* Melkor rolls out ze carpet
* Frisbeeteria yays!
<Euroslavia> :D
* Melkor places a rake at the end
<Karma> Welcome everybody to MaxChat 4:Beyond Thunderdome!
* SalusaSecondus points to the Thunderdome on the horizon
<SalusaSecondus> We outgrew it this time
<MaxBarry> Aw, I thought it was going to be "MaxChat 4: A New Hope"
<Mei_Ikari|Who-is-GMC> There is no hope but Nyarlathotep, fo'.
<SalusaSecondus> No, there is no hope besides Max Barry, the Tetragrammatron Lord
<Karma> Would like to welcome Mr Max Barry, back as usual for this event. Unfortunatley the ANSWERTRON 9000 is down for maintenance, so we had to actually get him out of bed.
<Mei_Ikari|Who-is-GMC> Oh, am I on the wrong page?
<MaxBarry> Hi everyone, thanks for coming
<Melkor> A New Hope rofl
<Karma> I do believe congrats are in order for Max, the father (soon, so very soon!) to be!
<MaxBarry> Yeah :)
<MaxBarry> Thanks!
<Euroslavia> w00t!
<MaxBarry> 15 days and counting
<MaxBarry> It's like that bit in Donnie Darko where the universe is coming to an end and nobody can stop it
<Karma> With that in mind, if you are ready, Max, we will get right down to it!
* Mei_Ikari|Who-is-GMC blearily goes for food, red bull, cigarettes and coffee and in that order.
* Mei_Ikari|Who-is-GMC is now known as Mei_Eff_Kay
<MaxBarry> yep, fire away

<Katganistan> <Serene^Union_of_Kaenei> "I've experienced a lot of problems with writer's block, and just not being able to get anything written out no matter how much time I give over to preperation or clearing my schedule. As a professional writer, do you ever have problems with just not being able to get some done, and do you have any strategies or ways to avoid the 'block'? It gets very frustrating for me personally sometimes."
<Serene^Union_of_Kaenei> Huzzah.
<MaxBarry> That's a really common thing
<MaxBarry> Personally I've never been blocked for more than a few days
<MaxBarry> But I have given up on stories that I felt had crashed and I couldn't resurrect
<MaxBarry> I spent a while working out a routine that seemed to put me in front of the computer at the right time each day
<MaxBarry> which is currently the morning
<MaxBarry> So right now I just roll out of bed and start writing
* Serene^Union_of_Kaenei be doomed, like my waist line, then -- Thanks anyhoo 'Max.
<MaxBarry> I also try not to get too hung up on producing X number of words
<MaxBarry> Because some days are good and some are bad, and you just have to roll with that
<Karma> Ok, thanks Serene^Union_of_Kaenei!

<Cogitation> <Mikitivity> I love the game and find the NationStates United Nations fascinating, so I was wondering what you felt were a few of the more interesting NS UN resolutions that players have created were?
* Nathi|chores is now known as Nathicana
<MaxBarry> Boy, all the UN resolutions are interesting
* Mikitivity nods
<MaxBarry> I like how we come up with UN resolutions in response to real-world incidents, like I think there was a Tsunami relief resolution 8 months ago
* Mikitivity grins
<MaxBarry> It's kinda funny how OUR UN can get organized within a few days :)
* Serene^Union_of_Kaenei (EB_Kaenei@81-179-118-88.dsl.pipex.com) has left #nationstates
<MaxBarry> It's such an arduous process to get a UN resolution up that all of them have a good story of politicking behind them
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Still manages a lot of fluff, heh
* Melkor will always maintain that the real UN is even more ridiculous than ours.
<Karma> Thanks Mikitivity
<Mikitivity> :)

<MaxBarry> bwahaha
* Frisbeeteria giggles at boldnessless
<Melkor> Perfect answer
<Reploid_Productions> And go fig, he wanders off when his question comes up
<Raem|Supplicating> Oh dear, I can't believe they picked that one.
<MaxBarry> well you know, I'm finding it less weird than I used to
<MaxBarry> Which is probably not healthy
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Heretic
<Reploid_Productions> ^_^
<Cogitation> Meaning that Max will assimilate you all.
<MaxBarry> It now seems perfectly normal for me to go online and chat to a bunch of players about NationStates
<Reploid_Productions> Admit it, you just like the worship! =D
* Melkor 's favorite part about power would be crushing the people who got in his way
<MaxBarry> But then last night I was telling a friend I was doing this today, and she just stared at me like I was talking crazy
<MaxBarry> "You chat... internet... game?"
<MaxBarry> The worship is funny :)
<Raem|Supplicating> >_> Hail Max!
<MaxBarry> heheh
<SalusaSecondus> Ok, now a question that many people have been asking:

<SalusaSecondus> <Goobergunchia> Do you have any updates on the status of NationStates 2 for us?
<Karma> Thanks Raem
<MaxBarry> I really wish I did
<Reploid_Productions> Who didn't see one of those coming?
* Goobergunchia bows
<Mei_Eff_Kay> NS2 is a myth, created by old men in a cave in Delaware.
<MaxBarry> Here's the situation with NS2...
* SalusaSecondus feels a litle guilty on this one too
<Cogitation> Delaware? I thought it was Yucca Mountain.
<MaxBarry> I have a long design document and a very clear idea about what NS2 should look like
<MaxBarry> or BE like, rather
<Mei_Eff_Kay> Then you were decieved by Sauron, Cog.
<MaxBarry> what elements of gameplay are needed to take NS to the next level
<MaxBarry> But actually getting the project underway has been very difficult
<Goobergunchia> heh
<MaxBarry> It's basically getting the right people to commit to putting in the initial hours to lay the foundation work that is the stumbling block
<MaxBarry> This is something I've been negotiating with Jolt and others
* SalusaSecondus hides
* Mei_Eff_Kay KETCHES! SalusaSecondus.
<MaxBarry> So bottom-line, I'm still very hopeful that we'll see an NS2, and I am continuing to work to make that happen, but there hasn't been any significant progress on that front for a while
<MaxBarry> alas
<Goobergunchia> Ah, okay. Thanks for the update.
* Shopping-Kzintosh is now known as Scolopendra
<Karma> thanks goober
<SalusaSecondus> Thank you Goob

<Frisbeeteria> <Valinon> Will there be any other books in the Jennifer Government reality/timeline?
<MaxBarry> I don't think so
<MaxBarry> A lot of that novel is about exploring this slightly off-kilter world that's like our own, but with a few key differences
<Scolopendra> So no JenGov Culture tech, eh?
<Valinon> That is unfortunate, but bareably. So long as there are more books in the future. Especially ones that will migrate across the Pacific
<MaxBarry> A second book wouldn't have that element of surprise... wouldn't be able to throw as many new ideas at you, I think
<MaxBarry> I'm more interested in writing new stories with entirely new ideas
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Oh, come on. Just sell out and crank em out.
* Cogitation chuckles.
<MaxBarry> I wouldn't rule out another JG book, but I'm not planning to write one soon
<Karma> Speaking of books, how goes Company?
<MaxBarry> ALTHOUGH I just got contacted by this publisher that wants to get up a JEN GOV graphic novel
<MaxBarry> which would totally rock
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Ooo
* Frisbeeteria ooooohs
<Reploid_Productions> Ooooo
<Scolopendra> We wanna hear how Coke's ROUs use effectors to make opposition billboards short out and to spell "DRINK COKE" in office building windows.
<Karma> whoa, I'd buy that for a dollar.
<Tsaraine> Oooo
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Artist?
* Nathicana arches a brow at that.
<Reploid_Productions> The mods get signed copies, right? *winkwink*
<Cogitation> Graphic Novel? What's that?
<Sirocco> Comic
<Cogitation> Ah.
<MaxBarry> COMPANY is rumbling toward publication... still 6 months away
* Mods_BeQuiet_ForQs_Please|Than (pookyfoot@1Cust154.tnt22.nyc9.da.uu.net) has joined #nationstates
<Karma> Thanks Valinon
<SalusaSecondus> Max, please do a graphic novel. I love those things
<MaxBarry> Hopefully I'll do an American book tour for it in Feb 2006
* Scolopendra pulls Cog out of the bomb shelter he's been hiding in for the last 25 years
* Mods_BeQuiet_ForQs_Please|Than was kicked by Karma (Karma)
<MaxBarry> Yeah, me too Salusa :)
<Cogitation> ACK! Not so rough, Scolo!
<Reploid_Productions> On the subject of book tours, got a two-fer question here

<Reploid_Productions> <Arizona_Nova> edit: When is your next US Book Tour going to be? <Midlonia> Do you have a European book tour in mind some time soon?
<Scolopendra> You like it that way and you know it... *shutting up(
<MaxBarry> Well, book tours are up to the publisher
<MaxBarry> They basically go, "Okay, if we pay to fly the author around, will it help us sell copies?"
* Midlonia nods.
<MaxBarry> And they'll go out to their major bookstores in various cities and say, "This is our list of authors with forthcoming books, do you want any of them to appear at your store?"
<MaxBarry> Of course, with your big name authors it's the other way around; the publisher doesn't need to try to force the author on the store
<MaxBarry> But for authors at my level, a lot of it seems to depend on how much demand there is in a particular city
<MaxBarry> So if you all go to your bookstore and demand to see me, there's more chance I'll get sent there :)
<Arizona_Nova> I see
<Arizona_Nova> will do
* Midlonia goes does so right away!
<Cogitation> So, go to your bookstore today!
<MaxBarry> I've never done a European tour, because my publishers there haven't thought it was worth the expense
<Cogitation> Now, as a matter of fact!
* Arizona_Nova riots at nearest bookstore
<MaxBarry> I think the book tour is more established in the US than Europe, at least for middling/unknown authors
<Scolopendra> Go, minions! Go forth and spread the glory of your tsar!
* The_Most_Glorious_Hack blames the French
<Karma> thanks Midlonia and Arizona_Nova, now get busy with your grassroots campaigns!
<Cogitation> No, the Glory of your Max!
<MaxBarry> Americans seem to be more likely to go out to their local bookstore and listen to an author they don't know much about
<Cogitation> Tsaraine isn't the author, here.
<Scolopendra> Max is our tsar.

<Cogitation> <Goobergunchia> Do you follow the invader/defender game at all?
<Scolopendra> And we are his Oprichniki. Don't you read the topics?
* Mei_Eff_Kay is his Neko, surely?
<Karma> Uhoh, 2 for goober, giving him an early lead!
<MaxBarry> At all? Yes. In detail, no.
<MaxBarry> I have a basic understanding of the various organizations
<MaxBarry> And I had a crack at taking over a region myself a few months ago, to see how it was done
<MaxBarry> But sadly I was thoroughly thrashed
<MaxBarry> and defeated
<Goobergunchia> Who by? :>
<MaxBarry> I think I aroused the ire of a network that will remain nameless :)
<Goobergunchia> awww
<MaxBarry> I still want to revise the mechanics of invasions, to eliminate a lot of the gray area in the rules
<MaxBarry> But I guess that will have to wait for a bit longer, since I have a baby due soon
<Goobergunchia> As we like to say, "Real Life comes first."
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Results not excuses!
* The_Most_Glorious_Hack cracks the whip!
<Frisbeeteria> Thanks, Goober
<Mei_Eff_Kay> Yes, Max is going to be the first man ever to give birth. And we're all profoundly afraid.
<MaxBarry> Yeah, stupid RL
* Goobergunchia congratulates Max on his baby while he has the chance
<MaxBarry> thanks goober :)
<MaxBarry> and thanks for that awesome wiki, too!
<Goobergunchia> It's been my pleasure. :D

<Katganistan> Speaking of, Erastide asks: <Erastide> Given the imminent arrival of your baby, :), what do you think your schedule will become in terms of writing and taking an interest in NS?
<MaxBarry> That's a good question
<MaxBarry> And I wish someone could tell me the answer
<Erastide> heehee
<MaxBarry> I have nooooooo idea what life will be like with a new baby
<Erastide> you will have no time :P
<MaxBarry> or n00b, as I call it
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> "Loud"
<Scolopendra> Living. Hell.
<Katganistan> ;) Sleep now.
<SalusaSecondus> You will learn the joy of pulling allnighters
<Nathicana> It isn't -that- bad.
<MaxBarry> Yeah. I know it's going to be a big change, but as to how I'm going to fit all the things I want to do, like writing and coding, around that I have no idea
<Sirocco> Looks like you'll just have to admin me so i can do all the issue edits myself. Ah well.
<Sirocco> <_<
<MaxBarry> Jen is home full-time, so with two of us here hopefully we can cope :)
<Erastide> i'll just wish you the best of luck then :)
<MaxBarry> thanks!
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Has she said "You did this to me!" yet?
<MaxBarry> Nah, she's been wonderful :)
<MaxBarry> huge, but wonderful :)
<SalusaSecondus> And Max, remember "ABCs" are for the kid, "ABZs" are for you and Jen
<MaxBarry> got it
<MaxBarry> of course, that's "A B Zeds" to me
<Melkor> Alright the next one is my own.
<SalusaSecondus> The rhyme doesn't work as well like that does it?
<Melkor> And that's the way I like it.
* MaxBarry cowers.

<Melkor> I've got a two part question: firstly, how much of a role do credentials play in the business of getting published? Most of us know roughly how to put a story together from reading other things, but how much of it comes naturally [to you at least] and how much had to be taught? Are you satisfied with your method?
<Reploid_Productions> OMG! Abuse of POWAH!
<Melkor> Damn straight.
<Melkor> xD
<MaxBarry> credentials, you mean having previous writing credits?
<Melkor> Yeah, or educational things like diplomas and such.
<MaxBarry> ah, ok
<MaxBarry> Well, I've never done any formal writing course or degree
<Cogitation> Careful, Melkor, or power might decide to abuse you. :p
<MaxBarry> and I don't think that hurt me
<MaxBarry> Getting published: I believe that if you have a good book and persistence, you will almost certainly be able to get published
<MaxBarry> A lot of publishers are very interested in finding the next new hit author
<Melkor> Yeah, it's funny to read some of the stories that we learn later were turned down 6 or 7 times
<Melkor> A lot of them are really good. Publishers must be nuts.
<MaxBarry> A new author represents almost unlimited potential, so they're quite attractive for publishers
* Sirithil|AtTheStoreWithLittleS is now known as Siri|AtTheStoreWithLittleSis
<MaxBarry> But what (I think) they really want to see is something original
<MaxBarry> You'll struggle to get published writing a story that doesn't seem to do anything new -- that path requires you to build up a list of short story publications, I think
<MaxBarry> i.e. prove yourself as a mainstream genre writer
* Melkor nods
<MaxBarry> Wheras you can just dump a startlingly original, good novel on a publisher's desk and they'll probably be interested
* Gren|HereAndThere (CF-User@c-24-1-22-82.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) has joined #nationstates
<MaxBarry> But you need to put in the work to get that good novel: write and write and write some more
<MaxBarry> That's the thing you, as a writer, can control, so focus on that
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Like Syrup, eh?
<Karma> nice question melk!
<MaxBarry> I hope so!

<Euroslavia> <LE> Did you expect NationStates to go around the globe to over 200,000 people?
<SalusaSecondus> Thank you Melk
<Melkor> Heh thanks. I thought it up on the john.
<LE> w00t!
<LE> Congrats :)
<MaxBarry> no way
<Cogitation> Melkor, where you thought it up is need-to-know information.
<Cogitation> We didn't need to know.
<Cogitation> :p
<LE> y'know, Singapore here
<MaxBarry> I never thought many people would be interested in a political nation sim game
<MaxBarry> I thought that was just me :)
<LE> btw You ever intend on joining NS sports RP? :P
<LE> (sorry mods)
* Reploid_Productions beats LE about the head and shoulders with the namelist!
<MaxBarry> No, I've never joined in an RP
<Sirocco> Tsk tsk. No follow-up questions, please.
* LE hugs Rep?
<MaxBarry> And I gotta say at this stage I'm looking to try to reduce my committments rather than take on new ones
<MaxBarry> Fitting a baby into my life means I need to toss out some other parts
<MaxBarry> I love that there is this huge NS culture, with an RP subculture, but I don't intend to jump into it myself
<Cogitation> Like the bathwater?
<MaxBarry> right Cog :)

<Sirocco> <ZepplinManufacturers> Have you experienced something that has inspired you lately?
<ZepplinManufacturers> Yay!
<ZepplinManufacturers> oh and congrats on the inbound sprog.
<MaxBarry> I feel like all my answers are about babies now, but...
<MaxBarry> This whole pregnancy thing is frickin' amazing :)
* Green-communities (jack@wbs-ip-nas-1-p321.telkom-ipnet.co.za) has left #nationstates
<MaxBarry> On a different level, I've been developing a new web site
<MaxBarry> Because of course I did NationStates.net to tie in with my 2nd novel JENNIFER GOVERNMENT
<MaxBarry> And I need something to tie in with COMPANY, my 3rd
<ZepplinManufacturers> sounds ..ominous
<MaxBarry> It's funny, because first time around I needed to convince my publisher that it would be a good idea to put up this web site
<MaxBarry> But now they're more like, "So, you going to do something for your new book, huh, huh?"
<Karma> They going to pay for it? :)
<MaxBarry> I got an idea for what to do recently, so I have been a little inspired by that too
<MaxBarry> No, of course not :)
<SalusaSecondus> Is there room for me?
<MaxBarry> There's always room for people who want to volunteer their time to help me run my web sites!
<MaxBarry> I need MORE of those people!
<Karma> thanks ZepplinManufacturers

<Reploid_Productions> With magical typo correction..... <LE> Have you ever dreamt about NS in your sleep in any way, shape or form?
<MaxBarry> haha

<MaxBarry> what an odd question :)
<MaxBarry> Not for a long time... in the early days I'm sure I did though
* Melkor has
<SalusaSecondus> (Only nightmares)
<MaxBarry> Back when it was a lot more chaotic here, and things would go wrong with the server and require me to bash away on the keyboard while dozens of emails rolled in with complaints from players
<MaxBarry> pre-mod days!
* Melkor remembers that
* Melkor also remembers fixing that :P
<MaxBarry> I'm sure I had some nightmares then, some waking nightmares too
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> All by yourself, yes yes :P
<Cogitation> Yes, yes, we know. You modded this site by yourself for 6 weeks. :p
<MaxBarry> never misses a chance to slip that in, does he?
* Melkor preens
<MaxBarry> Can't say I've had an NS dream recently tho
<Karma> thanks, le

<Cogitation> <ZepplinManufacturers> Do you read any webomics and if so which?
<ZepplinManufacturers> Yay!
<ZepplinManufacturers> (again)
<MaxBarry> Not on a daily basis, but I visit Penny Arcade from time to time
<MaxBarry> Someone should point me at some good ones, though, because I loooove comics
* Mei_Eff_Kay points Max at Pawn. :P
* The_Most_Glorious_Hack laughs
<SalusaSecondus> UserFriendly/Sluggy Freelance/Something Positive
<SalusaSecondus> Girl Genius
<Karma> thanks zep, again
<ZepplinManufacturers> Schlock Mercenary
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Filibuster :P
<Cogitation> pvponline.com if I remember correctly.
<Mei_Eff_Kay> Ozy and Millie!
<MaxBarry> ok, now I have 10 to check out :)
<Melkor> I still think PA is head and shoulders above the rest
<Karma> ctrlaltdel is a fav of mine
<Mei_Eff_Kay> And VGcats.
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Ghastly?
* President|Albert (ultragamer@ has joined #Nationstates
<Mei_Eff_Kay> Sexylosers!
* SalusaSecondus wasn't going to mention that one in public
<SalusaSecondus> And moving on:
<Mei_Eff_Kay> Well, someone had to lower the tone.
* SalusaSecondus points to the "kids"

<SalusaSecondus> <Mikitivity> When traveling to different countries, do you view other societies a bit differently now that you've watched how people build their own ideal NationStates societies?
<MaxBarry> Excellent question!
<MaxBarry> Yes I do
<Mikitivity> Thanks! :)
<MaxBarry> I find myself looking at other countries and thinking of what their UN classification would be
<Mikitivity> lol
<Reploid_Productions> Oh dear. So what's the US then? =D
<MaxBarry> Heh, there's been enough debate over that in the forums without me adding to it :)
<Cogitation> Psychotic Dictatorship. [snicker]
<Euroslavia> :P
<Melkor> must...resist....editorial...
<MaxBarry> Obviously NationStates presents an exagerated view of the world, and the nations we have are more extreme (usually) than real-world ones
<Cogitation> Usually.
<Cogitation> Heheheheheh....
<MaxBarry> but still, hopefully you can see the same basic issues and ideologies
<Reploid_Productions> Ban all cheese! >_>
<MaxBarry> Then occasionally it works the other way around; something happens in real life (like the Terry Shiavo case) and I think, "That would be a good NS issue."
<Melkor> I'm sure if you could somehow get high off cheese they'd ban it.
<Frisbeeteria> Thanks, Mikitivity.
<Sirocco> I do that a lot.
<Karma> thanks Mikitivity

<Frisbeeteria> <Erastide> Question: You used Nationstates as an advertising tool for Jen Government. That book is now long since published and you have other works in progress. What has prompted you to keep the game around, is it worth the administration headache for a tool now out-of-date?
<MaxBarry> yeah, Sirocco is the daily issue king!
<MaxBarry> Well, first, whether it's worth the hassle or not, if I pulled the plug on it I know a thousand NS players would track me down and beat me to death
<Frisbeeteria> and more than a few mods
<Erastide> maybe a sad email....
<MaxBarry> It used to be quite expensive to maintain, but thanks to Jolt I don't have to pay for bandwidth any more
<MaxBarry> so it's not actually costing me money to run
<MaxBarry> It does take a bit of time, but I'm happy with that...
* Strike|5-3|GunnersFC (vilita@ool-18bf6e0a.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #nationstates
<Erastide> yay :D
<Karma> bit of our time.... :P
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> A "bit"?
<MaxBarry> I love this site, it's not going anywhere
<MaxBarry> If the worst happened and I couldn't run it any more, I'd just open source the code and let someone else take over
* Melkor calls dibs
* Erastide imagines the masses clamoring for that
<Melkor> YOu all saw it

<Reploid_Productions> On a seemingly random note, <Unistrut> Koalas are evil. Am I right?
<MaxBarry> No, no, drop bears are evil
<MaxBarry> Koalas are just grouchy
* Strike|5-3|GunnersFC (vilita@ool-18bf6e0a.dyn.optonline.net) has left #nationstates
* The_Most_Glorious_Hack yays drop bears.
<Unistrut> O_o
<Unistrut> I hate them.
<MaxBarry> Well they don't say very nice things about you either
<Unistrut> They wouldn't, the bastards.
<Cogitation> Heeheeheehee....

<Cogitation> <LE> You've undoubtedly been peppered many times by NSers in the past, but have you ever come across an email you really liked from an NSer?
* SalusaSecondus spits at coffeeshop wireless
<MaxBarry> There have been lots, but one that stands out is from a guy who found himself falling in love with another NS player...
<MaxBarry> He was in the US and she in England, or vice versa, I think
<MaxBarry> and he ended up moving to be with her
<MaxBarry> So he wrote to thank me for creating this site where he met this woman
<Katganistan> :)
<MaxBarry> That was pretty jaw-dropping
<Melkor> Didn't someone get married or something off here?
<Cogitation> Awww.... :D
<Mei_Ikari> Yes, I married Hack :P
<Melkor> I knew that
<Katganistan> Yes, Melkor, at least one General Forum couple I can think of.
<MaxBarry> I'm like Cupid!

<Euroslavia> <Raem:Supplicating> Don't you think that the mods deserve some kind of reward for the many long minutes of strenuous mouse-moving and button pressing? Like a star or something? Maybe a copy of Jennifer Government?
<MaxBarry> or the Love Boat captain!
<Melkor> Except for the other 60,000 of us
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> He just doesn't like you :P
<Raem|Supplicating> I mean, maybe one of those little silver plastic stars
* Karma waves around his autographed copy of JenGov
<MaxBarry> Well, I dunno, those stars are pretty expensive
<MaxBarry> Maybe a digital photo of a star
<Cogitation> That's even more expensive.
<Mei_Ikari> So?
<MaxBarry> Wait a minute, they get little graphics on their nations, what more could you want!?
<Mei_Ikari> :P
* Sirocco once got a badge with "GOOD EFFORT" on it but he lost it. :(
<Melkor> I want a bigger Death Star
<Cogitation> I mean a Death Star is more expensive.
<Euroslavia> a helper monkey perhaps? :P
<SalusaSecondus> Naw, you just paste the head onto someone else's body
<Mei_Ikari> I want a monkey butler, also.
<MaxBarry> Okay, seriously, the mods deserve a lot for keeping this place running... I sure couldn't do it on my own
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> How about avatars? :P
<Mei_Ikari> YUS!
<Raem|Supplicating> They told me to ask about their pay. I'm just the stooge. >_>
<Karma> I got one of those too!
<MaxBarry> They put in an amazing amount of work, and deal with some very unlikeable people
* Katganistan yays avatars
<Mei_Ikari> And a little things that says 'My tank is fight!'
<Mei_Ikari> *thing
<MaxBarry> A set up question!
<Karma> NS Mods:We take care of the goatse so you don't have too!
<MaxBarry> Seems like there's one of those every MaxChat!
<MaxBarry> sneaky mods
<Euroslavia> :P
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> So take the hint :P
<Karma> who us?
<Karma> never!

<Reploid_Productions> And because Raem is on such a roll tonight..... <Raem|Supplicating> Question: When you're on book tours, do you ever experience culture shock in the places you visit? Do you ever have encounters with strange incidents and/or people?
<Katganistan> O:)
<MaxBarry> Naturally all the mods should already have purchased copies of JEN GOV :)
* Melkor did
<Karma> Well, he met me at a signing once...that had to be a shock.
* Frisbeeteria has mine
* Reploid_Productions needs to get hers back from her friend
* Euroslavia bought his along with Syrup, for a package deal :P
<MaxBarry> That should be a pre-req for becoming a mod, now I think about it!
* SalusaSecondus still hasn't met Max. He's still working on it
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Going the wrong way, man...
<Melkor> So now I've modded your site for two years and bought lunch for your Australian ass.
<MaxBarry> I sure have met some odd people during book tours
* Katganistan got one for herself and her guy, too.
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> (All by himself for 6 weeks)
* Melkor shakes his cane
<MaxBarry> Sometimes I'm standing out the front there, and someone is asking a question from the back...
<MaxBarry> and I find myself thinking, "Okay, did I just not hear that question properly, or is that person totally out of their brain?"
<Raem|Supplicating> heh
<MaxBarry> There was one book reading in San Francisco where the question never ended
<Karma> Whew, I sat in front.
* Mei_Ikari pounces The_Most_Glorious_Hack all cat-like.
<MaxBarry> and the book store people eventually came over and tried to calm the person asking it down
<MaxBarry> It wasn't a question so much as a treatise on private sector education
* SalusaSecondus laughs
<Melkor> I think it was Siri
<Raem|Supplicating> Well, I mean, It's San Fran.
<Melkor> In disguise
<Melkor> ....3000 miles away from her city
<Melkor> <.<
<MaxBarry> But book tours are great fun; I get to go to all these places and meet people who generally like me -- it doesn't get any better than that!
<Raem|Supplicating> So, they're a lot like Max Chats. :p
<Reploid_Productions> I bet a mod tour wouldn't be so fun though =<
<MaxBarry> heh, yeah, I guess so :)
<MaxBarry> but without the room service

<Karma> My turn to exercise some ! If you could meet one other author, who would it be? (Alive or dead)
<MaxBarry> and the daily plane trips
<MaxBarry> I'd meet Neal Stephenson
<MaxBarry> He's my hero
<SalusaSecondus> Good Choice
<Karma> oooh, good answer
* SalusaSecondus prefers Gaiman, but not by much
<MaxBarry> Although I wonder if that's a good idea, because what if my expectations are so high that I can't help but be disappointed?
<MaxBarry> You know, a guy who writes a great book is not necessarily good at other things
<MaxBarry> like socializing
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> We've noticed :P
<MaxBarry> But I just love his novels so much he's the guy I'd pick
<MaxBarry> pfff, thanks Hack
* MaxBarry de-mods Hack.
* Melkor points at Hack and laughs
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> ;_;
<Cogitation> Hack: (un)official warning - Flamebaiting the boss.
<Euroslavia> hah
* Cogitation smacks Hack with a large trout.
* Mei_Ikari turns Cogitation into a POT NOODLE!
* Cogitation goes limp.
<Sirocco> Oh dear. The mods are revolting. Especially Cog.
* Cogitation jumps up, wraps himself around GMC's neck, and strangles him.

<Reploid_Productions> While my fellow mods goof off.... <Goobergunchia> Did you get any alarmed e-mails from this year's April Fools Joke?
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Hm. It *would* give me more free time...
<MaxBarry> Yes!
<Mei_Ikari> Yes. He is that Chow Mein flavour that tastes like wet porridge, mixed herbs and dick.
<MaxBarry> The joke was the "Dept of Homeworld Security" page that said NationStates had been censored by the government
<MaxBarry> And it was cooked up by Salusa and the mods
<MaxBarry> They had it so initially it only targeted me: I log in and got that page
<Goobergunchia> haha
<MaxBarry> which I thought was hilarious and obviously should be for the whole playerbase
<SalusaSecondus> http://www.nationstates.net/hws.html
<Goobergunchia> seems the Mods are more evil then we thought >_>
<MaxBarry> so we tweaked it a little to be less likely to get anyone arrested and put it up
<SalusaSecondus> Actually, I banned Max from the site entirely. If he tried to access it, he just got that page and nothing else.
* Mei_Ikari pounces DPUO all cat-like.
<MaxBarry> There are plenty of hints that it's just a joke, but yes, I got 20+ emails from people freaking out about it
<Sirocco> I collected all the funny Getting Help page tasks we got afterwards... I can stick it up in the forums later if anyone's interested.
<Karma> The original used the Dept of Homeland Security's logo, I believe (the real one)
<MaxBarry> so it was a perfect april fool's prank :)
<Goobergunchia> Haha. That's great.
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Ya, was real DHS at first.
<SalusaSecondus> Yes, the original was designed to be very realistic and claim to be from the real DHS
<Karma> Down to the last 2 questions, fire away!

<Reploid_Productions> My turn to abuse power =p Do you have any opinion regarding the Bastard Nationstates Moderator from HELL thread?
<Frisbeeteria> yeah!
<MaxBarry> I haven't read that
<MaxBarry> What is it?
<Cogitation> Joke thread.
* SalusaSecondus sighs
* The_Most_Glorious_Hack laughs
* Melkor points at Rep and laughs
* Frisbeeteria must send linie
<Mei_Ikari> Great, Fury, you're going to get us all shot.
* Reploid_Productions hangs head in shame
<Cogitation> Theme: What if the Mods really were as corrupt as some believe?
<Katganistan> LOL, you're in for a treat.
<Cogitation> It's in the Moderation forum.
<MaxBarry> Of course the mods aren't corrupt
<Karma> much.
<Katganistan> LOL
* Karma redials max
<Euroslavia> xD
<Cogitation> Please ignore that.
<Sirocco> We're not corrupt - for the right price...
<Cogitation> EsperNet glitch.
* Mei_Ikari throws a black binliner into a river. 'Max Barry had an accident, people.'
<Cogitation> Okay, last question before we wrap up.

<Cogitation> <Crazy_Girl> Coffee or tea? And milk and sugar? (whipped cream and cookies optional)
<MaxBarry> Coffee, black, 1 sugar
* SV|WC3WE (Heffer0204@AC966758.ipt.aol.com) has joined #nationstates
<MaxBarry> first thing in the morning, just as I start work
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Almost perfect.
* LL_Cool_Mei_Ikari raps up Cog, yo.
* Crazy_Girl sticks out tongue at hack
<Cogitation> ACK!
<MaxBarry> loooove the coffee
<Crazy_Girl> with sugar!!
* Melkor likes it like the Wolf from Pulp Fiction: "Lots of creme lots of sugar"
<MaxBarry> yeah, gimme some sugar baby
* Melkor declines
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Bleh
<Mei_Ikari> If you want milk and sugar have a bowl of cereal. It's not real coffee unless the spoon dissolves.
<MaxBarry> oh no, you can't defile cereal with sugar
* The_Most_Glorious_Hack agrees with Mei
<Karma> Coincidently, this maxchat is brought to you by coffee!9:05] <The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Yes, Cog. CG's question is next
<Karma> [
<Crazy_Girl> that's acid, Mei kitty
<Karma> oops
<Karma> [17:49] <MaxBarry> mmmm, good coffee
<Mei_Ikari> LIES
<MaxBarry> Karma's got a bug
<The_Most_Glorious_Hack> Way to ctrl-v, Karma
<MaxBarry> Must reprogram him
<Mei_Ikari> Coffee is when the spoon stands up. Stong coffee is when it dissolves.
<SalusaSecondus> Very true
* The_Most_Glorious_Hack nods
<Crazy_Girl> My coffee stands up from the sugar :P
<Cogitation> Okay, folks, thank you all for attending.
<MaxBarry> Yeah, thanks all!
<Karma> Well, people, I would like to thank you for coming out today and firing those questions, have to keep the boss on his toes!
<MaxBarry> Thanks for being a part of NationStates
<Nathicana> Best of luck with the lil one and all.
<Cogitation> We will now kickban everybody while Max makes his escape.
<Crazy_Girl> You're welcome...now gimme my magic powahs!
* Mei_Ikari throws Crazy_Girl into the sea.

<Karma> <subliminal>BUY MAX's BOOKS!</subliminal>