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Welcome to Woodstock!

Full of grassy fields and ringing with the sound of music throughout, Woodstock is favored by the flower children of the last millennium and their progeny.

Dig nature, dig the music, dig life!

This land is your land, this land is my land
Our region
Woodstock is a far-out island
Of peace and love and amazing music
This land is made for you and me.

Woodstock is a region of peace, music and love. Make peace, music and love with us!

Refounded in 2010.
Attention! Our embassies list is now a list of regions that want an invitation to our festivals
Exchange embassies with us if you allow an RMB invitation.

Embassies: California, World Alliance, Hippy Haven, The Hill, The Himalayas, DR Congo, Greenwich Village, SkyRUM, The Republic of Ecuador, A Door in the Cosmos, and Anti Authoritarian Alliance.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Anarchist, Eco-friendly, Featured, Socialist, Liberal, Pacifist, Founderless, and Minuscule.

Woodstock contains 5 nations, the 2,734th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Shortest Average Lifespan in Woodstock

Citizens of nations ranked highly tend to die earlier, whether from poor health, crime, accident, or government encouragement.

As a region, Woodstock is ranked 11,607th in the world for Shortest Average Lifespan.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of JeffersonStarshipCapitalist Paradise“When the truth is found to be lies”
2.The Disputed Territories of RuzhaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Live life!”
3.The Free Land of Extremely Corrupt CommunistsPsychotic Dictatorship“Peace, Love, Anarchy, and Communism”
4.The Listen of ExperienceScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Excuse me while I kiss the sky”
5.The Nomadic Peoples of Dinner Theatre ActorsLeft-Leaning College State“It's Still Better than Children's Theatre ♪♪”

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Woodstock Regional Message Board

Vw busloads of hippies

81 days ago

......uhhhhhhnnnnnnngh ..... like, hi people! it's so far out to be back here sorry i was gone so long, the last thing i remember is, i met this giant yellow bat and he was carrying this amazing bong with this amazing bud and he gave me a hit and uh, i don't think he would really be a bat without that bong cuz next thing i knew i turned into a giant orange bat and we were ....... flying so high jet planes were little .... uhhhh .... specks way down underneath us and when i looked up it was all black and there were these shiny silver things going past and when they got near us they turned their heads and said hi to us and told us we were in orbit so like, we flew along with one of them and she - i think she was a she cuz, like, uhhh, never mind, that's another story - anyhow, she asked us for a hit off my friend's bong, and when he gave her a hit, like uhhh, all of a sudden all three of us were dolphins and we were ..... uhhhh that thing you do on a board .... uhh, surfing - we were surfing across an ocean at like 100 mph and then there was california in front of us and we jumped off our surfboards so we wouldn't be beached, but we weren't in the ocean anymore and, like, it was so dark i couldn't see a thing until my friend with the bong took a huge long hit off his bong and like that made him glow yellow again, and uhhhh he wasn't a bat anymore he was this cool giant green centaur so like, i went over to him and took a huge long hit and i started glowing blue and i wasn't a bat anymore cuz then i turned into a squirrel but like i was a giant blue squirrel and then our friend took a long hit off the bong and she lit up bright purple and she was uuuhhhhh, well, she was a leopard, and i never knew a leopard could look so foxy especially if it was purple but uhhhh ... anyway everything else was pitch black ..... just then the uuhhhh, big bright ball of light in the sky ..... sun rose and we were standing on a cliff watching the sun rise and the rays from the sun were like a moving sidewalk and it pulled us through a doorway and we melted as we went inside and the liquid just dribbled off the edge of wherever we were and we were just falling like, uhhh, we were dribbling and falling for ages ...... and i felt like i was splashing around and around in some kind of container but i couldn't see anything and i could hear my friends splashing someplace near me ....

.... now, like, i know this next bit is gonna sound unbelievable but it's all true ---- like ---- all of a sudden i could see and we were all together around a little table and we all looked like people except we had feathers instead of hair and we were sitting in a little coffee house and the guy with the bong still had the bong and the girl who was a purple leopard wasn't one anymore, and like, you know it was confusing until i noticed that her hair still had some purple streaks and she still looked really foxy .... anyway, we were drinking ---coffee ---- and then we saw all these people were standing outside at a bus stop and like, there was way too many people to get on one bus but ..uuuuhhhhhh ..... hey look! that ant is carrying a leaf! ..... uhh, oh yeah, then the bus came up and they all kept getting on and kept getting on and like we were all so curious we drank our coffee and went out and got on the bus but it wasn't a bus at all it was a long pink tube and as soon as we got on the thing that wasn't a bus we were like, sliding and it was like a water slide but it went up instead of down and like, uhhh, next thing i knew man, we were just clouds, a-floating along in the sky, and we got together and took some more hits off the bong and the dude that used to be a yellow bat started to fade until he was almost gone but like he gave his bong to me before he disappeared, so i was just up there with the chick we met in orbit and then she got all shiny like she was at the start .... uuuuuhhhhh ...... and next thing i knew she said goodby she had to go and she went up and up and disappeared and i was looking at this bong and it started looking back at me and like, it started telling me how i could learn to weave diamonds into blankets and all kinds of cool stuff but then i passed out and when i woke up i was in a diner someplace and i hitched rides to see if anybody could tell me who i am and scored some great chemical enhancements and like, it took a long time to hitch get anywhere because i kept taking hits off that bong and having cool adventures until somebody took it from me this one time when i turned into a beaver and got involved in helping some other beavers build a dam and when i went back to where i left the bong it was gone and there was a note saying i'll return it when i'm done ....

..... so, like, these beavers shared some weed to console me for losing the bong and i dont' know what their stuff was but it made some really weird stuff happen that i can't describe because it was just too freaky for words, but uhhh, like, eventually this one time i nodded off for awhile and when i woke up i was in a car with these cool people and just then we heard on the car radio a guy named Wavy Gravy was looking for me and like, i just shouted, man, i just shouted, heyyyyyyy, like, Wavy Gravy! dudes, he's my bud, like i gotta get back and see him and everybody else back home! cuz like that was the first time i remembered who i was or anything about here, and uhhh, these people were so cool they drove me all the way back here and, uhh, here i am ......

......... anybody know where i left my uhhh, you know, my uhhh - thing with wheels and a --- that thing you go in and ou— DOOR! - it has a door, and windows and seats and it's painted up real colorful ....... uhhhhh, oh yeah, my bus ..... i know it's here somewhere ...... like, uhhh, i have to drop off my rucksack because it's got the most far out dope in it and like, we have to start getting it ready for a party ...... and i want to see my old lady cuz i missed her ....

.... gee but it's great to be back home ......

im a raider puppet

Glad to see you again, Hippies. Come over, sit down, let me get you a bowl of soup.


Groovy wavy gravy

80 days ago

HIPPIES! Welcome back dude! I looked everywhere for you. Some of your friends even said they saw you but you left before I got there. Man, am I glad to see you.

When you finish your soup we can sit down and catch up. You better talk to me before you see your woman. You're still pretty stoned dude. She's a little annoyed you didn't take her with you. I collected your stuff when she chucked it in the lake and I dried it and stored it for you. I knew you'd be back. It's too bad you didn't hang on to that bong. Maybe it could've smoothed things over with her. Too late to worry about it now.

Groovy wavy gravy

80 days ago

The Free Land of Extremely Corrupt Communists wrote:im a raider puppet

Hey dude. Maybe you are and maybe you aren't. You've been here a pretty long time now so I guess you know what we're like. If you're peaceful while you're here you'll be fine. Screw with Woodstock or try to use us for launching raids and we'll have to escort you off the farm. Up to you. Far as I'm concerned, if you can help with the farming and dig the music and share the love, the past's the past. We were all puppets of the System until we got free. We got free, cut the strings, started over, and now we make peace, music and love. You're welcome to become one of us. Just cut the strings.

Here — *reaches across to ECC with a hash pipe* — have a hit, be cool. We can talk about it, brother. When he settles in again maybe you can talk to Hippies about taking the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. It's not really a test, it's more like a test flight.


Freaks and Crazy Horse


Groovy wavy gravy

64 days ago

Yeah, peace and great mellowness. I feel like I could just kick back and trip out now and not worry about a—

HEY! Isn't that Hippies up there? Right there, in that tree! Great! Now I've got to get him down again and get him to hand over whatever he's stoned on, long enough so he can climb down without breaking his neck. Ah well, all in a day's screwing around doing nothing, right? Let's see, ladder, ladder, ah, here it is...

Let me help you, Wavy. Hippies can be as slippery as a seal when he gets a snoot full of WHATEVER he brewed up THIS time.


Vw busloads of hippies

51 days ago

.....uhhhh, hi dudes and dudesses! .... am i too late? .... for uh, whatever ...... you should try some of this amazing ---- uhhh, good stuff .....

Groovy wavy gravy

41 days ago

For cryin' out loud Hippies, ease on up just a little bit man! Just enough so you can smell the coffee and really smell that it's coffee. We need you to stick around awhile so we don't have to go looking for you again. I can't go wandering right now. Please? We have to start the planning for the next festival pretty soon and your job is your usual one to provide the recreational substances we need for half a million people.

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