventually wiped off most of the fortifications and large structures. It saw some conservation efforts in the younger days of the West Lebatuck democracy, but the cash crunch caused by enmity with the larger northern neighbour didn't help.

After the Democracy collapsed, chaos reigned supreme. Gangs roamed the streets and cartels controlled resources, often run behind the scene by EL elements. Despite the economy speeding towards oblivion, the people's condition was not chaotic. An alternate economy had sprung up, based on bartee of daily goods. The Kiul Feinyx protected settlements from gangs, as did some vigilante groups. There were rumours of Samasbh covert elements neutralising drug dealers and human traffickers, but the elusive island nation seemed otherwise uninvolved. The crumbling Arleba's future looked bleak, before mysterious private entities began to buy and restore sections of the Old City. Now, nearly the whole of the Old City was privately owned. On-paper owners seemed unrelated, but it was all operated as a whole. Mercenaries quickly weeded out gangs and eventually all residents, and the Old City was mainly avoided today.

The security head was standing on the roof of an old granary, looking at the stormy skies. Today, he openly wore the Union's emblem. The rumble of thunder drowned out the sounds of any aircraft that might be hidden within the curtain of clouds. He was tempted to activate mobile SAMs to deal with any rogue craft, but instructions explicitly asked to deal with surface based security alone. The clouds were soon broken by a trio of shadows approaching the square that he overlooked. They made no sound, but he could discern the blades slicing the air.
Stealth Helicopters, he thought. The sound footprint was admirably lower than the last time he had seen those. He was just glad to be on the same side. They hovered over the square, and 5 soldiers roped down from each. Before the helicopters had even begun ascent, the soldiers had taken positions. The security head was instructed to withdraw and monitor the city periphery, which he promptly obeyed. There was no room for error today.

Moments after the local security team had withdrawn, a jet-black hovership silently glided to the square. Soundless and nearly invisible in the night, it might have been overlooked by anyone not the soldiers. It seemed vaguely Samasbh by design, but the larger insignia that now materialised on its side put any doubts to rest. The logo of the Celestial Palace. The hovership touched down, and a single cloaked person stepped out. Four of the guards immediately took up escort positions, while the rest set up a mobile perimeter.

Like all Maelar settlements, the original Arleba was a planned city built in their iconic ellipsoid shape. There were three cores of the city. The square at the centre of the ellipse, and the two focii. One focus once housed the administrative headquarters of not only Arleba, but also the vast region of Arol'Bi. After centuries of war, pillaging, and neglect, it was now just a large field of rubble. The other focus housed a large Maelar temple. As Maelar cultural influence gradually faded from Lebatuck, the temple was abandoned. Ever since antiquity, it was considered as a bringer of luck for the city, which was why it had managed to survive for this long.

The former-headquarters, square, and temple were connected in a straight line by the city's widest road, paved in ancient stone blocks. The large group now walked from said square to the temple. The aircraft could have easily landed near the temple, but no one dared question the figure that they so closely escorted. After 15 minutes of walking, they finally reached the temple. Half of the retinue proceeded to sweep the area, while others checked the temple itself. Once the all-clear was given, the cloaked figure gestured all of them to set up perimeter outside, entering the temple alone.

The ancient temple was fully built of stone, supported by scores of pillars throughout. The figure dropped his winter garments in the outer hall; the Hall of Pillars as he knew it to be, and approached the inner sanctum barefoot and without weapons or communication tools. The inner sanctum's ornate steel double-doors were once the strongest throughout Lebatuck and beyond. He opened them reverently, and stepped within.

The sanctum never ceased to amaze him. During day, light entered through cleverly designed shafts in the roof, while a cool breeze was now directed inside. The floor, walls, and the roof were carved in stone reliefs, all directed towards one point at the sanctum's centre, opposite the doors. The magnificent statue of the temple's Deity. Chiselled out of reddish granite, the statue depicted a standing woman covered by flames that rose from the ground, twisting around her. She held a sword having a long flame for a blade, her other empty palm facing outward, radiating energy. Her minimalistic crown was the only piece not made of flames and had the solar ring fashioned into a halo. Eyes, calm and resolute, her expression exuded confidence and benevolence.

The world called her Potentia, Goddess of Power, primary deity of the Lebatuckese people. The common ground between a people mired in decades of conflict; she was revered on both sides. Such was her influence that the Union's new capital was named Praepotentia, meaning Abode of Potentia. Countless generals & political leaders of both Lebatucks as well as the united Empire had paid obeisance to the Goddess over centuries. But it wasn't always so. Potentia was centuries old. The temple: millennia. It was originally consecrated for a deity that held sway over most of humankind. A deity that guided the most powerful of civilisations. A deity that represented the most fundamental element of civilisation: Order.

She was Ira, Queen of the Gods, Preserver of Order, Harbinger of Civilisation, and the Eternal Matriarch of the Collective. The fire didn't represent power, but raw energy that she harnessed and channelled, thus creating order from chaos. Later societies couldn't understand Ira's symbology and quickly associated the fire with power. Thus Potentia was born. But the man today had come to Ira and Ira alone, as had his ancestors since time immemorial.

The Sovereign of the Union of East Lebatuck checked his watch. It was almost time.

The Confederate Constitution is making great progress. The Prime Minister will share the document with you all upon its ratification.

Privali States wrote:The Confederate Constitution is making great progress. The Prime Minister will share the document with you all upon its ratification.


every day that the ottoman empire doesn't exist is a terrible day

Trading Techno Union wrote:I'm a beginner. Who knows what can be done here?

We have the same classification name

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