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Welcome to the World Wrestling Federation!

Owner: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
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Monday Night Raw: Chaos Begins Again!
CM Punk returns to WWF!
The Hardy Boyz vs. Evan Bourne & Edge - WWF Tag Team Titles
The Hardy Show w/Daniel Bryan
Backstage Promo w/Steve Austin
Steve Austin vs. Daniel Bryan - Normal Match
Backstage Promo w/Randy Orton & Stephanie McMahon

Main Event: Randy Orton vs. CM Punk - WWF Championship
Introducing the new GM of the WWF!

Embassies: Ozzy, The Ascendancy, Groland, The United San Diego States, Shivering Isles, Torchwood Hub, Ring of Honor, and The Graveyard.

Tags: Password, Role Player, Minuscule, and Game Player.

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1.The Reader of Blogs of NWA KEEPERFather Knows Best State“The National Wrestling Alliance”
2.The Black Bourne Knight of Evan BourneeFather Knows Best State“I am the Black Bourne Knight!”
3.The Rated-R Rockstar of Edge HDFather Knows Best State“The Real Rated-R Rockstar, Edge ”
4.The American Dragon of Bryan DanielsonCapitalist Paradise“Don't hunt what you can't kill!”

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Jeff 2 hardy 2

76 days ago

*The show returns from commercial, hyped from CM Punk's return*
*Suddenly the arena goes dark, neon lights replace the bright whites*
*The crowd cheers as Jeff Hardy's music hits*
*The WWF crowd cheers as The Charismatic Enigma makes his return to the ring*

*Jeff Hardy walks out slowly onto the stage, smiling*
*Jeff Hardy has his warpaint on, looking out at the crowd*
*Hardy stops on the stage and taunts to the crowd as pyro erupts*
*Jeff Hardy reaches into his pocket, pulling out a cigarette and a lighter*
*The younger of the two Hardy brothers puts the cigarette in his mouth and lights it*
*The crowd is now giving Hardy a mixed reaction as Hardy takes a hit of the cigarette*

Justin Roberts: "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the WWF Tag Team Championships! Making his way to the ring at this time, hailing from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 225 pounds. Making his return to the World Wrestling Federation, JEFF HARDY!"

*Jeff Hardy eventually reaches the bottom of the ramp, dropping the smoke*
*Hardy crushes the cigarette with the bottom of his boot before hopping onto the ring*
*Hardy taunts to the mixed crowd*
*Jeff Hardy steps into the ring and hops to the top turnbuckle*
*Jeff Hardy taunts to the fans in the arena as the lights return to normal*
*Jeff Hardy's music cuts out as the crowd gives off a mixed reaction*
*Hardy hops off of the top rope and awaits his brother and tag team partner Matthew*

Matt hardy

76 days ago

*The crowd is beginning to boo Jeff as he taunts the crowd flipping them off*
*Slowly Jeff's music cuts and the crowd is waiting for the elder Hardy*
*Matt's music hits after a few seconds and the crowd lights up*

*The lights are flashing red and white around the arena*
*Matt Hardy walks out on stage with an intense look on his face*
*Jeff backs into his corner and he begins to stretch while nervously looking around*
*Matt is wearing his Green Camouflage Jeans and a "Matt will not die!" shirt on*
*Matt throws up his 'Version 1' sign and the 'guns' and the crowd cheers*
*The younger Hardy is in the ring looking around at the crowd*
*Matt is standing frozen at the top of the stage*

Justin Roberts: "And his tag team partner! Making his way to the ring, from Cameron, North Carolina. Weighing in at 227 pounds! Making his return to the World Wrestling Federation! This is MATT HARDY!"

*The crowd has a 'Hardy' chant going and Jeff bows*
*Matt Hardy walks down the ramp slowly, hi-fiving fans*
*Hardy removes his shirt and hands it to a young boy*
*Hardy ruffles his hair before taking off towards the ring*
*Matt slides into the ring and stands on the second rope*
*Matt Hardy holds the Version 1.0 sign up and the crowd cheers*
*Matt hops down smiling at the crowd as he walks over to his corner*
*Jeff joins Matt in the corner as they talk strategy*
*Matt's music dies down as the two men await their opponents*

Curt axel

74 days ago

*The crowd eagerly awaits the arrival of the King of Rockstars*
*Suddenly the lights go out and Curtis Axel's theme hits*
*The crowd begins to boo the former RoH talent*

*Curtis Axel walks out on stage wearing his wrestling gear*
*Axel has a huge smile on his face as he walks down the ramp*
*Axel avoids contact with the smelly idiotic wrestling fans*
*Axel slides into the ring once he gets there, squaring off with the Hardy's*
*Curt grabs a microphone and begins to speak*

Curt Axel: "Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Curtis Axel. I am here to inform you that the machine doesn't like competition, the machine doesn't want the competition of the WWF, so I'm here to shut you down. Unfortunately, Edge couldn't make it to the arena tonight, meaning that there is no way that Evan Bourne is going to come out here and fight alone, therefore those two men will team up next week to take on the tag team champions, at least that's what our GM told me. There will still be a tag team match... and that match..."

Jeff 2 hardy 2

74 days ago

Jeff Hardy: "Starts now!"

*Jeff Hardy and Curtis Axel quickly jump Matt Hardy*
*The crowd is booing the Perfect Anti-Christ as the two men beat Matt down*
*J. Hardy and Axel both begin firing lefts and rights, kicking away at Matt*
*J. Hardy backs away from Matt as Axel pulls him to his feet*
*Axel pushes the elder Hardy into J. Hardy and Jeff kicks him in the midsection*
*J. Hardy quickly snaps Hardy down with the Twist of Fate*
*The crowd is heavily booing the two men as Axel insists that the referee ring the bell*
*The bell sounds and Jeff rolls Matt over, going for the pinfall*

Referee: "...1...2!"

*The crowd is heavily booing Curtis Axel and Jeff Hardy*
*Matt Hardy is getting beat down as Jeff Hardy hits the Twist of Fate*
*Matt Hardy gets planted down and the crowd is livid*
*Curtis Axel demands that the bell is rung and it is*

*Jeff Hardy rolls Matt Hardy over and goes for the pin*
*Suddenly a familiar theme song hits*

*The crowd hops up in anticipation as does Jeff Hardy*
*Curtis Axel and Jeff Hardy looks at one another worrying*
*Smoke begins to shoot up from the floor of the entrance way*
*A figure quickly runs through the smoke and that figure is EDGE*


Jerry "The King" Lawler: "Edge isn't going to let Matt Hardy suffer the same fate that he suffered with Johnny Nitro long ago! I can't believe it! It's Edge!"

*Edge runs down the ramp at full speed and slides into the ring*
*The crowd erupts while Jeff Hardy and Curtis Axel scatter out of the ring*
*Edge leans over the top rope daring them to come on back*
*The crowd has erupted for Edge as he makes the save*

*Quickly, Stephanie McMahon's music hits*

Jerry "The King" Lawler: "Uh-oh, the first match on the WWF's return show was just sent straight to hell. You gotta assume that the boss is not happy with these developments. More importantly, what will she do here?"

*Stephanie McMahon walks out on stage with a microphone*
*The Queen of the Wrestling Ring stands on the stage as the crowd cheers*
*McMahon does not seem happy as Jeff Hardy and Axel stand on the ramp*
*McMahon lifts the microphone up to her mouth and begins to speak*

Stephanie McMahon: "Just where do you think that you two are going? Tonight, we will crown new tag team champions, no matter what. I'm glad that you made it here, Edge, because tonight you will be teaming with your newest tag team partner, Matt Hardy! The two of you will take on Jeff Hardy and his new partner Curtis Axel! And just to ensure that this match doesn't end in a disqualification or a count-out... the match will be held in a 15-foot high steel cage! Jeff, Curt, you have ten seconds to get to that ring before the cage hits the floor, so I suggest you hurry."

*The crowd erupts in cheers*
*Stephanie McMahon drops her mic and walks backstage*
*The two men stand there looking at each other as the seconds tick away*
*The crowd cheers as the cage inches closer to the floor*

Curt axel

72 days ago

*Curtis looks over to Jeff Hardy and he nods as the crowd cheers*
*Both men begin to walk to the ring, breaking into a run and sliding into the ring*
*The cage slams down behind them and the match starts*
*Axel quickly locks up with Matt Hardy pushing him back*
*Matt Hardy tries to lock in a headlock on Axel but Axel steps behind him*
*Ever so swiftly Axel throws Hardy over him with a german suplex*
*Matt Hardy crashes into the ropes and runs back at Axel*
*Axel quickly rolling to his feet holds up an elbow, connecting with Hardy's jaw*
*Matt Hardy drops down and the crowd boos*

Jerry "The King" Lawler: "Great showing from Curtis Axel early on in this match! Taking down Matt Hardy, Axel is on fire!"

Jim Ross: "Although I don't like how he managed to get into this match... I do have to admit that Axel is able to keep up with the best in the World Wrestling Federation."

*Axel turns and walks over to Jeff Hardy and Edge*
*Axel hits Edge over the back as Hardy and Axel set up for a suplex*
*Curtis Axel and Jeff lift Edge up into the air and the crowd boos*
*Edge gets slammed back-first into the cage wall*

*Edge bounces off of the cage wall but uses this to his advantage*
*Edge shifts his weight forward and manages to hit a double DDT*
*The crowd begins to cheer as Edge gets to his knees*
*The crowd is completely behind the Rated-R Rockstar as he pulls Jeff up*

*Edge pushes Hardy over to the corner of the ring and fires a few shots*
*Edge quickly lifts the younger Hardy up onto the top rope*
*Hardy fires a kick, trying to keep Edge away but Edge catches the foot*
*Quickly Edge pulls Jeff Hardy from the top rope down to the mat*

*Hardy grabs his back in pain as Edge turns his attention to Axel*
*The young man is now on his feet but he gets laid out with a boot*
*Axel seems to be on dream street as his eyes glazed over*
*Edge drops a knee on the arm of Curtis Axel, quickly rolling up*

*The crowd is going wild for Edge's comeback as he backs into Matt Hardy*
*Startled, Edge turns around and is ready to fire away*
*Realizing his partner, Edge puts his fist down and turns back to Axel*

Jeff 2 hardy 2

72 days ago

*Jeff Hardy grabs at his back in pain as the crowd cheers Edge on*
*Jeff Hardy quickly gets pulled to his feet by Matt Hardy*
*Jeff Hardy thinks quickly and hits a jawbreaker on his brother*
*The Elder Hardy grabs at his jaw in pain once again*
*Jeff Hardy hops back up and snaps with a Twist of Fate*
*Matt Hardy gets driven face-first into the mat once again by Jeff*
*Jeff taunts to the crowd before sidestepping a Spear*
*Edge runs shoulder first into the steel cage*
*The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos, while Edge holds his shoulder*
*Jeff Hardy hits a jumping knee on the skull of Edge*
*Edge is now the one who seems to be out of it*
*Hardy rolls back up and he helps Axel up as well*
*The two superstars taunt the booing crowd*

*Edge rolls over to the ropes using them to help him up*
*As he's getting to his feet, Jeff Hardy starts over to him*
*Edge bursts away from the ropes surprising Jeff and Axel*
*Both men get driven down with a Double-Spear*

*Edge grabs his shoulder after the Double-Spear on those two*
*The crowd is going wild as Edge has once again regained control of this match*
*Edge slowly gets back to his feet and the crowd cheers*
*Edge grabs Axel by the head and drags him over to the cage wall*

*The Rated-R Rockstar lifts Axel up and through the first and second rope*
*Edge pulls Axel up to his feet and begins slamming him into the cage*
*Just as Edge releases Axel, Hardy flies into Axel, sending him back into the cage*
*Matt and Edge look at each other and smile*

*The two men walk over to Matt's brother and they pull him up*
*Jeff Hardy is held by Edge as Matt fires lefts and rights at his younger brother*
*Edge finally releases Jeff pushes him over to Matt*

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