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Welcome to Woodstock!

Full of grassy fields and ringing with the sound of music throughout, Woodstock is favored by the flower children of the last millennium and their progeny.

Dig nature, dig the music, dig life!

This land is your land, this land is my land
Our region
Woodstock is a far-out island
Of peace and love and amazing music
This land is made for you and me.

Woodstock is a region of peace, music and love. Make peace, music and love with us!

Refounded in 2010.
Attention! Our embassies list is now a list of regions that want an invitation to our festivals
Exchange embassies with us if you allow an RMB invitation.

Embassies: California, World Alliance, Hippy Haven, The Hill, The Himalayas, DR Congo, Greenwich Village, and The Republic of Ecuador.

Tags: Small, Anti-Fascist, Anarchist, Eco-friendly, Featured, Socialist, Liberal, Pacifist, and Founderless.

Woodstock contains 6 nations, the 1,755th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Extreme in Woodstock

The World Census developed the following ranking based on a rather vague survey of nations to uncover 'odd or fundamentalist social, economic, or political systems'.

As a region, Woodstock is ranked 3,045th in the world for Most Extreme.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Festival of WoodstockLeft-wing Utopia“3 Days Of Peace And Music”
2.The Free Land of MudnikLeft-wing Utopia“Love and peace!”
3.The Dominion of AkashaqIron Fist Consumerists“We are the champiagns”
4.The Republic of JeffersonStarshipCorporate Bordello“When the truth is found to be lies”
5.The Empire of Jimmy HTyranny by Majority“Patience makes the heart grow fonder.”
6.The Nomadic Peoples of Dinner Theatre ActorsLeft-Leaning College State“It's Still Better than Children's Theatre ♪♪”

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Woodstock Regional Message Board

Extremely corrupt communists

im a raider puppet

Glad to see you again, Hippies. Come over, sit down, let me get you a bowl of soup.


Groovy wavy gravy

HIPPIES! Welcome back dude! I looked everywhere for you. Some of your friends even said they saw you but you left before I got there. Man, am I glad to see you.

When you finish your soup we can sit down and catch up. You better talk to me before you see your woman. You're still pretty stoned dude. She's a little annoyed you didn't take her with you. I collected your stuff when she chucked it in the lake and I dried it and stored it for you. I knew you'd be back. It's too bad you didn't hang on to that bong. Maybe it could've smoothed things over with her. Too late to worry about it now.

Groovy wavy gravy

Extremely corrupt communists wrote:im a raider puppet

Hey dude. Maybe you are and maybe you aren't. You've been here a pretty long time now so I guess you know what we're like. If you're peaceful while you're here you'll be fine. Screw with Woodstock or try to use us for launching raids and we'll have to escort you off the farm. Up to you. Far as I'm concerned, if you can help with the farming and dig the music and share the love, the past's the past. We were all puppets of the System until we got free. We got free, cut the strings, started over, and now we make peace, music and love. You're welcome to become one of us. Just cut the strings.

Here *reaches across to ECC with a hash pipe* have a hit, be cool. We can talk about it, brother. When he settles in again maybe you can talk to Hippies about taking the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. It's not really a test, it's more like a test flight.


Freaks and Crazy Horse


Groovy wavy gravy

Yeah, peace and great mellowness. I feel like I could just kick back and trip out now and not worry about a

HEY! Isn't that Hippies up there? Right there, in that tree! Great! Now I've got to get him down again and get him to hand over whatever he's stoned on, long enough so he can climb down without breaking his neck. Ah well, all in a day's screwing around doing nothing, right? Let's see, ladder, ladder, ah, here it is...

Let me help you, Wavy. Hippies can be as slippery as a seal when he gets a snoot full of WHATEVER he brewed up THIS time.


Vw busloads of hippies

.....uhhhh, hi dudes and dudesses! .... am i too late? .... for uh, whatever ...... you should try some of this amazing ---- uhhh, good stuff .....

Groovy wavy gravy

For cryin' out loud Hippies, ease on up just a little bit man! Just enough so you can smell the coffee and really smell that it's coffee. We need you to stick around awhile so we don't have to go looking for you again. I can't go wandering right now. Please? We have to start the planning for the next festival pretty soon and your job is your usual one to provide the recreational substances we need for half a million people.

Sorry dudes, but this just ain't a happening scene any more.

If you get the music back, you can find me at Hippy Haven

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