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Founder: The Divine Royal Family of The House of Habsburg

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The LKE, founded in October 2005, is renowned as the premier monarchist and imperialist region in the NationStates world.

Why not come and lead our region to greater glory?

New and existing players are invited to join Linkthe Imperial Forums to become truly involved in the region.

World Assembly nations, please endorse our elected Delegate: Aelbarrow!

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Embassies: Europeia, Balder, the West Pacific, Osiris, United Kingdom, Arda en Estel, Equilism, Kingdom of Alexandria, The New Inquisition, Great Britain and Ireland, Empires of Earth, The United Kingdom of Britain, and The Imperial Legion.

Tags: Monarchist, Role Player, Enormous, Independent, Offsite Forums, Regional Government, Industrial, Imperialist, Steampunk, Past Tech, and Game Player.

Regional Power: Very High

The Land of Kings and Emperors contains 345 nations, the 30th most in the world.

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The Most Authoritarian in The Land of Kings and Emperors

World Census staff loitered innocuously in various public areas and recorded the length of time that passed before they were approached by dark-suited officials.

As a region, The Land of Kings and Emperors is ranked 4,617th in the world for Most Authoritarian.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of Dal RatkaPsychotic Dictatorship“Unity and Cohesion”
2.The Empire of ChacraPsychotic Dictatorship“We Will Endure”
3.The Dictatorship of Siet HongPsychotic Dictatorship“Heerlijk, Helder, Heineken”
4.The Dictatorship of The 5 reichPsychotic Dictatorship“I have not lost a war and i wont start now”
5.The Queendom of Princess YunoPsychotic Dictatorship“Queen Yuno is my other account ^~^”
6.The Democratic Republic of National BrutesPsychotic Dictatorship“Darwin, Nation, Justice”
7.The Rogue Nation of BugmenPsychotic Dictatorship“some soy a day keeps the Right away”
8.The Heiliges Kaiserreich of Greater Alexandria and Crown DominionsPsychotic Dictatorship“In hoc signo vincemus”
9.The Empire of CastaarPsychotic Dictatorship“They cannot oppose us if they cannot breathe.”
10.The Kingdom of House ArdeaPsychotic Dictatorship“Once more into the fray!”
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The Land of Kings and Emperors Regional Message Board

Go to Imperial Customs and Immigration, then click on Electoral College application

Verhdrahr wrote:Greetings, Brethren of this Noble Fellowship!

Personally, I, Ebrael Skadaj, Draconian Commander of this Verhdrahrian Empire, am proud for joining you all to congratulate His Imperial Majesty, Theoden, as Emperor of The Land of Kings and Emperors. I pledge that Imperial greetings from the Supreme Ciakar Emperor (the Universal and Most Venerable Draconian God-Father) be accepted by His Majesty, Theoden Sebastian.

In behavior of every Verhdrahrian citizen and of myself, I renew our loyalty vows to the leadership of The Land of Kings and Emperors for its military, political and aiding efforts.

Vjar üt Ünar!
Strength and Honor!

- Ebrael Skadaj,
-- Draconian Commander of Verhdrahrian Empire.

Please accept my gratitude for your kind words. On behalf of the Imperial Government, I am pleased to personally welcome Verhdrahr's commitment to active involvement in the LKE!

Theoden Sebastian wrote:Please accept my gratitude for your kind words. On behalf of the Imperial Government, I am pleased to personally welcome Verhdrahr's commitment to active involvement in the LKE!

Lord Emperor, long live!

I just need to find means and matters to learn how to involve ourselves for the sake of LKE.

With the best expectations,

- Ebrael Skadaj,
-- Draconian Commander of Verhdrahrian Empire.

Well, if you wish to become involved. I am in charge of the Ministry of the Exterior and Communications. We are always looking for new staff members. :D . Send me a telegram if you want to get involved.

L'an re' Colress, l'an re' Colress... In'ji ke'ze v'aem nes'ri'et? L'an re' Colress, l'an re' Colress... Z'e le'ri'om? L'an re' Colress!
(Only Colress, only Colress... To who else can make life better? Only Colress, only Colress... Who else to lead? Only Colress!)

That jingle will be stuck in my head until I die, to be honest... Tawalisians have achieved a state of contentment!

But anyway, starting today, on every 15th of the month, I'll be sharing to everyone my country's current policies as well as the name of the government programs that are more familiarly called by the people related to these policies in parentheses ((while those in brackets are some of the policies that needs to be outright cancelled, if NS ever cooperates with the issues coming in, or at best lets us just cancel it right away!)). If nothing has been added or cancelled, there's no need for me to talk about it, unless of course to the next month after or at last-minute changes.

Here are UMR Tawalisi's current policies:
-Proportional Representation
-Native Representation (part of Tawalisian First)
-Term Limits

-Permanent Marriage (part of JRHeart/Just Real Love)
-No Adultery
-No Contraception (part of JRHeart/Just Real Love)
-No Abortion (part of JRHeart/Just Real Love)
-Body Integrity (part of JRHeart/Just Real Love)
-No Smoking (part of Say No)

Law & Order
-[Capital Punishment]
-[No Judiciary]
-Gun Control (part of Say No)
-No Prison

-Maternity Leave (part of JRHeart/Just Real Love)
-Universal Health Care (ColressCare as a whole)
-Prohibition (part of Say No)
-Autarky (part of both Tawalisian First and Whitebridgian Concord)
-No Gambling (part of both Say No and Whitebridgian Concord)
-Space Program (part of both Tawalisians Can Do and Whitebridgian Concord)
-Metricism (part of Whitebridgian Concord)

-No WMDs (part of Whitebridgian Concord)
-Climate Treaty (part of Tawalisian First, Whitebridgian Concord and Tawalisians Can Do)

Evermore steadfast and skyward, my 809 Million (and counting) brave and strong people!

Ma'yoh 'za UMR Tawalisi!
(Long live UMR Tawalisi!)

~Colress F. Whitebridge, Leader of The Digital and Pocket Republic of United Monster Regions of Tawalisi

Nice one, Tawalisi.

Of course I won't be lagging behind.

Here are Blancpayne's current policies:
-Protests (Part of Code Dominique reforms)
-Pledge of Allegiance

-Marriage Equality (Part of Code Dominique reforms)
-Permanent Marriage
-Polygamy (Blancpaynean Catholicism is fine with equal-gender polygamy)
-AI Personhood (Part of Code Dominique reforms)
-Sex Education (Part of Code Dominique reforms)

Law & Order
-Capital Punishment
-No Prison

-Maternity Leave (Part of Code Dominique reforms)
-Child Labor
-Cannabis (Drugs are legal in Blancpayne)
-Slavery (Serfdom is still a thing)
-Affirmative Action (Part of Code Dominique reforms)
-Nuclear Power (Limited by Irisville Agreement and Noirerouge Convention)
-Space Program (Blancpayne has long been a space-faring empire)
-Metricism (Part of Code Dominique reforms)

-Weapons of Mass Destruction (Limited by Noirerouge Convention)
-Climate Treaty (Part of Irisville Agreement)

Any way to get make Contact, the future is near, banner?

Neo Philippine Empire wrote:Greetings.

Likewise in Respect, Friendship and Harmony.

Do join the WA whenever you have time or ready. And welcome to the LKE!

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